Chapter 2

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Logan D'Luca:- I was damn tired after taking so many interviews with the candidates. I am planning to give the post of Head of the Accounting Department to a man instead of a woman. At first, I was planning of picking the head of the Accounting department from my accounting staff but then changed my mind because not a single one was so experienced to take over the post that's why I opened this position.  And at the moment I was cursing that why did I open the position because the majority of the candidates were women than the men. They were trying to either seduce me or they were dressed to seduce. No one has the persona to fill the position. I was looking for a well experienced and sharp-minded person for this department but at this rate, I am failing. I was about to cancel the whole interview thing because I was so fed up when my magic powers started to tell me about my mate's presence in my mind. It's like they were getting stronger and stronger. I stand from my chair and came across my desk then leaned on it with my hands in my pant pocket getting ready to see the first sight of my mate for whom I have been waiting for twenty-five years of my life. I will finally get to see the queen of the king. I got frozen in my tracks when the door opened and entered the queen of witches for the twelfth dimension and the most powerful witch of all "Isabella Simon," I have only heard of her name and about her powers. I haven't seen her before but at the moment I feel like hitting my head on the wall for not trying to meet her before. She is the perfect definition of beauty with long red hairs and an hourglass figure. She has got a D cup breast, which I so badly want to squeeze in my hand and took them out of her blouse to suckle on them. I so badly want her long legs wrapped around me when I thrust my cock deep inside of her. All the thoughts were turning me on. After a little bit of teasing and argument, I pulled her close to me by her waist and smashed my lips on her because I was wanting to taste them so badly since she entered my office. That's not the only part I want to taste but, for now, I will manage because of our first time but next time I am not going to give her another chance because next time I will be on my knees with my head buried between her legs sucking her pussy. When I kissed her lips I tasted a berry flavor it sure is of the gloss she is applying on her full lips. I nibbled on her lower lip in order to make her mouth open and cupped her round bottom with my hand. She moaned and opened her mouth. I took it as an opportunity and entered my tongue inside of her mouth and suckle on her tongue. She was trying so hard not to kiss me back but gave up when I kept on ravishing her mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back with the same desire like mine. I won't lie that I have been a playboy and have a good share of women because I was tired of searching for my mate. Just for fulfilling my needs I started to hang around and have one night stand every day. But they don't compare to what I am feeling at the moment with my mate in my arm. The feelings are ecstatic and indescribable. The kiss with Isabelle was so different and full of pleasure that I don't want to pull away. I kissed her with more hunger and desire when all of a sudden I was pushed away by a very angry Queen Isabella that her eye color changed from green to silver. "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION? YOU ARE MY MATE SO IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN LOCK THE DOOR, PULL ME CLOSER AND KISS ME," she yells and for the first time, I was thankful to the soundproof walls of my office. "Ok...ok, I am sorry." I said with my hand in the air in a surrendering position "but you can't deny that you didn't feel the same feeling that I did when we were kissing. You did feel them that's why you kissed me back and enjoyed with me." "D'Luca, you shouldn't have said that," she said and with her magic, she threw me by the wall and I groaned in back pain because she hit me real bad. "You are not the only one who has got magic," I said after getting up rubbing my back "I can easily hurt you back with my magic but I won't do that because I am attracted to you. Not only because of our mate bond but also because of this unknown feeling that I got in my heart after I saw you for the first time." "You can hurt me with your magic?" she asks and burst out laughing "Well, Logan I wanna see you try." "No, I won't," I replied, " I can't hurt you." "Yeah, you really can't because no one can. So do what I am asking you to do," she said. "Can we please forget about all this magical stuff. We are in human world for god sake. You were here for the job right?" "Yes, I was but I don't feel like doing the job over here. Now, do as I have asked you to do," she said. "Remember, you asked for it." I said and took a deep breath "my magic is also powerful so beware." I warned her and in response, she just smirked at me. I clenched my hand in a fist and made a huge fireball in my hand and threw it towards her. But what happened next was unexpected. My magical fireball bounced from her and hit me directly. "How did you do that?" I asked shocked after recovering from my pain. "It's a secret you will only come to know once you have won my heart." she replied "and don't mess with a witch like me. We have got a short temper." "Woman, you amaze me." I said, "I should be angry at you after you hit me twice but instead I am feeling more attracted to you." "Do you really want me to choose you as my mate?" she asks. "Damn yes! I do" I replied. "Then act normal like a human. Take me on a date first. Let's get to know one another. Learn to trust one and other. If you accomplish al this task then I will mate with you." "They are easy. Consider it done. Because I am not backing out. And trust me I will be mating with you real soon." I tell her "so when should we go on our first date?" I ask. "I will let you know," she replied, "now aren't you gonna take my interview?" "You still want the job?" I ask. "Definitely," she replied. "But a few seconds ago you said you don't want it anymore. And besides, you are the daughter of Rafael Simon of Simon Industries and the next in line to be the CEO then why do you want to do the job over here?" I ask confused. " I have got own personal reasons." was all she replied. "Ok, you are hired," I said with a wicked smirk on my face. "What? Really?" she asks with a smile. "But as my personal assistant," I replied, "because there is no way in hell I am allowing my mate to work with a bunch of men in the accounting department." "I will not do it," she snapped. "Well, it's up to you. You either work as my PA or you don't get the job." I said "The choice is yours," 
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