Chapter 2

1223 Words
*Ethan POV*   "I want you to take over as soon as you can" I roll my eyes, seriously it's the same conversation weekly. I am waiting for the same words daily soon, maybe he might even get to the point of the same words hourly. "Yes father, I am ready whenever" I try to keep the agitation out of my voice, he is my father and still the alpha, I try to keep a respectful tone but it is getting harder and harder. "You know you can't take over until you find your luna" I roll my eyes again. I am doing every duty of an alpha just minus the title that I care zero about. "Am I not doing a good job?" "Of course you are" "Am I not strong enough?" "Of course you are" "Then what is the problem?" I am so sick of this over and over again. Just hand over the stupid title already, I can't just make my luna magically appear can I. If I could find her I would be the happiest person about it, so why the constant reminder? "Rules are rules" This exact carbon copy conversation every single time. "For what purpose, I am 20 I run the pack already why do I need a luna this next second, it is just a weakness, something for leverage against me" "You will understand when you find her" "Whatever, call me when something else needs doing, Alpha" I stand up and stalk straight out of his office before he says anything, but I don't miss the sigh behind me. I slam the door and walk outside, breathing the fresh air deeply. Of course I want to find my mate, but if he thinks complaining about it every 30 seconds helps……. It doesn't. I have been looking for 2 years, I am not sure at what stage I am meant to start combing through neighboring packs to find her. Every time a girl turns 18 she presents herself in front of me. Girls from other packs seem to just cross my path "accidentally" I mean she can't be much younger can she? I mean the 18 year olds are starting to look like little kids too me. I grab my hair and sigh in frustration. I link. 'Trina, where the fuck are you?' A sickly sweet voice comes back it is so irritating that I feel like clawing my brain out of my head. 'Future alpha I am at school, do you need me to come to you?' 'No I will come to you' I strip off leaving a pile of clothes at the front of the pack house. I fall forward. By the time I hit the ground. My body has shifted. My big paws hit the ground as I take off at a run. My wolf is light gray with a streak of black running from my snout, over one eye and down my back and I am about double the size of a regular werewolf. My paws are the size of dinner plates. My teeth are so large I am surprised they even fit in my mouth. I move quickly as I run towards the school. Shadow pack is the largest pack in the area, we have a mass amount of land that houses a werewolf only school. There are human mix schools around, but our school is extremely popular and wolves travel from a long way around to attend. Which is fine as long as they don't make any trouble. It is hard to hide your true self at a normal school surrounded by humans. I only got to come to this school half of the time as my father always said it is important for an alpha to be able to mix with the humans. Hiding your true self your true feelings and your true thoughts it's just part and parcel of being in power. I reach the school quickly we have warriors patrolling around the school to make sure no humans accidentally wander on to the grounds. If there is a breach by humans we have procedures to make us look normal. There are no gates or fences on the school it just naturally stretches on to the woodland. After all what is the point of a werewolf only school if the students can't run free. Even the unshifted wolves have a lot more energy than a human. The sports here are unreasonably brutal but expel all the extra energy. Sex is a big part of our way of life it's not frowned-upon here and people are free to express themselves anyway they choose. I shift as I get closer to the students. Nudity is completely normal here and I just walk towards the front door of the school. My massive cock hitting each thigh as I walk. I am used to the looks of admiration from the girls everyone bows to me as I walked past. Usually I give them a nod or two but all I can think of at the moment is venting my frustration. I woke up this morning ridiculously horny and my anger hasn't helped it in the slightest. Actually I woke up this morning feeling lost and just weirdly alone, so my dads lecture really was just the icing on the cake. I see Trina as soon as I walk in the door. She looks at me all shy, like she thinks I can't read the greed all over her face. She has a pretty face and a smoking hot body. Her long brown hair falls over her shoulders as she flicks it seductively while still wearing an innocent expression. I have no idea why she tries to act like a virgin when she is a raging slut. Not holding being a slut against her, but just be proud of what you are. I have no idea why everyone tries to pretend they are something different. I walk towards an empty classroom and crook my finger for her to follow. I don't slow my pace and I hear her fast footsteps behind me. She is nearly at a run to keep up with my long fast stride. She is desperate for it, I can nearly smell her desperation. She comes up behind me wrapping one arm around my waist and one hand wrapping around my shaft. Her lips falling over my naked back. I hate getting kissed, it makes everything way more personal than it needs to be. "Are you feeling stressed?" The only downfall of Trina is she never shuts the fuck up. I would never come to her if I wasn't feeling stressed and didn't need to release my seed. I don't say a word and grip her arms and swing her around in front of me. Bending her over the desk in front of us. I hold her back down as she moves her incredibly short skirt up the inch or two it needs before I have full access to her ready pussy. I haven't even entered her and she is shivering in pleasure. "Ohh alpha" I shake my head. It sounds like she wants my father when she says stupid things like that.  Disgusting. I put extra pressure on her back as my claws dig into her skin. I enter her hard.
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