Her Regretful Revenge

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They betrayed me.

They took away my powers from me.

They took my throne from me.

My mate rejected me for my s**t of a stepmother.

They took my daughter from me.

They left me to die.

They think that they won from their Queen and the most powerful witch in the magical dimensions.

But they don't know that it's always gonna be me who stays on top and wins.

I will make my betrayers pay.

I will regain my powers no matter what challenges I have to face.

I will take back my throne for which I was born and groomed to rule.

I will make my mate know who he messed up with.

I will take my beloved daughter back.

They left me to die but I survived to take my revenge and take back everything that rightfully belongs to me.

Tsk..Tsk..Tsk, I am going to play a really sweet game with you all that's called revenge.

It may sound sweet but it will taste bitter. Do you know why? Because I am going to make you all taste a witch's revenge which is so far from sweet.

A human's revenge is sweet but a witch's revenge is bitter. And so bloody dangerous.

You will try to save yourselves thousands or millions of times but will always fail. After giving up so many times you all will wish for death to come but it will never come without my permission.

I am heading your way so brace yourselves and get ready to welcome me in your lives.

But there is one thing!

Will I win back everything that's mine or will I lose the most important person of my life in the thirst for my revenge and live my life regretting it?

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Chapter 1
Isabella Simon:- I was sitting in the waiting room of D'Luca enterprises waiting with other candidates for the interview with Mr. D'Luca himself for the post of Head of Accounting Department. It is one of the tops five companies in the business chart. In front of humans, I am just an ordinary human when in reality I am a witch, not just a witch I am the Queen of the witches for the twelfth magical dimension. There are twelve magical dimensions in total. Six are being ruled by Queen Cassandra Knight, five are ruled by her daughter Queen Angelina Knight and the last one the twelfth dimension is ruled by me.  At first, there were only eleven magical dimensions in the supernatural world but one was later discovered by my birth mother Flavia Simon so Queen Cassandra Knight gave my mother the authority to rule the twelfth dimension as she was the one who discovered it. But unfortunately, my mother died three years ago and left her throne to me.  Over a year ago my father remarried a slut of a witch named Stella Cesborn who is only three years older than me. I am twenty-two and she is twenty-five. We don't get along as she always pretends to be good in front of my father while when he is away she shows her true color. She hates me that I can tell and only married my father for his status as the King for the twelfth dimension's wizard. "Miss, Isabella Simon. It's your turn." the blonde lady announced who is the manager of this floor. I nodded my head and fixed my suit jacket and picked up my portfolio with a smile on my face and entered the office of Mr. D'Luca and I don't know why when I was about to open the door my heart started to beat louder. When I finally entered the office my mind and magic screamed "mate" I looked at the tall and handsome man leaning against his posh table. His skin was tan in color with chocolate brown hair. He was looking at me from head to toe with his hazel colored eyes. He has got a sexy smirk on his face which tells me he also realized that I am his mate. "If it isn't Queen Isabella Simon of the twelfth magical dimension," he said. "And if it isn't King Logan D' Luca the king of the wizards of the eleventh dimension," I said back." I didn't know when I came here for an interview I will get to meet and see King Logan D'Luca. I haven't seen your face but my magic informed me about your status." "Cupcake, I think you are missing something. Your magic not only did tell you about my status but it also told you that I am your mate," he said walking closer to me. "I don't know what you are talking about," I lied " I am here for an interview for the post of Head of Accounting Department," he chuckled and pulled me closer to him by wrapping his arms around my waist and leaned down to place a kiss on the corner of my lips. I felt shiver runs down my spine and wanted him to kiss me on my lips but instead, he just kissed the corner of my lips in a teasing manner. "Mr. D' Luca, may I remind you that what you are doing is inappropriate," I said with a cold tone. "I haven't done anything inappropriate yet. Inappropriate would be when I slide my hand inside your panties and pleasure you with my fingers. Inappropriate would be when I unbutton your blouse and suckle on your big luscious breast. Do you want me to describe to you in more detail? Because I am full of it," he whispered in my ear in a deep husky voice and pressed the bulge of his pant on my stomach.  The things he just said that were turning me on and my panties were super drenched just by his voice. And if he thinks that I will give up just like that then he is in for a surprise. Because I am not the type of other supernatural creature who gave up when they find their mate and fall on their feet. I have got a high standard and I am proud of it. My mate has to be attracted to me because of who I am not because of this mate bond. If he wants me in his life then he has to earn me and my heart. "You do know I am the most powerful witch in the whole twelve magical dimensions after Queen Cassandra Knight and Angelina Knight. Right?" I ask. "Yeah, everyone knows about that. You are the third powerful witch who can't be defeated but it doesn't mean I should be afraid of my own mate." he said "and besides I am also a powerful wizard after King Zediab Knight so we are even and that is why the universe has chosen us as mate of one another. So what say? We skip everything and tumble around in the sheets?" he asks with a wicked grin. I smirked and kneed him in the balls. "Show me some respect. I am your mate and it doesn't mean that you can think so low of me that I will fall on your feet and directly sleep with you after our first meet. I have got standard and I am not like the other witches who fall on the feet of their mates. I am Queen Isabella Simon who will only mate with her mate when he actually wants me for my heart not just because of this mate bond. I want you to earn me and my heart if you really want me in your life," "Who said I am interested in you only because of the mate bond?" he asks and groaned in pain while rubbing his crotch where I just hit "Damn woman! now, how am I going to impregnate you?" "WHAT?!" I yell "You are unbelievable. Guess what? I am outta here. You seem like a playboy to me." "Okay...okay. Just stay and let's be professional," he said grabbing my arm to stop me when I was about to walk out of the office "and I was a playboy. I decided to change myself just right now," "I don't think you ever will," I said with a raised eyebrow. "Oh trust me, I will try," he said and locked the door with his magic. "Why did you lock?" I ask and about to unlock it with my magic when he did something unexpected. "Because of this," he replied and smashed his lips on mine.

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