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Once the family Yamashita settled in, they adjust for one week and adopted the surroundings immediately. They continued their lives like Yuta and Rina work at the hospital that they barely see their children while Granny Haruka is the one babysitting her two grandchildren giving them all of the care, comfort, and love they're looking for and, Akari started attending college. They all stayed in low profile living their life peacefully and veraciously because for them New York is the best place to hide because of a lot of people around and no one recognized them. Meanwhile, the family Francisco is having their life to the fullest joyfully and mirthfully without unfavorable thoughts disturbing them. The atmosphere of London is not suffocating them to live freely and inconspicuously. They just go with the flow of life whereas Jero held their businesses well and Jeniffer gives her full attention to their only son and sometimes helping the people of the Philippines under a pseudo name. In Japan, however, slowly by slowly the issue subsided and the information the reporters gathered from their sources about the two babies perished into thin air with the power of money given by the Mighty President of all businesses across the world, President Yamashita, and after a quite months turned into a year's people forgot about the two babies because of the catastrophes they've encountered through. Days passed so quickly into months and went to years when baby Yuki and Kyoko turned into two years old, and many things happened and changed just like their physical structures whereas their bones are growing and getting stronger, mind developments that their comprehensiveness widen, skills to adopt or either to interact to others and so many to mentions. Reading various types of books is their hobby and thus, at a very young age, they've already mastered the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Nevertheless, they met new friends from their neighborhood whereas Kyoko encountered her cousin who has the name Washio Natsumi and they became best of friends while Yuki ran into a little girl at the playground who has a named Konoe Momoko. They came to know too that Kyoko has an allergy to the chili when they were having dinner and Akari was the one who cooked when unexpectedly Kyoko starting to cough heavily and she can't breathe that her skin became pale that's why they abruptly sent her to the hospital. “It's an allergy attack, Doctor Yamashita,” The physician declared. “Allergy?" Yuta wondered. “Yes. Don't worry Dr. Yamashita, she's alright but still, her breathe is increasing and she needs a nasal cannula to deliver a low concentration of oxygen. What was the last food that she ate and triggered her allergy to appeared?" Doctor inquired. “Wasabi. She ate wasabi," (It is a chili food in Japan) Akari butted in. “That's probably the reason why her allergy attacked. I advise don't let your daughter eat any foods connected to chili because it might lead to her death,” Doctor warned. “I'll take note of that. Thank you." Yuta shook the hand of the doctor. “I'll go ahead, Doctor Yamashita,” The doctor told and left. From that, Yuta restricted his daughter to eat chili because she might die if she eats one and they didn't cook any foods with chili because of her since then. Thereupon, when Yuki and Kyoko were turning three years old their parents happened to bump into each other and due to the same occasion, they celebrated their birthday back to back. Yuki and Kyoko played together and they enjoyed each other’s company that she gave him a birthday gift which was a cute hairpin that has the color pink around a small sun. The next day, they met again on Kyoko's birthday and they merrily play, and when the gift-giving arrived he maneuvered the xylophone that everyone was fascinated by his talent. For the last part, he kissed her on the cheek and their parents took a photo for remembrance. Before parting apart, he gave her the other stick that he used to the xylophone and they wrote their name in the lower part signifies half of each other. It also happened that at their age they are already fluent in all kinds of languages in the whole world and they can play all instruments. Thereafter, they haven't seen each other again. As they kept on growing, new skills arose and have been improving through them, and for them to protect themselves from harmful people who want them for financial and power purposes they got into physical training at the age of four. They then entered pre-school and a lot of people were astonished because of the large knowledge they possessed. They have many friends around them to play and socialize with. And so, the teacher of Yuki noticed the unbelievable skills of the kid so, he talked to the parents of Yuki about their child then, he took their consent if he can bring the child into a laboratory test. Jero and Jen agreed because even though as parents they were curious about how much is Yuki's intelligence quality. The teacher eventually brought Yuki to the Science Laboratory whereas the scientists and researchers did some intellectual experiments and he was able to answer them all in just a second that he can also describe his experience