Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 AFTER we organized my stuffs. My auntie Nely leave me for a while because she has to do some errands. I just nodded at her and let her do her job. As I was left alone in my room. I walk towards the whole-body mirror that hang on the wall. In front of the mirror, I took a close examination of my appearance. I wear the dress that aunt Nely handed me before she leaves. I sighed. All of the dress in the cabinet were like this, knee-length but in different designs and variation of colors. The only exceptions are the pieces of clothing I brought with me, and I must admit that I am not accustomed to dressing in this manner. I can't help but keep pulling down the hem of the dress because any time it gets blown away by the wind. "Catherine? It's time to start the evening meal." When I heard my aunt's voice from outside my room, I was taken aback, but I swiftly responded to her by opening the door. "I'm sorry," I apologized. She merely gave me a smile and started walking, at which point I followed her. When we finally made it to the dining area. I couldn't help but be impressed by how long the table it was as well as the food that was being place on it. “Catherine, please have a seat,” Mrs. Zoldic commanded, lightly tapping the armrest of the chair next to her as she spoke. I managed a half-smile and barely glance in the direction of my aunt Nely before sitting down. “You too Nely, come sit with us,” Mrs. Zoldic urged my aunt Nely to join them. My aunt Nely just nod and sit down next to me. As the dinner started, I look at my plate and the different kind of silverware in front of me. I feel the urge to lodge a sudden complaint. I have no idea using these different cutleries. I deeply sighed and pick up a spoon and fork that I believe are still appropriate for this set up. Aunt Nely was the one who served the food to me as well. When we started dining, the only sound that could be heard throughout the house was the sound of our silverware. And because I'm not used to this, I had to force myself to swallow and faked a smile as Mrs. Zoldic glance at me. As I looked at my aunt Nely, she’s just so calm like she was used to this kind of set up. I slightly shake my head and continue eating my food. After I am done eating my meal, I quickly excuse myself to Mrs. Zoldic and to my aunt Nely. They both nodded without asking me. I sneaked out of the house without anyone being aware of it. I took note of the fact that the location was quite large, and it appeared as though we were the only ones who resided here. I strolled around aimlessly till I ran into somebody. "Please, forgive me!" I apologize swiftly. I received a bow from him. He is familiar. He was one of the guards who welcome us at the gate. He looks at me in all seriousness on his face. "You are not permitted to walk around at night." My eyebrows immediately furrows and my lips parted as if I was about to say something but I suddenly change my mind. I clear my throat. “Would it be possible for you to come with me?" I stated that because I couldn't remember how to get back my feet from the mansion. I admit I’m kind a lost. I'm so stupid! Instead of ignoring me, he took the initiative and started walking. As I followed him. I can’t stop wondering again. Why do they dress in such a formal manner and wear all black suit? And what’s funny is, I believe that I'm the only one who is wearing all white tonight. Well, frankly speaking. Some of the dresses they gave were all white. I just shrugs. I didn't bother asking any more questions; I just went along with it. When we arrived at the mansion, all he did was bow once more and then leave me. “T-thank you,” I sputtered, and then I stepped inside the mansion. "Catherine..." I suddenly stop from taking a step. I heard that someone was calling my name and it was like echoing. I observe my surroundings but I’ve seen no one. I proceeded forward heading to the staircase. "Catherine," someone call out to me once more. I stop from taking more steps at the staircase. I hardly grip the staircase handle. Although I feel frighten and my hair stood on end, I forced myself to ignore the fear and took another step forward. I made it to the top story of the house, which was the fourth floor. Even before I had taken a single step, Mrs. Zoldic had called out my name. “Catherine! Where are you going?” I bite my lower lip. Because of my shock, I didn't waste any time and went downstairs right away. "Please Catherine, I strongly urge you not to go to that floor,” Mrs. Zoldic said in horror. “I’m sorry Mrs. Zoldic. I didn’t mean to disobey you,” I sincerely said. "Do we understand each other, Catherine?" she said. After a moment's reflection, I nodded and then begged my pardon. She then walked me to my room. After I had entered to my room, I immediately leaned against the door. I can't