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A bird just flapped its wings away from a window, and in one of the wards, Hazel slowly opened her eyes and her nose stroke by the pungent smell of disinfectant. This familiar smell didn't make her frown, but disappointed. At the end she still couldn't control her emotions and ended up here again. She tried to lift up her hand and was immediately stroke by a slight pain on her hand that had an IV infusion. It was thesame scene and pain again, but on a different day and different reason that she came to this place known clearly by her as a hospital. "Are you really not tired of coming here?", A husky, but gentle voice spoke, taking the initiative to have his presence recognized. With little effort, Hazel turned her head on her left side and saw the tall blonde guy, with gentle violet eyes as hers. He looked quite a little like her, but the difference was her brandy hair over his blonde hair. "Yohan, it's you...", Hazel managed to say, but her throat was dry, so her voice was bearly clear. Yohan sighed and helped her with a glass of water that he served and helped her gulp down, once she was up straight. "Seriously, if you keep coming here, I'm afraid next time I'll only be able to welcome your corps." Yohan wasn't wrong, she had visited the hospital so occasionally that it is still a miracle that she could still breath, wake up and feel the with swiftly blow her. "I also don't want to come here, but it wasn't a choice that I made. I can decide to ignore this painful feeling, but I can't even control this heart of mine." "If you really could control it, then you wouldn't be with Ethan." If she could indeed control her heart and emotions, perhaps she would choose not to love Ethan any more, but the single thought of erasing him from her heart, caused even more pain and regret, than a relieve. "Hazel, he doesn't love you." "But I love him.", Hazel replied with a heart full of emotions, but Yohan watched her with rage. "Just what type of love would make you sacrifice so much for that man who doesn't give a damn about you. You were already diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, but in order to save him, you risked your life and increased the risk of your heart giving up on you. And what did you gain in it, Ivy took the credits and you gained his despise." It was indeed true, seven years ago Ethan and his sister got into a car accident. She and Ivy were in that car as well, including the driver. Hazel managed to pull everyone out of the car despite her frail little body, while they were unconscious, but pulling Ethan made things more difficult and she had the load of the car crushing her chest, but she ignored the pain and succeeded to pull Ethan out of the car. In her weak state, she walked a few miles to get for help, but passed out on the way, when she woke up after a whole week in the coma, she was told that Ivy was the savior, while she ran away for her life. Perhaps it was from that day that Ethan despised her even more and loved Ivy, but she couldn't blame him, he was just a victim. "Yohan... it wasn't his fault, it had never been his fault, I was just too careless and let Ivy take the credit each time." Hazel said and her eyes became sad when she thought about Ethan's love confession to Ivy. She knew that her marriage with Ethan had been an arranged one between both parents, but she had the choice to reject, but she didn't. She believed with time she could make Ethan see who was Ivy Edgard and who was Hazel Edgard, but it's been almost four years and life became worst as long as Ivy was there and she obtained Emily's help. "Here, have some porridge, you surely haven't had anything to eat since yesterday.", "Yesterday ?", Hazel questioned while she took the bowl of hot porridge. "Yes, it's been morethan twenty four hours since you were brought here." 'Twenty four hours?', that equals a whole day, but it felt like no one actually noticed she had been absent for that long. It wasn't the first, neither was it the second time that she went missing because she had to be brought to the hospital because of her heart failure problem and no one bothered about her life or whereabout. "Are you bothered about your family, let me tell you, they...." "I know no one called to ask about me.", Hazel immediately cut off Yohan and stuffed her mouth with a full spoon of porridge, then she plonged the spoon back in the bowl and watched the porridge. "I just hoped he would notice, even if it was the slightest notice." "Stop bothering yourself about that scumbag and stop defending him. He is to be blamed for his blindness and only him. So don't get too emotional, I don't want to have you pushed back to the ICU." "Sure!", Hazel said with a radiant smile, but it was clear that she put in a lot of effort for that smile. Yohan frowned when he looked at her, she was beautiful even without a smile, but she had become so skinny that it didn't even take much to lift her. She was his dear cousin and he promised his aunty(Hazel's mother) to take care of her, but he hadn't done much apart treating her as her personal doctor. Yohan took the spoon from Hazel and filled a spoonfull of porridge that he gently stuffed in her mouth. "Hazel, come back with me, would you?" "Yohan..." "I know you would insist to stay at the Jackson, but I'm just worried about you." His care and concern gave a warm in Hazel's heart. Apart from him and her father, no one could care so much about her. Of course, her mother in-law also showed a lot of concern for her, probably because she was a friend to her mother. All these people care a lot about her and she didn't want to disappoint them. But, it only made her feel lost in a dilemma and the more she thought about it, the more she had a headache. "That's enough.", As if he had read in her mind, Yohan placed his hand on her head and tried his best to comfort her, but she could feel the gloom behind him. "Don't think too much Hazel, just don't overdo and come back to me, because I'll always be there for you and I'll wait for you with my door wide open." "Definitely !", Hazel replied with a smile, then Yohan continued stuffing her with more porridge until she was unable to take it anymore. "You should rest more now, I'll see you later." Yohan said and waved a good bye to her, little did he know that the moment he walked out, he wouldn't be able to find his cousin when next he walked in. Her life was indeed stable, but not her heart. When on earth would she think about herself, rather than others. "Hazel, you're an idiot...."
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