1. Hey Ugly

731 Words
It all started when Sarah's father John decided to bring his son, born to a woman he met a year before he married Sarah's mother. He moved James in with his family despite all the fights between him and Victoria, Sarah's mom. Sarah's mom was not thrilled about having her husband's teenage son just waltz right into their lives, but she accepted it begrudgingly. Sarah, on the other hand, didn't have any problems with James despite his cold demeanor. She had always wanted a brother, and she didn't think James was all that bad. James initially didn't warm up to Sarah but changed his mind about her as the days went by. He eventually accepted her as his sister. James walked into the high school like he owned it and formed an alliance with the toughest kids who followed him like he was their cult leader. There was something dark about him that made the kids in school fear him. Even some of the teachers avoided confrontation with him. Wild rumors about him spread like wildfire throughout the school. He never confirmed or denied the rumors and enjoyed the negative attention. Despite his cold and ruthless attitude, he was strikingly handsome, making him popular with most girls. His dark hair and icy blue eyes made him look like some kind of a movie star. He was completely aware of the effect he had on the girls and decided to pick one of the hottest girls to hook-up with. Jenny. She solidified his "cool" status with his friends even more. "Hey, babe." Jenny wrapped her arms around James's shoulder and whispered in his ears. She was one of the most popular girls in school, otherwise known as one of his victims. "I told you not to call me that!" James grunted. He didn't think they were close enough for that type of nicknames. He barely liked her, let alone be her 'babe.' Jenny smiled and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "Oh, come on! We've been dating for almost two months now. Don't you think it's time we make it official?" she trailed her fingers on his chest and bit her lips seductively as if that would do something for him. "Dating? Just because I like to fuck you every once in a while doesn't mean we are together, Jenny. It just means I am bored, and you happened to be hot." Said James with a smirk. "Oh my god! Do you always have to be such an asshole all the time?" Jenny cried. "Is that a trick question?" James asked innocently. He looked away from Jenny and saw Bruce and Ryan walking towards him. The three of them have been hanging out together ever since James moved into town. Bruce and Ryan are your typical bad boys who skipped school and got into all kinds of trouble, which means James had no problem fitting in with them. All three of them enjoyed terrorizing everyone and prey on the weakest students. "Yo! are we still on for tonight?" Said Bruce with a big smile. There was going to be a party where all the cool kids were supposedly going hence why Bruce was eager to go. "Hell yeah, we are!" James slapped Bruce's back with approval. Ryan had a wide smile on his face. "Bitches beware, Ryan is coming for you." he declared. "You guys are so gross." Jenny rolled her eyes. "Speaking of which, here comes your victim, James." Ryan winked and pointed his fingers at the hallway. James looked at the direction in which Ryan was pointing, and his heart skipped a beat. Nora..... He fought back the strong urge to run towards her and sweep her off her feet or slam her against the locker, but instead, he slowly got up and walked towards her. Her back was turned towards him while she rummaged through the books in her locker and didn't feel his presence at first. Nora was his number one target. He loved to tease her, torture her. Ryan always jokes about how James couldn't sleep at night without harassing the poor girl. James didn't know why he felt such joy in hurting her. All he knew was that he wanted to play with her like she was his personal toy. Every single day. He slowly put his hand on her perfectly braided hair and gave it a small tug. "Hey ugly," James whispered in her ears.
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