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When aspiring Veterinarian Lacey Macoy stumbles upon an abnormally large wolf bleeding during a hike, she immediately gets to work and treats him. While helping the injured animal, another -much larger- black wolf appears and stares at her... 

Almost hungrily. 

What’s worse? The larger wolf seems to be following her everywhere she goes and growls at any man close to her.

What is she to do? Did she manage to get herself a pet wolf or is it simply waiting patiently to eat her alive?  

Lacey will soon find out that it’s the latter... in a completely different way that she thinks. 


The last thing the Alpha of all Alphas, King Luca Basco, wanted is a mate. He’s seen what happened to his younger brother Ronan when he lost his mate and didn’t want the same pain to happen to him. 

But the universe seemed to be making fun of him when he finds Lacey, his mate, frantically trying to stop his one and only brother from bleeding to death while his vision tunneled,  focusing and longing only for her. 

To make matters even more complicated, Luca didn’t expect his brother to stare at his mate like a lovesick puppy as he unintentionally imprints on Lacey.

Ronan’s ‘supposed’ second chance mate.


That just wouldn’t do. 


Author's note
I'm back at it again with another werewolf book! I'm so excited to share with everyone my new creation. I've had this in mind for months and months! I hope you'll all like it. This book has no connection with my other werewolf books and will include... *DRUM ROLL* INTIMATE SCENES. I've been working with an expert and we've cooked up something extra steamy for everyone! If you've read my other stories you'll know I've always been quite shy with intimate and explicit scenes but NOT ANYMORE! We're going full out! I'll see everyone on MAY 1! ;)
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