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In the subway where there were a lot of people passing by, Yuki and Kyoko came across each other without their knowledge. Then, Momoko came out from the store with an ice cream in her hand when she saw Yuki alone making her smiled and so, she jogged beside him tranquility that he seemed not to mind her. On the other hand, Kyoko is strolling down the subway when she passed by Natsumi and Nathan who were bitter and sweet to each other. Whilst, the family Francisco and Yamashita with Ojii-sama, Oba-sama, Ima, and Ankol were all in the palace and having fun. The night came, Kyoko got inside of the bus and Yusuke saw her so, he ran after her but it's too late. Eventually, Kyoko is sauntering around the soccer field when she met Yuki. They stopped on their feet while staring at each other silently as they stood three meters away from one another. He then moved towards her direction and she did the same, and once they stepped into one another their faces lightened up and they both smiled. Without looking anywhere, they brought their eyes and faces to each other. The one-inch gap is hanging in the air until they slowly closed the distance and kissed each other passionately and affectionately. THIRD PERSON’S “Give me one big push, Mommy. You got this. Push!" The doctor said to Jeniffer. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Jeniffer shouted very loudly that her hand turned pale because of lack of blood supply. “Here we go. Congratulations, Mommy. It's a boy." She breathed in relief for finally, she did it. She is now holding their very handsome child. “Hi,” she spoke. Then, she looked to Jero, her husband, with a smile on her lips that he gladly returned and grinned at her. “Hello, Yuki Venn Llorevo Francisco. Welcome to the world,” he stated. And he gave their son a peck into his temple and because of the blissful feeling inside of him, he kissed his soon-to-be wife too in her temple and hugged them both. On the other hand, in Japan, Ojii-sama, Oba-sama, and Granny Haruka are running inside of the hospital where Rina is delivering her child. They met Yuta outside the operating room where his wife is. “Where is she, my son?" Oba-sama. “She's inside right now," Yuta answered. “Wow. What a coincidence. It's like hitting the two stones in one hole. I want to see both of my children, my grandchildren,” Ojii-sama happily proclaimed after knowing that his friend's grandchildren too just gave birth. “Anyway, where is my grandson Ryota, Yuta?" Ojii-sama. “He's with Akari, at home," Haruka answered instead. 11:45 pm, but Rina is still having a difficult time pushing the baby out of her body because of losing blood so, with all of her might, she pushed the baby as the doctor instructed her to do so for the accommodation of the baby. She bawled and yelled that trace on her facial expression the hard and pain of life but it is nothing compared to see her second and last child. After a minute of suffering, a healthy baby girl finally appeared and she's an adorable child with her modest movements. It was a relief feeling for her to saw and heard her daughter crying so loudly. The family Yamashita's last heir. In a matter of time, when Yuta got the news he abruptly ran inside of the room with Granny Haruka and they had decided to gave the baby girl the name of Yamashita Kyoko. Afterward, the baby girl was placed in a private incubator room provided by Pres. Yamashita/ Ojii-sama, the influential man in the country, for the safety of their baby. Ojii-sama and Oba-sama then visited the room of the baby and gazed at her silently with an unexplainable smile across their lips. “It's nice to have them both in our family. The last generation of a family old tradition,” Ojii-sama victoriously mentioned with the genuine idea in the back of his mind. After one week of staying in the hospital, Yuta and Rina finally got to go home. He helped his wife to get into the car and with that, they left. “Wait for me, Honey!" Rina called running down the stairs to catch up with her husband. “Where are you going, Rina?" Granny Haruka asked at the side. “Work, Mama," Rina replied promptly and put on her doll shoes. “But you are not supposed to work yet. How about Ryota and Kyoko?" Granny Haruka queried. Rina glanced up to Granny. “Please Mama, take care of them for a while and I have to work things out. Three months of leave was hard to deal with and now, I'm overload. I'm going!" And she left the house. Granny Haruka had nothing to do and just let out a deep sighed and she went to the room where Kyoko is. She carried baby Kyoko in her arms that make the baby giggled showing her a toothy smile. “Hello, my little