Chapter 2

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Genesis and Parisa are eating dinner at STK. "Genesis, I can't believe you still haven't heard from Amil?" Parisa said drinking her wine "That's why I never date. Nothing surprises or shocks me." Genesis said shaking her head.  But she has been wondering why hasn't he call her. She knew Amil was interested in her. She saw the way he was looking at her when she entered the courtroom. "Just because I have never had a boyfriend doesn't mean that I don't know when a man wants her. I get those looks all the time from men. Amil Greyeyes was definitely interested in me."  She is thinking "Have you thought any more about marrying for convenience?" Parisa asks as she is still sipping her wine. "I'm still thinking about it,"  Genesis said as she sips her wine "You still want a baby right?"  Parisa asks, looking at her "Girl, You know I do," Genesis said looking at her "Look, Genesis, " Parisa said, she is pointing at Amil with a redhead.  They are walking through the restaurant door. "Well. now I see why I haven't heard from him."  Genesis said looking at Amil. The hostess walks him and the woman their way. Genesis ignores him and the redhead. Even when Amil stops before he reaches her and Parisa's table. He is staring at her. But she keeps talking to Parisa as if he isn't there. She is not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that she is still interested in him.  The redhead walks back to get him. Genesis could see them from the corner of her eye. She saw the redhead following his eyes they land on Genesis. "Genesis," Liam said smiling Liam has been sitting at the table next to us the whole time. "I'm sure he heard everything we said." She is thinking. "Hi, Liam,"  Genesis said smiling "Been a while since I have seen you" Liam said looking at Amil "Yes, two months." She said looking at Amil then back at Liam "This is my friend Parisa King," Genesis said as she starts ignoring Amil again. Liam smiles at Parisa. "Would you two like to join us? " He asks pointing at his table. "No thank you,"  Genesis said.  "She did not want to be anywhere near Amil and his redheaded bimbo." She is thinking "We are having a little girl time. Before going to get our dance on." Parisa said smiling Liam sits at the table talking to Parisa. The redhead pulls Amil to their table. But he is still looking at Genesis Parisa gives Liam her number. She's still dating Thomas on and off. "I will meet you two there." He said as he is leaving the table, looking at Parisa smiling "You do  know that Liam is  Thomas's boss." Genesis whisper to her "Shit, I forgot,"  Parisa said shaking her head "Amil" When I arrived at my parent's house Leona the daughter of my mother's friend was there visiting her. Believe me, I had no intentions of taking her anywhere with me. Tonight is boy's night out. I was meeting Liam and a few more of our friends. The plan was dinner, then go clubbing, and right before the night ends pick up a woman for the night to have some fun.  But my mother pushed Leona off on me. When we arrived at STK she was hanging all over me. We followed the hostess to the table my friends are sitting. When I saw Genesis I stopped dead in my tracks. My legs couldn't move. She was looking so beautiful. I know she saw me, I still can not believe she ignored me. Liam sits down at her table talking to her friend. She told Liam her name I wasn't listening. Genesis still didn't acknowledge me at all. I didn't like it at all. It has been two months since I had seen her, I still haven't called her either. Leona was acting as if we were on a date. Her ass kept grabbing me. I was eavesdropping on Liam's conversation with Genesis's friend. As soon as he came to the table I told him that I needed to speak to him. He laughs looking at me because he knew what I wanted to talk about. "You have lost your chance," Liam said as soon as they walked into the hall "I'm still going with you to that club" Amil points at him Liam laughs shaking his head. "What about Leona?" "Fuck" Amil looks toward the table Genesis is sitting. "I will call Leona a Uber.  "Okay man" Liam is still shaking his head laughing. When Amil and Liam are walking back to the table Genesis is getting up from the table. Amil is looking at her thighs. She never looked his way. Genesis is wearing a black strapless top showing her flat stomach. Matching black skirt with two splits in the front. The splits are high up her thighs. She was walking past a table when a man caught her hand. She turned around with a frown, but it turned into a beautiful smile. The man hugs and kisses her on the cheek. His arm went around her small waist as he talked to her and the people at the table for a few minutes.  All I could think was that bastard needs to keep his fucking hands off of my woman. She kissed his cheek walked toward the exit. I waited for her to look back at me. But it never happened. Genesis walked out the door. "Club" "Beer Margarita with 1800 Tequila and two shots of 1800," Genesis said as she is looking at the peoples on the dance floor dancing. "Vodka on the rocks and two lemon drop shooters,"   Parisa is  dancing in her chair The waitress brought their drinks. They drink the shooters first than drank the shot. A handsome man asks  Genesis to dance. She smiles at him as they walk to the dance floor. They are dancing to Kisses Down Low By Kelly Rowland You put in over time, over night, doing everything I like, go for ride yeah You hold me close, please me tight, look me deep inside my eyes, baby don't we love here But nothing can compare to when you kiss me there And I can't lie when I lie I your arms baby I feel so sexy So boy just take your time, send chills down my spine You're one of a kind, that's why I gotta make you mine Boy you turn me on, got me feeling hot Now I'm really goin' I like, I like, I like my kisses down low Makes me arch my back When you gave it to me slow Baby just like that (She like her kisses down low) (Makes her arch goes back) (When you gave it to me slow) (Baby just like that) When she comes back to the table Amil and Liam are sitting with Parisa. "I can not believe he showed up. After he was with that bimbo." She's thinking as she looks in a different direction "You promise me another dance."  