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Khan Hai Lancheng, this is the best subdivision in Jiangzhou city.

Housing prices are also the most expensive in the whole city of Jiangzhou, ordinary people can only watch and falter.

At this moment, in front of a two-story three-four hundred square meter villa. A Volkswagen Phaeton is worth several hundred thousand, but its appearance is extremely modest and stops in front of the villa gate.

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The King of Soldiers Comes to the Door
Khan Hai Lancheng, this is the best subdivision in Jiangzhou city. Housing prices are also the most expensive in the whole city of Jiang Chau, ordinary people can only watch balk. At this moment, in front of a two-story three-four hundred square meter villa. A Volkswagen Phaeton is worth several hundred thousand, but its appearance is extremely modest and stops in front of the villa gate. The rear car door opens. Diep Thu got out of the car. He wears a comfortable black tracksuit with a regular gray hiking bag on his back. If you put it somewhere else, you can't see that he just got off from a luxury car for several hundred thousand yuan. This time. The driver's seat door opened. A handsome young man got out of the car. The man was wearing a limited edition Versace suit, and on his wrist was a Patek Philippe watch worth several hundred thousand. This outfit alone is enough to buy several It's Volkswagen Phaenton. And there are only a few people who can dress like this, and there are only a few people in this Jiangzhou city. Moreover, all of them are powerful figures. But. After the handsome man stepped down, he walked over to Ye Qiu again, his face full of tears, "Boss, is this place?" "Um!" Diep Thu glanced at the villa in front of her and nodded head. "Speaking of which, boss, what is a person who is not the king of the underworld running to this small remote city of Jiangzhou? Moreover, this time bring luggage." The handsome man glanced at the four sides of the villa, frowned, and looked at Diep Thu with a puzzled expression. "Stay in-law, make son-in-law enter the door!" The corner of Diep Thu's mouth slightly curved and said calmly. "What?" The handsome man was taken aback, not daring to believe his own words: "Boss, are you mistaken, the British royal princess, Victoria's Secret's top supermodel. There is also a young actress just right. won the Oscar for Best Actress in Hollywood, along with the gold of the top three corporations in the world. come to that feeding bag, why did you suddenly decide to come to this small Giang Chau, and still humble yourself to be a son-in-law and a son-in-law? Why so?" "Because of love!" The corner of Diep Thu's mouth pulled out a happy smile. "Pho!" The handsome man almost spat out a a mouthful of blood, his face helplessly looked at Diep Thu: "Okay okay, you are the boss, what you say makes sense. But, what should you do if you come here to pursue love on the side of the organization? He planned to just make the boss brush his hand, not intending manage us again?" "First of all, just help me deal with the organization side, if there's nothing particularly important, don't bother me!" Diep Thu waved her hand and said calmly. "Okay, but I can't take it too long, if you stay here forever, not only our organization but the whole underground world will be in chaos!" Handsome man stroking his hands, face helpless. "I know!" Ye Thu calmly answered a question, then turned and walked into the villa. Looking at the back of Diep Thu. The handsome man moved his lips, still wanting to say something. But in his heart, he knew that as long as it was something that Diep Thu had decided, no one could change it. Reluctantly, he had to get into the car and was about to start the engine. At this moment, he suddenly heard a voice in his ear Ye Thu calmly transmitted. "Don't drive my car racing with people, keep it well, next time I'll check it out." The voice fell. Just when the handsome man was about to turn to look, he could no longer see Diep Thu's figure. See that. The handsome man reluctantly shrugged. This boss of mine, everything is good, it's just too much modest. Obviously, there is a huge pile of gold mines, diamond mines, oil fields. luxury cars tens of hundreds of millions and top limited edition sports cars, also play as toys. But still love this Volkswagen Phaeton can not be more rustic, moreover consider it as a treasure. It's really powerless. The handsome man let out a sigh, he had to Lift up the car window, drive away...In the villa. Diep Thu changed into slippers, took her bag and went to the living room on the first floor. After that. His eyes were drawn to a picture frame on the tea table. It's a wedding photo. The man in the picture is you. Comle leather shoes, tall and handsome. And the woman, wearing a white wedding dress, Light makeup, a small smile on the corner of her mouth gentle. Beautiful face like an angel. "Finally finished this photo!" Seeing this, Diep Thu's face showed a gentle expression, His eyes softened. This wedding photo, is from a month ago. The woman in the photo is his wife, Lam Thanh Nha. This is not a simple woman. At a young age, she took over Lam Thi Group from the family. It was at a time when everyone thought this was the wrong decision. Then Lam Thi Group is growing more and more under her management, the profits obtained have doubled. For a moment, make everyone surprised. From then on, the reputation of Lam Thanh Nha, the beautiful and cold female general manager, spread throughout the entire city of Jiangzhou. Moreover, she is also at the top of the three great beauties of Giang Chau, it can be said that she is the target of countless talented young people pursuing. One month ago. The wealthy Lam Thi family announced outside that they wanted to recruit a son-in-law in-law. Know this news. Giang Chau's talented and handsome young men are extremely excited. But just as they were eager to roll up their sleeves and try their luck. Lam Thi's family suddenly announced that they had recruited a son-in-law to come stay. And that person is Diep Thu. At that time, it can be said that it shook the entire Jiangzhou city More than half of the men in Jiangzhou City wish to envy and hate Ye Thu to the extreme Especially, Diep Thu has no reputation in this Jiangzhou city, it can be said that he is useless. Even before that, no one had heard of such a person. This made the men in Jiangzhou who were quite elite in themselves, so jealous that their eyes were about to fall out. They just thought that an ordinary person like Diep Thu could also climb into Lam Thanh Nha's bed. Then fans are jealous to the point of bloodshed! However, incumbent Diep Thu. Again not as happy as outsiders think. For a month now, I have not been able to climb into bed of Lam Thanh Nha, even to Lam's room Thanh Nha has not entered yet. Because, Lam Thanh Nha doesn't like him, hates him, and despises him. Like the people outside. In Lam Thanh Nha's eyes, Diep Thu has no bravery at all, just a small white man who wants to be taken care of. Therefore, she was extremely hostile and hated Ye Thu to the extreme. But. For Lam Thanh's disgust and coldness Nha. Diep Thu, on the other hand, was not discouraged. Because eighteen years ago, if it weren't for her then there will be no brother of the present. From that moment on, his heart was already occupied by the kind little girl. So this time, he returned to the headquarters to arrange everything, then quickly ran back, intending to officially stay in the Lam family villa for a long period of resistance. Think here. Diep Thu looks at the wedding photo, his eyes are overflowing filled with tender affection. But at this moment, the corner of his eyes glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, his face changed: "It's broken, the wife is about to leave work, must quickly clean the floor once, otherwise wait for the wife to finish work. Come back and see, I'm sure you won't be happy again!" Say do and do. Diep Thu quickly went to get a mop, carried a basin of water, started from the living room, bent her butt, and wiped the floor with a sky-high spirit. If I let those young men see When I see this scene, I will definitely be dumbfounded word...

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