Chapter 3 Morning After

1281 Words
Liana POV I grunt in pain when I stretch out and instantly lay still. Everything hurts. From my throbbing head down to my ankles. Flashes of the previous night bombard my brain and I cringe. Alcohol has created a band that is keeping an offbeat rhythm in my head, sending waves of pain against my temples and eyes. And the pain in the rest of my body … well, Axel is responsible for that. He was not a gentle lover. I open my eyes partially and look at my surroundings. Sunrays are dancing through the curtains, and it takes me a moment to realize I am still in the hotel room. Oh shit, what have I done? I pinch my eyes closed and send a silent prayer that Axel has left already. My life shattered into pieces last night and I made it worse by indulging not only in alcohol but also in a stranger's body. When I propositioned Axel, I was too intoxicated to take into account the walk of shame. Why did I not sneak out while he was sleeping? Oh yeah, I was too drunk and tired. Well then, that is it, I decide as I slowly turn around, I have hit rock bottom and ruined my life. Sure, Wyatt helped me out in that department, but I was the one who got drunk all on my own and challenged a man to take me to bed. Dammit, I groan inwardly when I see Axel snoring next to me. Is it really that much to ask the universe for a break? Why did he not leave like other men do? Not that I have experience in this department, but hey, is that not the theme of every Hollywood movie? As quietly as I can, I worm out of bed. With any luck, I can be out of here before he wakes up. "Order coffee," his voice demands behind me and with a shriek I turn around. His eyes dartle lazily over my body and I blush beet red when I realize I am naked. I reach over for the blanket and jerk it off the bed to cover my nakedness. Oh no, that was a mistake, I swallow as I look at the floor. Axel is sprawled out in the bed with his crown jewels on display and apparently, it does not bother him one little bit. "Why so shy?" he chuckles as he puts his hands behind his head. "I've seen it all last night." Because you are looking at me as if I am your breakfast, I think to myself as I ignore him and start gathering my clothes. "I should go," I mumble as I quickly put on my T-shirt. I am not going to bother with my bra right now. Not while he is watching. My only mission is to get out of here as fast as possible with as much dignity as I can master. "Not before you ordered my coffee," his tone of voice is superior as he stands up. "Then you …" He abruptly stays quiet, and I follow his gaze to the blood stain in the centre of the bed. I swallow hard on the regret and tears as I look at the evidence of the exact price I paid for my drunken stupidity. For twenty-six years I have protected my virtue at all costs. Not because of some belief or because I am a prude. But coming from a poor home, this was the most valuable gift that I could give to the man I love. Something pure and priceless and I gave it away … for free … to a stranger. "Your first time?" His voice is dark and low as he looks at me. "What?" I shrug and pretend not to care. "Do you have a virgin complex?" He is quiet for a long time as he holds my gaze to the point where I have to fight myself to remain still and not start squirming. "How much?" He growls and I am taken aback by his anger. "How much what?" I frown confused. "Don't be obtuse," he hisses furiously. "Money. How much do you want?" Dumbfounded I stare at him as I try to make sense of his words. He has lost me completely. Why are we talking about money? Is there some werewolf rule or ritual that I do not know about regarding virgins? Then a dark thought hits me and I swallow hard on the bile that is rising in my throat. He thinks I am a prostitute. "Do you always pay for sex?" I ask irritated as I pick up my sneakers. Some alpha he is. He is so used to paying for the deed that he does not even know what to do when he gets it for free. "How dare you insult me?" He bellows. "Oh, and insinuating that I'm a prostitute is a compliment?" I lose control over my temper. Last night's hurt and betrayal are still fresh and now I must deal with the shame that I brought over myself. The last thing I need is his judgment. "Only whores throw away their virtue," he crosses his arms in front of his chest. "Go fuck yourself," I grunt as I walk past him, but he grabs me by my wrist and pulls me against his chest. "Let. Me. Go," my voice is low and dark as I glare at him. "You and I have nothing to say to each other. The second that door closes behind me, you and I have never met." I jerk my hand free and storm out of the room as fast as I can. ** Axel POV Infuriated I sit down on the bed. A virgin. A fucking virgin! I despise virgins and have a rule not to sleep with one. I learned that lesson the hard way. They get clinging and needy once they have slept with you and before you know you have a stalker. Like Angela. Or they blackmail you, like Mia. She was the worst. I was only twenty and still believed in love, but she ruined that quickly for me. I was still riding the high of my orgasm when she told me I should marry her because she was two months shy of eighteen and still a minor. Either I marry her, or she will have me charged with statutory rape. Two lawyers and a half million settlement later, I was rid of her. That is why I offered money to this beauty. Why else would she suggest a night between the sheets if she is still a virgin? "Fuck," I smack the bedside lamp into pieces against the wall. She is so damn gorgeous and was so fucking cocky in the bar that it never occurred to me that she could still be a virgin. No normal, innocent girl would be so forward with a stranger. Especially a human girl in wolf territory. I do not even know her name, so I cannot do a background check on her. How am I supposed to know if this is truly a coincidence or something more? "Nice, Axel," I say out loud as I look down at my groin. "Thinking with your dick was fucking stupid." I sigh heavily as I get up and walk to the shower. All I wanted was to get a drink or twelve before going home. I simply could not face Angela and her parents sober. But dammit, the blond from last night is hot. Just thinking about her makes me hard and I turn on the freezing water to cool down my desire.
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