2. What do you mean by good time?

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"Hey, ugly." The hair on the back of her neck stood up when Nora recognized the deep, husky voice of the Devil child himself. She spun around so fast that the heavy history book slipped off her hands and fell directly on James's foot. "Ow! you bitch!" James cried and punched the locker door next to her head. The impact made a loud, thudding noise. Some students looked in their direction but didn't say anything. Nora recoiled at the sudden outburst, fear reflecting in her big brown eyes. Dammit, why did she have to drop the book? "S...so....sorry, I didn't mean to," Nora whispered, hoping James would let it go just this once. "S...soo sorry!" James mocked. "I'll make you pay for this, you know?" Nora felt like screaming for help but knew it would just make this situation even worse. She frantically looked around, hoping Sarah would walk by and rescue her from this disaster. No one else cared or had the guts to stand up against James Alexander, especially since two of the biggest bullies sitting nearby laughing at her demise. Ever since James walked into her life, Nora's life has been a living hell. He would bully her at every chance he gets and insults her ruthlessly. It's like he enjoyed watching her suffer, and she never understood why. "I...gotta get to class." Nora tried to move away, but James trapped her by placing his arms on her sides, holding her back against the locker. His face was dangerously close to her lips. She gulped. "Not until we decide how you gonna pay for the pain you just caused my foot," James smirked devilishly while twirling a small lock of Nora's hair with his finger. Nora stared at James in panic, "what do you want from me?" She can already tell this wasn't going to be a happy ending for her. James pretended to think for a moment, "hmm...let's see...how about you come over to my room tonight and show me a good time?" Nora gasped. Her face turned thirty shades of red in an instant. "Wha...what do you mean by g...good time?" she asked lamely. "Hah! Just kidding, fatty, you wouldn't know a good time if it hit you with a six-foot pole. Like I would let you touch me, now get out of my face before I get angry for real." James said cruelly, his blue eyes cold. Tears started to form at the corner of her eyes, but Nora quickly turned away and started running towards her class before James had the chance to humiliate her even more. She could hear Bruce, Ryan, and Jenny's laughter in her expanse and forced herself not to cry. She hated James at the moment and wondered why did he hate her so much. This wasn't the first time he humiliated her in front of the whole school, and it won't be the last. She will have to bear with it until she graduates and leave this school for good. But this wasn't fair! Why couldn't he find someone else to bother? She ran into Sarah, who was getting ready to go to her class. She saw Nora's teary eyes and stopped what she was doing. "What happened? Let me guess, my idiot brother?" Sarah rolled her eyes. Nora nodded. "It's always something with him. He is always making me look like a total loser in front of the entire school. Why can't he find someone else to victimize for once? It has been years!" "I don't know, honestly. He is so childish," Sarah shook her head. "How about I walk you to class?" "No, it's fine. He didn't follow me or anything. I will be fine," Nora said and wiped her tears. She headed to class, where she was safe from James. James watched Nora run away from him and smiled to himself. He loved the effect he had on her every time he tortured her. He would never intend to hurt her too much, but it was definitely fun to see her squirm. Ever since he moved in with his dad and his family, he felt unwanted. The hatred in Sarah's mom's eyes was enough to let him know he wasn't welcome in their perfect family. His dad didn't exactly help and mostly ignored him. His instant popularity at school and meeting Ryan and Bruce made him realize that inducing fear in people makes him feel powerful, so fuck dad and his bitch of a wife. Sarah always had a neutral attitude towards him, so he had no ill-feeling towards her. If anything, he was grateful to her for introducing him to this sweet, delicate angel in a human form called Nora. Her innocence made her his easy target. The first time he met her, she made his heart flutter, and he had to resist the strong urge to crush his lips on her soft lips. He wanted to get her attention, but she acted like he didn't exist. She hardly even looked at him. It made him furious. He could have any girls fall for him at school, but he knew that Nora would never love someone like him. She was too pure and innocent. The more he thought about it, the angrier it made him, making it even easier to be cruel to her. "Earth to James!" Bruce suddenly said, interrupting his thoughts. "Is your sister going to be at the party tonight? She is fucking hot, bro." Bruce smirked slyly. "First of all, she is my half-sister, and second of all, she is off limits...bro," James said irritably. Bruce chuckled, "oh, you know she wants me." "The fuck she does." James stood up to go to class. "Just stay away from her, okay?" "Yeah, yeah, whatever. She thinks she is too good for me anyway," Bruce waved his hand. " We will see you at the party then," Ryan shouted behind James as he started to walk away. James shook his head and started walking faster while planning the different ways he can torture Nora.
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