inside of his mother's womb. Scientists took body tests through his bloodstream too and did things through him to calculated his intelligence and for three weeks of observations they found out that Yuki has an incredible intelligence that measured between 1,000 to 2,000 IQ. Yuki is an immaculately letter-perfect model from head to toe, internal to external, left to right, and on all sides even though, the wealthy life on which added to his power. In the meantime, people were curious about Kyoko's abilities she's showing so, an old lady sent her together with her Granny Haruka into the Laboratory and same as the experiments scientists and researchers did to Yuki, Kyoko answered everything they asked for with one sweep then at the last question which was ‘did she know how's the feeling of being inside of her mother?'. She also illustrated her experience inside the womb of her mother and what was running in her mind once she came into this world and she conceded to herself that she wanted to talk so badly those time but seeing people did a lot of things on their faces she couldn’t and just laughed at them. In short, she likes fooling around with them. Then, in three weeks of watching her performance, they excavated that she has the duplicate characteristics of Yuki. She is a superiorly impeccable creature from above all. Thereafter, scientists of Yuki and Kyoko met and they deliberated about the two children then in a large convention, all scientists and researchers around the world gathered to discuss, and eventually, they came to a conclusion that THE TWO LEGENDS AND OUTSTANDING GENIUS OF ALL TIME HAVE BEEN BORN. At first, their parents especially their grandparents were against exposing the two children but because of the people's needs and purposes of all scientists across the whole world, the information has been disseminated. Their eminent disseminated across the whole world as one of the highest and outstanding genius of the 21st century and above all living things including Albert Einstein himself, the person who was holding the title and the people's favorite genius of his time because of the incredible IQ he possessed. Nevertheless, the new titleholders avowed as they've proven their power that no one will reach and the whole world has their eyes to the newest and youngest genius that they are all looking forward to seeing the contributions of the TWO LEGENDS. However, the securities of family Yamashita and Francisco heightened in an alert. Age of five, eventually, Yuki and Kyoko have accessed to all Laboratories around the world that they are welcome every time they wanted and every time scientists need their knowledge about something like making a new formula to form a new kind of element and to cure other illnesses by experimenting, debate to defend their theory and so many to mention. And as their expected, the two children helped them with all the knowledge they have and so far they still didn’t let them (scientists and researchers) down. For Yuki and Kyoko, Science Laboratory is their playground and with the supervision of their guardians they did a lot of many things they desired, and with the authorization of many scientists, the things they discovered gave benefits to every one of mankind in the whole world. Teachers/Professors encouraged the parents of Yuki/Kyoko if they want their child to accelerate from pre-school to college but unfortunately, both sides didn’t like the idea of it because they want their child to experience the life of being a kid without problems, the youth where puppy love begins, the maturity of a fully grown man/woman, being able to learn new things, uncover everything and lastly, of being old. At an early age, they joined in different kinds of contests and competitions that they always brought home the championship title, and at the same time, they learned something. There are so many things that can happen in life that no one expects and for them to grow more knowledge they have to pass all the obstacles in life. Their brilliant minds matured even more and at the same time, they could have anything and everything they wish for that's why many of their relatives get envious of them that they treated Yuki and Kyoko like a prince and a princess every time they'll meet them but on the opposite, some also have begrudged of them because of the attention they had. Every time their birthday will come it's always lavish that the only chosen guests are invited because of the pivotal matter. Notwithstanding, life is not always happy because same like day and night, life has a dark part that will always hunt you down wherever and whenever you go. When Yuki went back to school in first grade he had bodyguards with him for security and wherever he goes they always followed then the recess time came and while he was playing with other kids, someone accidentally bumped into him causes him to fell ground. The bodyguards came to rescued him immediately and they formed a circle around him while one bodyguard warned the kid who bumped into him. Since that accident, most of the kids run away from him like he has a contagious disease, and every time he tried to have a conversation they just left without any word because they thought that he is different and they