The man said as he is looking at Amil. Amil isn't smiling he is giving the man a look like that he wants to kill him "Yes, I did, I won't forget." She said smiling at the handsome man. She takes a few sips of her drink. She still hasn't acknowledged Amil. "What are you drinking?" Liam ask her Beer Margarita and 1800 shots." She said still not looking at Amil Liam orders everyone a round of drinks. Amil is leaning over to say something to her when the same guy asks her to dance. She gets up from the table, catches the man's hand leading him to the dance floor. Dancing as she is walking. Amil watches her as the smiling man follows her to the floor. She dances close to the table. The song is Grateful By Mahalia Yeah Sorry I missed your call (Hold me like that) I'm just busy right now I don't wanna see you cry You You make my heart go boom Oh baby, it's that look in your eyes that makes you the prize I wish we were together, right now It's true, you make my body feel loose Oh baby, it's the way that you lay, the way that you play I'm praying for forever, as well as now I don't want to hide, I don't want to hide I don't want to shy from you, no I don't want to lie, I don't want to lie And say that I don't want you So if you could lay your cards right down I am waiting at the table If you could show me love somehow We don't need to have a label You know that I will love you down I will be every kind of faithful If you could show me all the way around I will be very, very grateful Very, very grateful Amil is watching every move she made. The way her hip moves. His eyes are moving with her hips. When she sits down. Parisa and Liam go to the dance floor. "Are you going to ignore me all night? " He asks her. "You ignored me for two months. So me ignoring you tonight isn't that hard." Genesis said looking at peoples dancing on the dance floor "I have been busy with my company," Amil said looking at her "But not busy for you to come out tonight with the redhead."  She said, still not looking at him "I sent her home."  He said placing his hand on top of hers. Genesis looks at him then, she slides her hand from under his. "I'm no one's second choice. I don't like leftovers."  She said looking at him up and down. Liam and Parisa comes back to the table "Are you okay? " Parisa ask Genesis, looking at Amil "Yes, I'm fine and I am having a good time," Genesis said looking at peoples dancing Amil is looking at Genesis. He is surprised at the way she acts. No woman has ever acted this way with him before. They were about to order another round of drinks. "No two is my limit," Genesis said shaking her head. "We are celebrating one more round," Liam said looking at her smiling. "Okay, just one, then that's it for me," Genesis said smiling at Liam and Parisa "Are you driving? " Amil ask her He didn't get an answer from her. She is ignoring him again 'No." Parisa said looking at him "Your driving then? "Amil asks Parisa, looking at her. "No.,"  Parisa said still looking at him shaking her head "How did you get here? " Amil asks Parisa,  looking confused. Amil thought a man had brought them to the club. He didn't like it. "I don't want another man around Genesis." He is thinking as he is still looking at Parisa. "Her driver drove us. He'll come back at a certain time to pick us up. We never drink and drive."  Parisa said "Can you cancel your driver? I would like to drive you home." He said looking at Genesis Genesis didn't say anything or look his way. "Damn it, Genesis." He said still looking at her. She gets up, walks to the floor starts dancing by herself. To Me & U by Cassie You've been waiting so long I'm here to answer your call I know that I shouldn't have Had you waiting at all I've been so busy But I've been thinking 'bout What I wanna do with you I know them other guys They've been talking 'bout The way I do what I do They heard I was good They wanna see if it's true They know you're the one I wanna give it to I can see you want me too Now it's me and you It's me and you, now Uh, I've been waitin' (waitin') Think I'm gonna make that move now Baby tell me if you like it (tell me if you like it) Genesis is looking at him, while she dances. She knew he is watching her. Just as he watched her when she was dancing with that guy earlier. He knew she is dancing just for him. Watching her, moving her sexy body. Two guys start dancing with her. Amil is getting up. He was going to get her. "Amil, it's just a dance," Parisa said. "Parisa is right, man. She'll be right back after the dance."  Liam said looking at Amil. "Damn, I have never seen Amil act like this before. Then to  I have never seen a woman ignore Amil before." Liam is thinking as he watches Amil still standing up looking at Genesis as she is dancing with the two guys.  "Maybe you shouldn't have avoided her for two months. She told you don't make her wait long."  Parisa said looking at Amil He sits back down. But didn't take his eyes her. Genesis comes back to the table. She is smiling until she sits down "I didn't like you dancing with those guys." He said as he leans over in her ear. She signs, still not looking at him. He thought she was going to say something. He waited for it, but it never came "I'm going home with Liam,"  Parisa said to Genesis smiling. "Okay," she said smiling.  Her phone with off, she looks at it "You two have a good time,"  Genesis said looking at Liam and Parisa. "Are you leaving? "  Liam ask he "Yes, my driver is here,"  Genesis said smiling at him "Genesis I'm sorry, please talk to me," Amil said looking up at her. "It took you all night to say the two words I was waiting to hear. If you want me, you will have to earn me." She said walking out of the club
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