bewitch.” Granny Haruka tickles Kyoko and she giggles more. A lot of work came to Rina and because of that sometimes she overstayed in the hospital while Granny Haruka took care of the two kids with her full of troth. Kyoko is growing in the hands of her Granny, elder brother, Akari and her father excluded Rina due to work. For an instant, Kyoko knew how to talk which make all of them very happy. Yuki, in the meantime, can also talk with the supervision of his parents. Months have elapsed and they have observed that Yuki/Kyoko learned a lot of things in a jiff moment suchlike talking properly, standing, crawling, strolling and so much more that is very wondrous for everyone to see. Akari assembled the videos she collected of Kyoko and uploaded them to the website whilst, Jero did the same because of too much delight as the father of Yuki. Just in hours, the video went viral with billions of viewers and comments. Most of the people were surprised, shocked, amused, and stunned. “Granny!" Akari shouted from the living area. “What?" Granny appeared at the back while holding baby Kyoko. “Look, I uploaded the video of Kyoko and it already has billions of viewers and comments! This is amazing!" Akari squealed in rejoice. “You did what?" Granny's face furrowed. Akari glanced at Granny. "I said, I uploaded the video of Kyoko that in just a few months she learned a lot of things like talking, crawling, standing, stepping, walking and many more than the normal baby can't do for a seven months baby,” she clarified. “And what did they say?" Granny questioned. “Well, most of them said that the baby is a genius. It's record-breaking news because those babies who are less than one year old can't do such a thing as our baby Kyoko did. Some also said that the baby should undergo a test to prove it." She snickered. "Oh, sure! For sure, all of you will be a shock too,” she muttered and smirked arrogantly. "This is giving me goosebumps,” she added rubbing her both forearms. Meanwhile, Jero just got home. “I'm home!" Jero yelled once he got home. “Love!" Jen shouted back and jogged towards him. "You're not going to believe it,” she told agitatedly. “What do you mean?" His eyebrows collided in the middle. “You know the video that you uploaded?" she stated in excitement. “Yeah, what about it?" he asked. “Guess what, it went viral! Our son is now famous!" she boisterous-ly screamed. “Is that true?" He gaped in surprise. “Then come with me and take a look,” she said and grabbed his left wrist. They both sat on the couch and she put the laptop in her lap and showed to him the views and comments. “Seriously?" he surprisingly told. On the other hand, Oba-sama is on the couch and holding her tablet. “Oh my, what's this?" She got shocked while watching a video on the tablet. “This is my granddaughter, Kyoko. How wonderful." She grinned. "Wait, baby Yuki too have?" She touched the screen down and opened another video which was Jero's video about his son. “They are both intelligent but that word is an understatement because I think they are a genius." She giggles. “What are you doing?" Ojii-sama came and took the vacant seat beside his wife. “Look at this." She shared the tablet. "Our Yuki is a fast learner. Jero uploaded a video of baby Yuki to the internet and it already has billions and billions of viewers and comments from all around the world. Isn't amazing?" she felt glorified as a grandmother. “May I see." And so, he took the tablet from her and watched closely. “Unbelievable,” he uttered. “And you know what, baby Kyoko has a video too." He diverted his stare at her in surprise. “Really?" She laughed. "Here, watch this too." She showed to him the video of baby Kyoko, too. “They are both a genius, ain't they? What if we bring them to the scientist's laboratory and so, we will know how intelligent are they? What do you think, sweety?" she sweetly recommended. “This is bad. This video must be taken down,” he told seriously like his eyes are burning while her smile faded. “What are you saying?" He looked at her intensely. "If many people saw this video then, they will soon know that they are my grandchildren and if that happens they can kidnap them for their interest against us,” he anxiously explained. Her eyes got bigger. "Oh, my God." She put her hands into her mouth. "You're right. This video must be taken down. We need to talk to Akari and Jero RIGHT NOW,” her tone became broad. Eventually, Ojii-sama and Oba-sama took the jet plane to Yamashita's residence. “What brought you here to this house? Don't you have a lot of appointments to do?" Haruka questioned opening the door for the two. “Is Akari here?" Ojii-sama pointed out in aggravate. “Who's that Granny?" Akari