Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 “And they live happily ever after.” And ten stories in a book, that sentence will been read in every end of each stories and always happened in the fairy tales stories. She smiled when she put again the book at the shelves. She loves all the stories in the books, from Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast, but she love the most the story of Snow White, not the protagonist princess or the story itself she relate, but the mirror at the story she curious the most, for her the mirror is very mysterious, she couldn’t understand herself why she love to look at the pictures of mysterious mirror. “What if the creatures in the mirror came out? What if I have a mirror same with the story? She muttered and asked herself. When she was finished the story, she came down. She cleaned the messed of her aunts and her two cousins. She cleaned Nathaniel’s shoes and give back again to the young man, but she knew she doesn’t get any appreciation from her cousin. She acted she punched when the doors closed and back again to the attic where she sleeps and relax, far from stressed. She changed her clothes and cleaned herself. There she can relax when she lay her back at the bed. When she closed her eyes, everything went black. She saw herself standing at the two-gravestone written the name if her both parents. Eight o’clock in the morning, under the gray sky, the air was cold and slowly the water starting to drop at the ground. No one attended her parent’s funeral, she the only one who mourned. She feels the heaviness to her heart because of the dead of her parents, “why?” She asked while she still crying. She didn’t bother to the cold rain, she got wet or she got flu. She stands there for an hour and her head bow. The rain stopped and she leave the graveside, the dead of her parents is still mysterious to her. It all started three days ago, when in the middle of the class at her school, she called by her school principals and tell her the shocking news about her parents. The police don’t know how to be explained of what happened to her parents until the cased was closed. She feel sad about her parents and to herself. She didn’t find the suspect who killed her parents. Every night when the wake was started, every hour, every day and every second she cried. Especially, when she remembered the beautiful memories of her parents. She waked up from her dreams but her eyes still closed. Their a teardrop from her eyes, she remembered again her parents and she missed them. When she opened her eyes, she sit. She thought nothing going to changed. She was a maid of her aunts and two cousins. She fix her bed and herself before she ready the breakfast of her relative boss. She cleaned the table, she cooked, she washed the plates and things she used at cooking and she wake up her boss. After that, she cleaned the messed at the table and ready the food she need to sell at public market. Basket of food with her and she started to offer and sell her food to other people at the public market. But they started to avoid her because of her rag clothes and her appearance. Some of the people buy to her but doesn’t mean they like it, more like they are felt sorry to her. She was surprised when a piece of paper slap her face lightly. While her one hand holding the basket and the other use her to get the paper at her face and she started reading of what wrote there. ALS EXAMINATION “Do you want to be accelerated from high school to college? Please visit St. Trinity Academy to have some information about the examination.” When she finished reading the advertisement at the paper she started smiling and her face enlighten, “is this my chance?” She looked at the sky and say, “thank you Lord for this.” SHE WENT TO the said academy and her old school. Suddenly she stopped and she started to think. “What if this is fake news or some kind of joke?” Her optimistic became pessimist, “but nothing going to lost if I try,” she murmured. The security guard of the school entered her inside the school when explained everything about the pamphlets. She stopped in front of the small window of registrar office to ask, theirs an old lady, the old lady look at her when feel her presence. Old lady got a chubby chick, sleepy paired of eyes and didn’t smile to her, “what do you need young lady?” Her voice seems bored and doesn’t want to entertain her. Nikki smelled the old lady’s breakfast like a garlic bread still the flavor stocked in her mouth, she came out the paper and gave it to the old lady, “this, I’ve seen it at the public market and said their an examination for ALS here in your school.” “Yes, this is ours, do you want to take an exam?” The old lady asked. “Yes, definitely yes.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m sure.” The old lady nodded seems like convince to her, “you need a ball pen and pencil in your exam. Tomorrow you will be schedule to take an exam.” She smiled from ear to ear, “thank you for that.” “Your welcome.” When she wanted to go home to ready herself but suddenly, she saw her twin cousins. She stopped for a while, she remembered the two is also schooling there, but they didn’t bother to greet her, she knows theirs bad will happen.
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