p r o l o g u e

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She is so beautiful.  I don’t think I’ve ever set eyes on anything- on anyone so unimaginably captivating. The way her hair fell down her back, the way her luscious lips pouted and her eyes... Oh those sparkling eyes.  Those eyes were the ones that would get me. Every damn time. I already know it. She would take one look at me and I would be completely unhinged.  And that’s even with my brother’s blood in her frantic hands as she tried to save him from bleeding to death.  One minute I was racing from the castle to my idiotic injured brother. The next I was distracted by the smell of something so undeniably alluring. It is as if someone combined all of my favorite scents into one irresistible aroma.  Suddenly, I didn’t care for my brother and I began to follow the smell through the woods. I was actually giddy and hungry to find where it came from.  The moment my eyes landed on the dark haired beauty, I knew that the world that I had in my hands would change forever. In my long life, I have never felt anything along the likes of this. Nothing but her mattered anymore. For years I have made a reputation for myself. Killing. Massacring. Taking what I could. And the final rule I put for myself: no mates. None of that disgruntling love that could ruin the strongest of men. I was cold.  I was withdrawn. I was feared.  I am powerful beyond measure. The Alpha of Alphas. The one and only King. I thought I had the world until I saw her and I realized that she is my world.  How could I ever resist her?  My mate. My beautiful mate.  I wanted to take her right there and then. She was mine after all. She was made for me as I am made for her.  Only, it wasn’t so simple was it? No. Nothing is ever that simple. Not for me. Never for me. Isn’t that right, brother? 
Author's note
I couldn't resist posting this teaser! HAHAHA let me spoil you guys some more before chapter 1 ;) Lemme know what you think so far!
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