stop thinking about the person that called out my name earlier; nevertheless, maybe it's possible that I'm just making it up in my head. Since I don’t have anything to do other than my early bedtime. I just lay down on my bed. After I carefully positioning my body on the bed, I fell asleep almost immediately. I SUDDENLY found myself back in that dream again, and the same event was playing out again and over again. This caused me to stumble backwards. After hearing a loud bang, I open my eyes and I turned my attention to the door. Then I look at the wall. The sight of the old clock became a habit for me to glance at. The time now is one o'clock in the morning. I got up and wait for something but I heard nothing. After I had gotten back into bed, I continued to hear the loud crash, which appeared to be coming from the uppermost floor of the mansion. I suddenly feel strange and got up again. When I suddenly heard Mrs. Zoldic's voice directly outside my room. I was completely taken aback for a few minutes. I carefully climbed out of bed and made my way towards the door. "I'm begging you. Listen to me. I don't want to see you like this. Especially in the condition that you are in right now.” Mrs. Zoldic said while she keeps on sobbing and pleading to the person she was talking. I didn't hear anyone responding to her at all. But I only heard one thing and that bothers me. I heard the sound of a chain clanking at the floor. I drew a long breath in, then turned around and went straight back to my bed. I was startled since I could feel the door to my room opening and closing, so I feigned that I was asleep right away. If my memory serves me correctly, Mrs. Zoldic was most likely looking at me to see if I was asleep or not. My gut tells me that there's something fishy going on in this mansion. I sigh. I’m overthinking again. I pushed the notion out of my mind and went back trying to fall asleep. "CATHERINE, get up, you're going to be late for your class," aunt Nely yelled outside of my room. Even as I was inside, I could hear my aunt yelling my name from the hallway. I went tumbling backwards. The honest fact is that I've had my eyes wide open for quite some time. Because my body is still adjusting because my room is brand new, and I'm sleeping on a plush bed, while it used to be nothing before. I used to have only thin mattress and a mosquito net before. I got out of bed and headed inside the bathroom. I jumped in the shower room, then quickly changed into my school uniform. As a result of the fact that my skirt was excessively constricting, I had to pull it down but it won't reach to my knees. So I decided to wore short pants as its underlying garment. I had really little time, so I just braided my hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. I stood in front of the mirror for a brief period of time before turning away from it and leaving the room where I was currently located. It's my first day at college, and I have to admit that I'm a little anxious about it. As I entered the kitchen, I noticed that Mrs. Zoldic was already seated at the dining table, as if she were just waiting for me to get started. After carefully pulling out a chair, I sat down next to her. While we were both munching bread, she suddenly asked me. "How was your sleep?" I did nothing but look at her. My response was short and succinct: "It's okay." I glanced at Mrs. Zoldic once again. I really want to ask her about what I heard last night but I'm afraid she'll think of me being so unrespectful. I sighed. I guess, I'm just overreacting to my thoughts. My tongue then is starting to slip back in my mouth. We did not talk while we consumed our food. Immediately after my meal, I bade farewell to her and went to see my aunt, who was cooking in the kitchen. I saw my aunt Nely almost done preparing my lunch box. I walk towards at her. "Thank you, aunt Nely. Have you not eaten yet?" I asked. She looked at me with a worried face while holding my hand and presenting me with the pricey perfume, saying, "Just a while ago, Catherine..." she paused for a bit. "Never let yourself forget to use this each and every minute, okay?" she continued. I frowned and remained still, but I gave a timid nod in response. I gave her a brief smile and then went to get my things. With a peck on the cheek of my aunt, I bade her farewell and announced that, "I'm leaving." As I hurriedly exited the mansion, a sophisticated automobile suddenly stopped in front of me. The driver then went out of the car. I walked towards the car. I didn't open the door myself; the driver did it for me. Although I wavered, I did not proceed to move. It makes me sick to my stomach to even consider this thing, as if they treat me like a princess who can't break dishes despite the fact that my behavior would indicate otherwise.
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