popped out at the back and she smiled seeing the visitors. “Good afternoon, Ojii-sama, Oba-sama." Thereafter, all of them are sitting on the couch in the living area. Haruka put the glasses of juice on the table and joined in. “What about the sudden visit Ojii-sama, Oba-sama?" Akari inquired. “We came here because of you Akari," Oba-sama said in a deep tone. “Me? What about me?" Nervousness abruptly rushed over Akari's body. “This is about the video that you posted of Kyoko and I want you to take that video down right now," Ojii-sama commanded. Akari's eyebrows collided in the middle. "But why? May I know the reason why?" she curiously asked. “We want you to take that video down now is because...if people know that baby Kyoko is the granddaughter of me, either him..." Oba-sama pauses to glance at her husband then, back to Akari again. “And that SHE IS THE LAST HEIR OF THE YAMASHITA—If they come to discover that she came from one of the famous businessmen in the world which was her great grandfather. We all know the Yamashita family is powerful then, your life might be in danger. Do you understand me Akari?" she forewarned them. “I—um...I understand,” Akari stuttered as she is thinking about how their life might be if they were put in danger. She gulped nervously. “Do it now, Akari," Ojii-sama demanded in a menacing voice. “Okay, I'll just get my laptop." Akari stood up and runs into her room to get her laptop and then, she returned to the living area. “And Akari, I want you to delete your account. You can make another account that no one will recognize you again and don't post such videos AGAIN, alright?" Ojii-sama spoke again that Akari cocked her head at him. "They can trace your location and many more so, for us to be safe you have to do it or else something bad will happen." "Okay, I'll do it." Akari nodded. “Do you think they already found out?" Haruka asked randomly. “I don't think so but to make sure your security, you have to go somewhere else. Somewhere...far from here,” Ojii-sama told earnestly. On the other hand, Jero is in his office and signing the papers when the door of his big room unceremoniously opened to spat the friend of his grandparents, Pres. Tatsuya and Mrs. Saki Yamashita. Jero stood up immediately. "What are you doing here, Ojii-sama and Oba-sama? I thought you're in Indonesia for a business trip? Please, take a sit." He gestured to the couch. Ojii-sama and Oba-sama took a seat and Jero too across to them. “What do you prefer to drink?" Jero asked politely. “No need, Jero. I'll go directly to the point. I want you to take that video down. The video of baby Yuki that you uploaded on the internet." Ojii-sama's tone was dreadful. “W-why?" Jero became timid. “Because your life could be in danger. You are the youngest and newest billionaire and tycoon in this country and not to mention that your great grandfather was one of the famous businessmen in the world,” Ojii-sama said with weights in his words. "We have to be cautious and to prevent possible harm or trouble from happening in the future you have to leave this place,” he advised. “And where are we going?" Jero questioned. “I already appointed you to London and you have to stay there for a while until the issue subsides or nullify," Oba-sama told solemnly. “Do you understand, Jero?" Ojii-sama asked for certainty. Jero nodded while he is staring at Ojii-sama and Oba-sama seriously. “I do understand." “I booked your flight already so, all you have to do now is to go back home and pack your things. You're leaving tonight,” Ojii-sama instructed. Evenfall, Yuta put the luggage down to the back of the car. “Can you explain to me again why do we have to leave this country?" Rina put her arms across her chest with a creased in her forehead while Granny Haruka put down her luggage outside the door then, she turned to Rina. “Because staying here is dangerous. Your daughter could be in danger if we didn't leave. Don't worry because you can still work there though,” she persuaded her daughter-in-law. “Fine." Rina sighed and put down her arms. "What could I do?" They so all left with the car. Family Yamashita arrived at the airport and in just a minute gap, the family Francisco came in the NAIA. When the announcers spoke to called all the passengers boarding to New York so, the Yamashita family stood and walked away. Thereafter, the flight going to London has been announced and family Francisco finds their way in. With all the power, Ojii-sama and Oba-sama fixed everything for the two families such as the place they will stay at, protection for safety, profile they'll use, etc surreptitiously. To be continued...
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