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Kyoko was nine years old and it's a rainy day when she and Akari were in the back seats of the car whilst Manager Kawashi, their driver, and Yuta who was at the side were just silent in front of them. Kyoko was cheerfully playing a small piano in her hands while singing, meanwhile, Akari is staring at her. After Kyoko sing, she looked up to Akari. “Do you think onee-chan, Granny will like my gift for her?" She grinned. Akari gave her a wide smile and answers, “Of course! For sure, that's the best gift Granny will receive from her favorite granddaughter." Kyoko giggles. "I hope so." “I love the way you smile, you know that?" Akari pinched Kyoko's cheeks. "You're beautiful same as me, our little princess." They stopped at the intersection because the traffic light turned red and Kyoko diverted her gaze in front when in a sweeping moment the two cars crashed into each other that her eyes widened in shock. For the first time, she felt heavy and a bizarre feeling erupted inside of her. Eventually, they got to the restaurant they own when Yuta received a call and told everyone that Granny had already arrived so, Kyoko stood up and ran outside. Yuta and Akari followed her to welcome their Granny too and from the entrance, Kyoko saw her Granny and she waved at her and Granny returned the wave while going out of the car when a fast and unrestricted car at the back was speeding towards their direction then, it crashed to the car where Granny was. Kyoko saw everything that happened and everyone was shocked. All people ran to Granny including Yuta and Akari and immediately they brought her to the car whilst Kyoko remained in her position because the two car accidents continued playing in her mind again and again. Yuta and Rina then delivered Granny Haruka to the hospital and he inferred himself to do the operation but she ceased him because she knew that her husband wasn’t on the condition so, she'll be the one to operate. Rina delivered Granny to the operating room while Yuta, Akari, and Kyoko were waiting outside. Kyoko couldn’t contain herself that she cried so hard while her father is comforting her. “Stop crying, my princess, because your Granny will be fine. Your mother won't let her die, don't worry,” Yuta comforted. They waited for how many long hours and after eight hours, Rina came out of the room and she conceded that Granny Haruka had died. Everyone is crying after hearing the news, especially Kyoko when she suddenly became aggressive and she grabbed her mother because she couldn’t accept the fact that her favorite Granny was already dead. “Don't say that!" Kyoko nudged Rina angrily. "She's not yet dead!" Kyoko struggled to reach for Rina because of outrage but, Yuta held her. “It was you who killed her! You killed her! You were the one who operated her! You killed her!" Kyoko criticized her mother that she tried to free herself from her father's grip but she couldn't. “I hate you! I hate you! You are a useless mother! I hate you! You killed her!" she kept on screaming. “Stop it, Kyoko. Please, stop it,” Yuta continuously whimpered quietly while stopping his daughter from harming her mother. Rina then began crying too and Akari embraced her. Later that dreary day, the corpse of Granny Haruka was transferred to the tomb, and all of the people who know her congregated except Kyoko. While everybody was grieving, Kyoko is in the province where she and her Granny always went because it's their favorite place and there she encaged herself to the memories they have had. Some of the relatives strived to talk to her even Natsumi, her parents, and her elder brother but none of them succeeded. There was one time she visited her Granny's burial for a moment but it didn't happen again because pain and loneliness enveloped her until her Granny buried she didn't come and just cry silently and alone in the darkroom. Henceforth, a lot of revision befallen through her suchlike she became reticent that she did not let anyone get into her by showing no emotions through her body, face, and eyes even though smile she didn't produce one. She put a barrier around her and close her heart to everyone because no one understands what she's been through and for her to preclude things that hurt her or cause damage/pain in her life. Also, she barely talks to anyone that her words won't exceed up to ten if she's not interested, socialize with someone or they'll only receive a dead long silence but when the words of wisdom of Granny echoed in her mind she did things that flatter someone's heart. She concentrated more on the things that make her mind occupied like going to the laboratory to experiment, compete, read, and most of the time sleeping for her to escape