shouldn't talk to him because only intelligent people will do and so, no one talk to him. Because of that he felt alone so, he decided to go home to the Philippines and they did. He transferred to a new school where he met this little guy who was so naughty and at the same time friendly, he is his cousin and his name is Nathan M. Carlos. And from that they became friends but at some points, he doesn't like to socialize with others because he didn’t want to repeat what happened to him back in London. Jen then gave birth to their second child that they are given a name, Veni Lorainne L. Francisco. On the other hand, when Kyoko turned six and her elder brother, Ryota was just ten, they got separated because he wanted to live in London but he still managed to connect with her and his family. Without Ryota, Kyoko felt wretch because her favorite friends she only has in their family are her elder brother, her Granny Haruka and the least is her father excluding her mother Rina because she's always busy in the hospital. Moreover, she started to felt sorrow for herself because her parents were always gone that they missed most of the significant occasions such as parent's meeting, foundation day, mother's day, family day, birthdays, Christmas breaks, and most of all the New Year's Eve. But all of her emotional problems disappeared when Granny Haruka took over the blanks and filled her with full of love, trust, happiness, hopes, faith in God, and how to be a good human being. Granny taught Kyoko to be humble, sociable, and flexible and to be a cheerful kid whose favorite bonding was singing because through the music they can ease their minds from negative vibes and unnecessary thoughts. However, at every end of the school the two of them go everywhere and eat everything they desire and, every summer they'll visit their province in Japan where Granny's younger brother was living and as a kid, she enjoyed every single moment of life and forget about the things her parents did to her. Granny Haruka gave everything she has to Kyoko even her time and also her life. That one time, she had sick and the only one to take care of her was her Granny that was always supporting, guiding, playing, teaching, loving, and encouraging her to do things although sometimes she feels down like for example, while she's performing a piano in front of so many people but then, Granny's words of wisdom poured into her and she'll be able to do it or make it right. In addition to what preceded, Francisco and Yamashita's clan were going to celebrate a New Year together in a luxurious hotel of Pres. Yamashita whilst some of the kids were in the garden and having a good time with small firecrackers when one girl that happened to be Yuki's cousin ran towards him to the kitchen and handed him a small piece of paper while he is drinking and she left immediately. Inquisitiveness took over him and he looked into it closely when it suddenly popped in front of his face that he startled causes him to faint to the ground while the girl and rest of the kids laughed at that trick. Then, one lady came and she saw Yuki. The lady called for the parents of Yuki and they brought him to the nearest hospital. Jero and Jen were very worried about their only son because he's been unconscious for one week and not even producing a single movement while the scientists were monitoring his condition every minute to check if there are changes. It's the evening of Friday and only Jen was in the room of her son to guard him when suddenly Yuki's finger twitched and she was glad to know that her son finally woke up but then, he became aggressive and he kept on yelling. “I hate you! I hate you, you fatuous silly girl! Stay away from me!" Yuki struggled and Jen is trying to soothe her son down that the other doctors helped her to stop him from moving until they injected an anxious agent to relax his Central Nervous System. The next morning, Yuki woke up and it seemed like nothing happened to him because all the tests that they conducted were stable so, he got discharged. But when he saw Momoko at home and approached him, he pushed her away which make everyone in the house shocked at his behavior. “Stay away from me, you brainless half-witted woman," Yuki told harshly with full of acquisitiveness in his tone and he straightly walked upstairs elusive-ly. Since that year, they had noticed that Yuki started not to show any emotions to everyone including his parents and he doesn't like to attend different parties especially New Year and he hates the thing called firecrackers. He distanced himself from people, building a wall around him that his attitude towards one person changed and he became self-centered, independent, unsociable, cool, cold, heartless, elusive, and prideful. He also dislikes the entire woman, not including his mother and younger sister, and humiliates them in front of everybody by calling them different names that are connected to stupid apart from Nathan and Momoko because they are the only two who can stand upon him. And with that, no kid attempts to mess up with him because, through his power, deep and harsh words people instantly step back and because he knows everything. To be continued...
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