Chapter 3

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*Isabella POV*   I sit in class somewhat absentmindedly just staring into the blank corner of the classroom. Do I have the opposite of a flu? Instead of a blocked nose it is the other way around, Why on earth can I smell what everyone had for breakfast, and even dinner last night, what brand of soap they used, who has masturbated and who hasn't, it is highly disturbing and I can't seem to block it out. I tune out the chatter and just phase out. The teacher enters and I just stare blankly at her. The classroom noise stops. Which I am thankful for, it is giving me a headache. I hear a voice. "How hot is Bella looking today?" "She looks hot everyday" "Do you think her and Lachlan will break up again soon" "Even if they do, do you really think it will be your turn?" "Let a man dream" "I dunno they looked pretty good this morning" "You aren't telling me anything new, the way that body presses on his, he would have to be the luckiest guy in the world" I look around. No one seems to be looking at me. What the hell?? I look up the back of the classroom and see 2 guys whispering. Can I hear them? They catch my eyes and one of them waves and leans back trying to look casual. What is happening? How could I hear them? The boy leans over and whispers to the other guy. "See, she totally wants me, she was just checking me out" I advert my gaze and look at the front of the classroom. I narrow my eyes. I mean I have always had good hearing but this seems a bit excessive. Doesn't it? I put my hands on my cheeks and think. Do I go to a doctor, what do I say? I have really good sense of smell and hearing? I would get laughed out of the office. So if those senses are heightened, what about touch and sight? I look at the chalkboard. I see the individual residue of the chalk. I can see the previous words that were written on the board. I feel my desk. I seem to feel the grain of the timber. I can feel dust. I laugh at myself what am I even thinking here I've become a superhero at the ripe old age of 18. It's all in your imagination Bella. Stop being so overly dramatic. Today is way too weird, maybe this is a dream, that is it, maybe I am still asleep. I pinch my leg hard and grimace, damn it, still hurts It's okay, isn't 18 a reasonable age to go insane? You always knew you were different, this is just the final step. I put in my head phones and plait my long blonde hair over my shoulder. I don't need to pay attention in class. I am so far ahead anyway. I shift uncomfortably in my seat. What is wrong with me today? Am I really at the point where I have turned into a sex addict. I need a counselor for my myriad of mental problems. I get out my phone and text Lachlan. 'I want you' 'Can you wait till lunch babe?' 'What if I said that I couldn't?' 'You are funny' It wasn't a joke at all. I tap my phone screen. It's 2 hours, I can wait that long. 'Be ready for me at lunch' 'I am always ready for you' I snort, yeah right. After a night with him, I swear I nearly kill the poor guy. We have a rule that we can't have sex 2 days before the game so he can recover and be able to play. I think I am the only extra training he needs and he is in the best shape by far. I have no idea where I get all this energy from but it virtually impossible to exhaust. I sigh and pinch my leg as I start drawing on my notepad. I have been drawing this same picture for about six months, every time the picture gets clearer, it gets a little more detailed. At first his face was pretty much all shadows, as time went on handsome features revealed themselves. I concentrate whole heartedly on drawing. Black messy hair hiding one eyebrow. His dark large eyes like black holes ready to suck in the entire universe. Straight nose with kissable lips. A sharp strong jawline set off with black stubble scream masculine charm. Brooding face with no smile. A strong thick neck sitting upon wide shoulders. Massive biceps, perfectly chiseled pectoral muscles with defined 6 pack abs. This is where my drawing stops. I wish I could think of lower, maybe he is that built because he has a small one. That would be disappointing. I run my finger down the drawn lines trying to imagine feeling the actual muscles. A shiver runs down my spine. "Bella!" I look up and see Lachlan at the door of the classroom. Wow I really phased out, how long have I actually been drawing for? I hurriedly cover up my drawing, very embarrassed. I feel like I am drawing pornographic images, he is so smoking hot. I store the drawing in my bag and get up out of my seat, walking towards Lachlan. "I was waiting for you" "Sorry, I lost track of the time" He wraps his arms around me. "Are you okay, you seem a bit different today?" "Midlife crisis" "Don't say that" I kiss his lips. I just want to take what I want from him. I don't want the rest, I know he is sweet but I have tried to have more feelings for him but it never works. I deepen the kiss and pull his face further down to mine. I press him against the door frame. "Babe we can't do it here" "Please" "Can you wait till tonight?" “That is what you said about lunch” “We are so in the open though” "I am having a birthday meal with my family tonight" "I know, your mum invited me" Ahh that's right my parents love the token awesome boyfriend. I am at the point of pretty much forcing myself on him. "Please a little bit now and more tonight" Wow my desperation is lacing my voice so badly that the sound of my own words makes me cringe. He laughs and tries to gain back control of the situation, I am sure being with me is pretty emasculating. I let him roll me around and presses me against the wall. He kisses me hard as he shuts and locks the door pulling down the blind over the glass panel. His kisses me roughly. "How could I resist you?" He grips my thighs and slides me up the wall. I wrap my legs around his hips. My arms naturally hook around his neck. My school uniform skirt offers no resistance as he plays with me through my underwear. "Please baby" I run my lips down his neck causing his skin to prickle. His hardness rubbing up against me.  I lower his fly and release his manhood. "I want every inch" He groans. "Fuck babe" I know I am out of control but I have never acted any different. It is just my appetite is getting larger and larger. My body shivers in anticipation. He enters me hard.
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