The sorrow of the wifeNear late afternoon.

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Outside the villa. The tail of a red Ferrari made a beautiful line and stopped in front of the villa. The car door opened. A pair of long slender legs wearing black stockings stepped out. Sexy black silk thread combined with black heels with red soles. Any man who looks at it will not be able to help but have a dry mouth. After that. The owner of long slender legs wearing black stockings got out of the car. It was a stunning beauty. Even the noble red-flamed Ferrari, at this moment, it became gloomy and lightless. Because this beauty is really too perfect. Young skin is soft, whiter than a baby's skin. The beautiful and perfect five senses are like the most perfect masterpiece that God has bestowed. This figure can be worthy of the best in the world. The front is convex behind, the small waist is not enough for a handful. As for her clothes, she showed a very delicate figure like a devil. White shirt combined with a black skirt that goes over the butt. Along with her slim legs, she wears long slender black silk stockings. Perhaps any man who saw it would be so attached to it that he couldn't take his eyes off. Especially, she has a cold aura on her body but noble, making people want to conquer the ice mountain beauty. Perhaps, this is the greatest attraction to men. After the woman got off the car, she went straight into the mansion. Open the door and go into the living room. After that. She immediately saw Diep Thu mopping the floor with her butt. Seeing this scene immediately made her disgusted, her beautiful face temporarily became colder and colder. "Wife, I'm back!" Of course, Diep Thu noticed the first woman, he quickly took the rag and stood up, welcoming her. Because of this woman, no one else. She is Lam Thanh Nha, who has received a marriage certificate with him for a month, but is not a real husband and wife. "How many times have I told you, don't call me wife, you don't deserve it!" Lam Thanh Nha fiercely glared at Diep Thu, her voice cold as ice. For Diep Thu, she really hates him. For a month now, every day Diep Thu is at home, eating do not sit, play around. Can sweep the house at most, mop the floor, there is not a single bit of progress, really no prospects at all. Such a man, Lam Thanh Nha really did not understand, why her father had always chosen him as the son-in-law of the Lam family. Out on the big street arbitrarily pull a person, sometimes even a hundred times stronger than him. If it wasn't for her father making it difficult, moreover, every time she asked for a divorce from Diep Thu, her father vehemently opposed it. Lam Thanh Nha chased Diep Thu away a long time ago. For a man who has no progress, no bones, and a heart that only wants to be nurtured like this, she really is as disgusted as she is. "Grandma... President Diep, have you had dinner yet, are you hungry, or should I cook you a bowl of noodles?" Diep Thu's face was still smiling and asking with concern. "You don't have to worry!" Lam Thanh Nha coldly glared at Diep Thu one, then went around Ye Thu, sat down on the sofa. Diep Thu quickly picked up a cup of delicious tea, went up to the front, and brought it in front of Lam Thanh Nha: "President Diep, I have made tea for you, see you I'm tired of being busy at the company all day, or I'll give you a massage, rest to relieve fatigue. Before, I used to follow people to learn two-way massage, very effective!" After saying that, Diep Thu put the tea cup on the tea table, stood up, reached out her hand to grasp Lam Thanh Nha's shoulder. After saying that, Diep Thu put the tea cup on the tea table, stood up, reached out her hand to grasp Lam Thanh Nha's shoulder. Lam Thanh Nha raised her head fiercely with Diep Take one, coldly said: "Who needs you to massage, even if I die, I will never give you..." However, Lam Thanh Nha has not finished speaking, a pair of strong and powerful hands have been placed on her soft, young shoulders. Lam Thanh Nha is about to push Diep Thu out. After that. Just feel a comfortable fight from the shoulder transmitted to. Those hands, sometimes powerful, sometimes gentle, the force of the Dao is very well controlled, the method is on par with the professional. This makes Lam Thanh Nha extremely comfortable. Besides, I don't know if it's an illusion or what. Lam Thanh Nha vaguely felt that there was an extremely comfortable warm water flow from her other hands into her body, then all over her body. Tired all afternoon, following the warm water flow started to fade away, even the mood not much better. Needless to say, Diep Thu's massage was more comfortable than any massage she had ever done before. But, just thinking about the person massaging me The Diep Thu that I hate the most. Momentarily. Lam Thanh Nha lost all mood, raised her hand to prepare to push Diep Thu away. But right now. Her phone suddenly rang. This interrupted the movement she was about to push Diep Thu away. Looking at the incoming caller screen, it's the department manager Accounts department called. Lam Thanh Nha didn't need to think, directly picked up the phone. But after a while, I don't know what the other end of the phone said. Lam Thanh Nha's cold face immediately became very unsightly, her delicate eyelids tightened, and a cold ray appeared in her eyes. "Tell him clearly for me, dream, if he wants to play this match, I will support Lam Thi until the end!" Finished speaking. As for Diep Thu to massage her back, for now when she was neglected. Looking at Lam Thanh Nha tightly clenching her eyebrows, her face more annoying than meeting me. Diep Thu knew, the phone call just now was not simple. Clearly. Lam Thanh Nha is already in trouble! Someone made fun of her! Ye Thu's eyes narrowed, and there was a sharp and terrifying cold light in her eyes. He once swore that he wanted to use the second half of his life to protect this woman in front of him. He would never allow anyone to harm her. Because of. That year, without this woman, there would be no Ye Thu of today. Eighteen years ago, the Diep Thu family's family fell into misery, the enemy chased and killed it, and both parents lost their lives at the hands of the enemy. At that time he was seven years old, which was inherently difficult to escape. But on the way to escape, fortunately a father and son helped. The father and son hid Diep Thu in the trunk of the car, then took him to a remote orphanage. Diep Thu hides himself like that to preserve his life. From that moment, Diep Thu made an oath, in this life, if he had a chance to meet them again, he would definitely repay the favor of saving the lives of these two. Later, when I grew up, I avenged my parents. Diep Thu unexpectedly learned that the two nobles had saved his life in the past. That is Lam Thanh Son, chairman of Lam Thi Group in Giang Chau, with his daughter Lam Thanh Nha . So Diep Thu abandoned everything, ran back to Giang Chau, intending to repay the favor of saving the lives of the father and son in the past. The result was really clever, just in time to catch up with the Lam family to recruit a son-in-law to stay. Having such a good opportunity to repay the favor, Diep Thu decided to accept the invitation at her son-in-law, marrying Lam Thanh Nha. Perhaps Lam Thanh Nha's attitude towards him was a bit cold and disgusted. But this woman, he only knows how to love, pamper, spend his whole life loving and being with her. As for anyone who wants to hurt her, bully her. Ye Thu definitely won't give up easily! "Stay away!" Perhaps because of the uncomfortable mood, Lam Thanh Nha did not want to talk much with Diep Thu. She pushed Diep Thu away, got up and went to the second floor of the villa. Look at Lam Thanh Nha's sexy back. Diep Thu's eyes were filled with tenderness. Wait until Lam Thanh Nha completely disappeared at the turn of the stairs. Diep Thu got up and quickly walked out of the house villa...
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