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The wind blew swiftly outside and the birds chirped on the window, the rays of the sun penetrated the through the white curtains, which made Hazel Edgard frown. But her expression became gloomy when she trailed her hand on the large king size bed. "He didn't sleep here today either." Hazel whispered, but what else could she actually expect, though she had been married to Ethan for three years, he always gave her a cold shoulder. He always saw in her the woman who had broken his relationship with her step sister and her sister in-law didn't make things easy for her at home. She indeed loved Ethan with all her heart, she had loved him for over thirteen years and sacrificed so much for him, but he never saw it, he only saw the vicious person that destroyed him. "Good morning young Mrs. Hazel.", An average woman with jet black hair tied into a bun greeted her respectfully. "Good morning aunt Jane, has Ethan already left?" "No young Mrs., the young master should be in his study room." Hazel took a glance at her watch and it was still quite early in the morning. The clock had just stroke eight thirty, so Ethan should leave for the office at exactly nine fifteen, like he always did every Wednesday morning. Before that he would work a while in his study room and take a cup of coffee. "Aunt Jane, has Ethan's cup of coffee been sent to him already?" "Not yet, young Mrs." "Then you don't need to send it, I'll do it myself." Hazel matched towards the kitchen where she tried to make a cup of coffee for Ethan. She had been learning how to make coffee as it pleased Ethan's taste. To make him happy, she had swapped from her current personality to match Ethan's every liking, he didn't love her today, perhaps one day he would, she hoped. "Ahh!", Hazel screamed when the hot coffee spilled on her hand." "Young Mrs., you got burnt." , Nelly, one of the maids said in panick, helping her to cool the burn. "It's fine Nelly, it's just a little burn." "You should apply some ointment on it." "I'll do it later, Ethan still needs his morning coffee." "But Mrs...." "It's fine Nelly.", Hazel said with a radiant smile, then she carried the tray containing the well prepared coffee towards Ethan's study room. She knocked twice, but there was no respond, so she pushed open the door of the study room. The office chair had been turned and its back facing her, but she could tell that it was occupied, so she concluded it had been occupied by a busy Ethan. "Ethan, I made your coffee, just as you like it.", Hazel said, placing the tray on the table, but she flinch the moment she realized that the person on the chair wasn't Ethan, but her step sister, Ivy Edgard. "You....why are you in Ethan's study room, and, where is Ethan?", Hazel asked, but she was mocked by her step sister who sneered at her and walked towards her. "My dear sister, ain't you just pitiful, shouldn't you as Ethan's wife be aware of his whereabout?" Effectively, as his wife, Hazel should clearly be aware of Ethan's location, but she was indeed pitiful, Ethan never tells her. "Why are you here?" "Do you really need me to remind you why I'm here ?" "..." "...Of course I'm here to see my boy friend, do you also need me to tell you who is my boy friend?" Ivy's words were like several poisonous arrows aiming at Hazel's heart, and though she said no mensonge, Hazel had hoped there was even if it was, just a little mensonge. "Seems like you still have hopes that my Ethan would look at you...It really makes me pity you at times, it seriously can't be helped." "Ain't you ashame to call yourself my husband's girlfriend?", Hazel took the courage to speak out her mind, though ignoring reality and the throbbing pain in her heart. "Why should I, I'm rather proud to be able to obtain Ethan's love, while you can't." "At the detriment of your own dignity, does it really please you to be called a mistress." You....isn't it your fault, I would have been Ethan's wife if you hadn't intervened." Though it hurt Hazel to admit it, Ivy was right, if it hadn't been because of her parents in-law and her love insistance, she wouldn't have been married to Ethan. But it was also to save him that she had to take this sweet pain decision. "Whether I stopped your union or not, you know the truth better." "Tsk, so what, Ethan is still mine. You might have gotten his body, but his heart is still mine. What am I even saying, over the years you haven't even obtained his body, whereas, I...." Ivy whispered into Hazel's ears, saying disgusting words and others that could only make Hazel lose her temper. Hazel angrily pushed her lightly, not hard enough to make her fall, but Ivy , hitting the table and just little of the hot coffee spilled on her hand. "Ivy!", Hazel flinch when she heard Ethan's anxious voice from behind. She couldn't tell when he had actually arrived, but Hazel only understood that she was a victim of another scheme from her sister. "Ivy, how are you feeling?" "It hurts a little, but I'm fine.", Let me help you up.", He held her gently and with a lot of affection he pulled her towards the sofa. Such affection pricked Hazel's heart even more, over three years of marriage he had never looked at her with affection, but rather with disgust. Once he was done with Ivy, he walked towards Hazel and those gentle, affectionate eyes suddenly turned cold, as if it was going to freeze her till she was left to be broken into pieces. E....Ethan...." "How dare you?", Hazel was cut off her words by Ethan's strong grip on her neck. "You've already obtained the position of Mrs. Jackson that you snatched from her, do you want to destroy her as well, then kill her before you're satisfied ?" "No...I...." "Let me tell you, even if there is no Ivy, I would never love a woman of your kind, but I'll bury you with her..." His grip suffocated her, but his words even hurt her more. In his eyes she was that type of vain woman, vicious and disgusting. His grip was tight, but she had no power to struggle from the grip of this man. His lovely Emerald green eyes glared at her violet eyes with rage and his muscular hand clenched her neck, ignoring her tears and pains so far, but they suddenly softened, but it wasn't surely because of pity or guilt. "Please, let go, Ethan, my sister probably didn't mean it. Please don't hurt her?" Her pitiful plead wasn't filled with pity but with evil motives and a conclusion to her evil heart of scheme, but it was that heart that Ethan yearned for. He finally relaxed his grip and tossed her away, letting her fall on the cold floor, while Ivy wrapped her hands around him, making a whole show of the affection that Ethan had for her. "I'll let you off for today, but if you dare try anything against Ivy again, then don't blame me for being rude." Ethan gave one last glance of despise and walked away with Ivy who was clinging on his arm like a snake. Hazel struggled on her feet and almost lost balance due to the sharp pain in her heart. It hurt so much, but no one knew how much pain she was going through and she had been going through. "So pathetic.", Another curse appeared from behind, it was that of Emily, her dear sister in-law who had ganged with her step sister to make her live a marriage of hell. "Why don't you understand it, my brother would never love a woman like you, so give up already." Hazel didn't have the strength to argue with this little girl's arrogance, her heart still hurt and she needed to crawl back to her room and take her drugs. "Excuse me.", Hazel said, struggling to bear with the pain, but Emily wouldn't let go, pulling her so hard that she hit her head on the wall. Increasing the intensity of Hazel's pains, yet she suffered in silence. "I've already told you, leave my brother alone. I'll make you regret ever forcing marriage on my brother, bitch!" Emily cursed and walked away from her side, then she slammed the door behind her as soon as she left. No one cared nor realized how much pain Hazel was going through, but even if they did, would they care? Perhaps no one would care even if she died. "Young Mrs...are you ok, you look pale?", Jane asked as soon as she saw Hazel in the hall way, leaning close to the wall, probably struggling towards her room as he breathing increased. "Aunt Jane, I....", Hazel said her words half way and soon there was nothing but a black out. She could still barely hear Jane's cries, perhaps she would be the only person who would cry once she was gone. Hopefully, Ethan would remember her, even if he just remembered her as the woman who destroyed him, she wanted him to remember her, just a little "Young Mrs......"
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