Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 I sat on a wooden bench in a store feeling depressed. I feel so frustrated right now. Not even a single one posters posted in the establishments for who was looking for a job. I think I have almost gone around the whole village of Pag-asa, just to find a job. I just shook my head and stood up. It was almost afternoon, so I decided to go home. When I got home, I immediately changed my clothes. I also started cooking for our dinner. As I was cooking, a sudden cold wind passed behind me. I slowly turned around behind me. I shrug. Maybe it's just a strong breeze of the wind. "Catherine..." my aunt called me so I immediately got out of the kitchen. "Yes?" She smiled when she saw me. “Come on. Let's talk for a while," she said to me. I came and sat next to her. "What happened?" she suddenly asked. I swallowed at her question. "I don't have a job anymore," I answered sadly as I sigh. My aunt took a deep breath. "Later, you pack your things," she said. I was shocked by what I heard. "Why? Where are we going?" I asked in surprise. "I'm going to take you to my work place," she replied sparingly and rummaged through her bag. "Do you remember this?" she said while holding a small glass bottle container that contains a unique color of a liquid. I remember, this perfume is very fragrant. This is what I used to want when buying a perfume, but it's too expensive for something like this in a small container. Aunt Nely suddenly give me the perfume. "You should always remember this Catherine. Don't ever forget to use that perfume when we go there, even at night,” she instructed. "But it will run out easily," I said with a frown on my face. "Don’t worry Catherine. They have a lot of these for you," she answered. My lips parted but I never utter any words and I just kept quiet. Because there is no use if I ask why. My aunt would definitely avoid the things I wanted to ask her. After that conversation we had, I went to my room and start packing my things. The next morning, we left the house before the rooster crowed. We only carry essential items. We rode a Jeep first before arriving at the dock where we boarded a boat again. "The usual route, please?" my aunt ordered sparingly and we immediately boarded the boat. The only surprising thing is that we were the only passengers in the boat we boarded. The others did not go with us and said they would just wait for the next trip. I was confused since the boat was still big enough for other passengers but they refused to go with us. It was surprising for me to see it but I remained speechless about what was happening around me. "Take a nap Catherine," my aunt said and smile at me. I just nodded and sat down to sleep. The breeze is getting colder, I think I’ll be having a gas pain later if the breeze continues like this. But I never mind it and take my rest. I WAS suddenly awake by my aunt's soft pat on my arm. I immediately sat up. I carefully observed my surroundings. I see something strange. We are passing the river and the water is vividly clear. The last time I remember, we were on the sea coasting. "Auntie Nely? Are you sure we are not lost?" I curiously ask. "Of course. We are here," she replied and the boat immediately stopped. The boatman even helped me get off his boat. I hugged myself. It's so cold. Aunt Nely held my hand and we started walking. We walked less than a meter before the huge wall appeared to my eyes. Suddenly, the gate opened, I was stunned to see the big four-storey mansion. I was even stuck staring to it. Then my gaze turns to the six men appeared to us and bowed one by one as we passed by. I am confused again. What is this? It's like I am watching this scene only in a movie. I was about to ask a question but the elderly woman appeared to face us. I look at her with full of admiration. She is still beautiful even though her face shows signs of old age. She walks closer to me and suddenly hugged me which surprised me. "Is this she?" she asked gently and turned to look at my aunt Nely. My aunt Nely bowed down her head to the elderly woman standing in front of her. "It's her, Madam." Aunt Nely answered. Now I am confused again as I looked my aunt Nely acting like that. She is too formal and serious today. The elderly woman just smiled at me and gently grab me. I was still hesitant to make my step but my aunt smiled at me so I just followed the elderly woman who’s walking ahead of me. As we enter inside the house, my eyes can’t take off exploring the mansion and my inner self is complaining already. Their house is so big and I don’t know if I can I manage a whole room to clean it by myself. We headed to the beautiful staircase and we walk upstairs then we stop at the second floor. The elderly woman extend her arm and she showed me my room. "Are you sure this is going to be my room?" I confusingly asked because my room isn’t just an ordinary room for a maid. The room is very spacious and I don’t know if she was just mistaken or not by showing me this. I scan the room. The bed is huge, like a queen size, I think. The furniture looks expensive. There is also a small living room and books lined up on the side of it. Looks like not totally a maid’s quarter. "Of course," she said happily. Is she serious? My eyes widen. "Nely, let's talk about what you should do," she said and faced me again. "I'm Mrs. Zoldic by the way," she says smiling at me so I immediately bowed. I’m so dumb! She is the boss of my aunt Nely and the owner of this beautiful mansion. How the hell I didn’t notice that earlier!? "Please, don't do that. Never ever bow down to me," Mrs. Zoldic says in horror. There is a trace of fear on her face and she suddenly left us. My eyebrows meet in confusion. "Auntie–" I stopped at my aunt's hand gesture signal. "I'll take care of it, you can rest," she said and closed the door. My brain was left floating and thinking like what was that? I just shrugged and started to organize my things. While I’m busy arranging my stuffs, I suddenly wonder if my aunt Nely had the same room as mine. She didn't even say if we were staying in the same room or if she had her own room like this. I'm still wondering why I was given this kind room, when I'm just a lowly servant here. Or maybe Mrs. Zoldic is kind enough to give us a special treatment like this. I opened the antique cabinet and it surprised me to see a bunch of clothes and other girly stuffs. They are all dresses which hems was only above my knees. Then I suddenly saw a small piece of paper taped from one of the dress. It is written here that it is all for me. This includes pairs of shoes, jewelry and a new uniform. I scoff with amusement all over my face. "Is it all mine?" I murmur. The door suddenly opened. I turn my gaze to check who it was. "It's all yours, Catherine. You can you wear it all the time," my aunt suddenly said behind my back. My eyebrows furrows as I look at my aunt Nely. She was dressed as a maid. I frowned and took a good look again at the uniform in my cabinet. I took it and showed it to my aunt. "Why our uniforms were different?" I asked, wondering. My aunt laughed softly and took what I was holding. "This is your school uniform Catherine. You will go to college," she explained. I was surprised by what I heard. "Are you serious? But what about my job?" She gently caressed my hair. "Let's say they are kind enough to help us," she said. I shook my head. “But–” "Don't ask too many questions," she interjected in what I was going to say. I just sigh. At least all my earlier questions have been answered. Maybe Mrs. Zoldic is just too nice to help them. I just shrugged my shoulders and aunt Nely helped me arrange my things.
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