in a long amount of mourning and came to the past so, she can still see her Granny alive but oftentimes, nightmares overcame and what happened the day her Granny died kept on repeating in her mind that she's not been able to fall asleep so, for her to counter it she would sing that her Granny taught her to do so. Sullen-ness, desolate-ness, and virulence encircled her and no one endeavored to destroy the barrier she made. In the same year too, the family Yamashita decided to went back to Japan because of the new restaurant cuisine Yuta had built. He brought his daughter with him to show her around the place but she didn’t give any comments about it. He then wants to show his office so, they got into the elevator but it suddenly shook and an emergency erupted. Fire through the system exploded causes them to remained in the elevator but not for a long time because Kyoko started to breathed heavily and rapidly making him worried so much and called for immediate help to go out because his daughter was hyperventilating. A minute passed by and she couldn’t take it any longer resulting in her fell but thank goodness and her father caught her. In three days, she didn't wake up and all members of the family were very worried while all the doctors were doing observations at her to see if there are changes. The next rainy morning, the sky roared, and suddenly Kyoko opened her eyes and she started to panic that it became worse when she noticed that she's in the hospital with a lot of doctors surrounding her together with Rina and her father. Because of that Kyoko removed the IV in her arm and stood up when Yuta and other doctors stop her. “Get out of my way! I don't like it here! Let me go! I hate this place! I said let me go!" Kyoko yelled furiously while she is struggling to release from the doctor's grip. “Let me go! Stay away from me! I hate all doctors! I want to go home!" she squeaked. Yuta hushed his daughter by hugging her. "Stop it, princess. Daddy is here. Don't worry, we will go home,” he whispered. She then hugged him and sob. "Please Dad, I want to go home. Let's go home. I hate this place, I hate doctors. I hate Rina. Granny...they killed my Granny." He embraced her tightly and says, "Okay, my princess, we will go home. Please stop crying." Whilst, everyone in the room looked at them with sympathy and Rina left because she can't control herself to weep. “I'm sorry my daughter if because of me you're getting hurt. If not because of me you won't be acting differently. I didn't mean it,” Rina murmured between her cries. In the following days, Kyoko and Yuta became close but even so, she can't forget what happened to her in the past that will forever haunt her. One day, Yuki just got home and his mother Jen suddenly appeared in his front with a wide smile. “Welcome home. The dinner is already served, let's eat,” Jen cheered. “No, thanks, Mom. I already ate. I'm going to bed,” he answered plainly and walked going to his room. While Jen just looked after her son and she heaved a deep sigh. When Yuki got to his room he grabbed his laptop and searched for a name. “Why do people say that I have a twin? Who is he or she to consider my twin? Now, I'm curious,” he conceived in the back of his mind. Because of curiosity, he searched and his eyes widened in surprise after seeing his twin as others called it. He read some of the articles, news, and information about his twin and he came to know her name including the same akin achievements he has. “A girl?" he asked more to himself and he seeks more pictures of his twin and seeing all of it makes him mesmerized by her. “Darn it!" he hissed and he tossed the laptop at the side and he sat on the bed with wonder on his face. He then ruffled his hair back and forth. “Why her? I should've known. This is unbelievable,” he grumbled. "NO. Women are all stupid. Women are all weak. She can't be my twin." Then, he stopped moving and lifted his head showing his dark and dagger look. “Women are all ridiculous and I'm going to prove that to everyone,” he said with weights on his words saying it through his gritting teeth. On the other side, Kyoko was in the middle of a discussion with scientists and researchers when they opened the topic about her twin. “My twin?" Kyoko mumbled. “Yes, your twin Kyoko. Haven't you heard about him already?" One of the scientists asked. “I always do. But I am curious who are you talking about,” she replied without showing her emotions. “We are talking about Yuki Venn Francisco. He is like you. He is a genius too and has an IQ the same as yours. Here, take a look at this,” The President of their group said and then, he handed to her a folder. So, Kyoko opened the folder and she read everything written inside and she saw all of the pictures of Yuki too. “He is my twin? I thought I'm once of a kind but I guess, we are both in the same sow but not in experience because of the pain I had he doesn't have. However, I'm not alone anymore,” she thought. “You two are the same on all sides. You two are both legends because your IQ is measuring about 1000 to 2000. Incredible. Remarkable. Tell me, do you want to meet him? I'm sure both of you will be a good partner,” The leader recommended. “I'm not interested,” she honestly mentioned. And she closed the folder in front of her giving their leader a cold stare. “We will meet if we will but not now because for sure, he is busy too same as me. Shall we proceed to our discussion about this new formula we are making?" she swerved the topic and everyone became quiet. “Francisco? Why did I felt like I know him?” she asked herself. THREE YEARS LATER Yuta secured his daughter out of the car because of a lot of reporters that are bugging her for multiple questions. “Ms. Genius, can you tell us what do you feel about joining the Olympics this year?" “Ms. Genius, Please give us a little interview." “Please, Ms. Yamashita, we want to know if you're going to get the medal of becoming a Tennis Champion this year?" “Ms. Yamashita, what will you say to your twin that will also join the Olympics?" Flashes of cameras were all over Kyoko and so, she directly got inside of the airline and removed her shades there to revealed emotionless hazel eyes and thin eyebrows emphasizing her pointed nose, rosy cheeks, and her natural luscious reddish lips. She then combed her hair with her free hand to let her brown, long, and straight hair stand out that reached her breasts which are small but match her small figure with the height of 160cm at the age of 12 years old. “Kyoko!" A feminine voice called at the back waving in her direction. “Natsumi," Kyoko mentioned and she looked at her cousin in dull. Natsumi approached her cousin standing in front of her anyways but she is smaller than her. “It's good to know that I can still see you before you left and compete in Olympics." She grinned. “What are you doing here?" Kyoko asked straightaway. “Well..." Natsumi pauses to open her bag to get something then, she turned to Kyoko again. “Here, it's a good luck charm." Kyoko stared at the keychain for a minute then, she looked back at Natsumi giving her a poker face, and says, “I don't need that." “Oh, you do." And Natsumi forcefully gave the keychain to Kyoko. "I know you can win on your own because people won't call you a genius if you can't but I still hope it may help you a little to power you up." She smiled sweetly. “Yeah, hope," Kyoko muttered and took the keychain in her pocket. “Good luck to you, okay? I know you can win. Fighting!" Natsumi energetically told. “I can win," Kyoko stated indolently when her flight has arrived. “I'll be going now. That's my flight." And she strolled away. Natsumi is shouting at the back boisterously while Kyoko just waved her right hand without glancing at her for the response. At some time, Kyoko sauntered down the airplane when she landed in London and her brother welcomed her with some bodyguards. “Welcome to London, my dear lovely younggy sister!" Ryota shouted and wrapped her tightly in his arms. “It's nice to see you, one-chan,” she simply said and pulled back from their hug. “Still no change,” he consciously said then, he showed his grin to his younggy. "Let's go before the media get to you. Let’s go!” He snatched her hand and left the airline. They are sitting at the back seat of the car eventually. “So..." He cleared his throat and faced her. "When will you start training for the near Olympics?" “I'd like to start tomorrow,” she briefly replied glancing at him. “But I missed you,” he softly said and he embraced her in the side. “Really?" She cocked her head at him that her eyelid widened in mere centimeters. While he raised his head and their eyes got the lock to each other. “REALLY." And he kissed her forehead gently that make her closed her eyes for a moment. “I'm sorry and I was not on your side when the days that you needed me the most. I am sorry." Sincerity was evident in his voice. “I understand." Her eyes glimmered but just for a second and she went back to her poker face, indeed. “I'm so happy to see you again, my younggy. Don't you feel the same way too?" He posed a puppy eye. “Of course, I do, I missed you too,” she responded and she produced a weak smile that makes him grin. “That's right keep on smiling." And he pecked her lips and chuckles. “Now that you are here with your best brother in the whole world, let's bonding!" he shouted happily. “Too exaggerated,” she uttered. To be continued...
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