Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 The whole day, she just sells her products and doesn’t want to go home because she knew what would happen if she goes back to her house. Because she doesn’t have to choose where to stay for a while, she started to walk and go home, she needs to enter at the forest where her house stand. She put the basket in the ground, near at her left side, she knocks at the door several times before its open. She smiled at her cousins and in the middle of the two her aunts stand. “Where did you go?” Her aunts asked her with a serious voice. “I’m selling the products the whole day,” she answered with confidence but deep inside she’s nervous. “Liar,” Nathaniel said. “Indeed, mother she’s just lying at you,” Markey added, the twin brother of Nathaniel, “she’s not telling the truth,” he said while facing her mother’s direction. “My two princes son said that they saw you at there school a while ago.” Nikki think fast of she answers, “yes that’s true. I go there to sell my products and some of the teachers there buying their snacks.” But her aunts didn’t convince of what she say. “You should be punish!” Her cousins shouted. “Wait--- it hurts! Aw! Ouch!” She exclaimed when her aunts pulled her in her hair, she felt that her hair can removed at her head anytime. She use her power to fight her aunt but her aunt is much stronger than her, her eyes started to cry because of pain and dullness of her body. “This is for your own good, its your fault to treat like this!” Her aunt shouted and push her at the floor. She fixed herself while looking at her aunt, crying. “You’re not a princess anymore, so act like what I’ve said to you so I can’t hurt you!” She stand slowly and balance her body, “you don’t do anything just relax and own this house, this home, our house not yours, you don’t have a rights here, but what did you do to me? You made me maid and beggar at my own house.” The twin brothers’ exchanges looked at each other and her aunt incensed the head because of what she said. “You don’t have the rights to say to me like that!” And she feel the hard hand in her face when she slapped her. “The thickness of your face inherited to your parents!” She feel again her aunt hands when she forcedly pulled her until she came out the house, “you’re the one who don’t the rights here, young lady and don’t come back here anymore or I will kill you!”   It started to rain, and she was standing outside the house, crying, helpless, tired and she felt so much pain. She started to walk away, she remembered the thoughts and values of her parents. “You know what my princess, if were both gone, were always here for you, guiding you and guardian angel,” her mother said while smiling beautifully at her. “That wouldn’t happen, you will stay here beside me when I’m get old and have kids, I know you will stay here by my side, right?” Her mother thanking of her positiveness in her life. “In good and bad things, you need to be optimistic,” her father added. “Love can give you powerful thing to live.” She covered her mouth to stop herself on sobbing. She doesn’t feel the love anymore starting when her parents gone, asking herself how to live? I don’t know what to do, she thought. Until everything went black. SHE SLOWLY OPENED her eyes, she touched her head because she feel so much pain there, everything she saw is white. One face looked at her, she thing she saw an angel, a porcelain and smooth skin, and being flawless of the lady. The lady smiled at her, “thank God your awake now,” her sweet voice. She smiled back, “I don’t want to offense you but who are you?” “I am Mrs. Douglas.” In a second thought she was confused. We have a same family name, she thought. “Are you alright miss?” Nikki just nodded back. “I was concerned about you, I thought your dead when I saw you at the road outside the forest, but when I checked your fine your just fainted, I guess, what happened to you? And where do you live?” She thought the lady was rich based on her appearance and her dress she’s wearing. She remembered what her aunt do to her, “I don’t have a house or a family,” she said and wishing she won’t cry again, especially in front of a beautiful stranger who helped her. “Why?” “It’s a long story.” “Don’t worry you can go anytime you want, I already payed your bills and I need to go, I have things to do.” “Thank you, Mrs. Douglas.” “You’re welcome.” Until she remembered theirs an exam she needs to attend. Even though she feels dizzy, she followed the lady. She needs someone who can help her especially she can do anything to help her right now because she don’t have any penny an her pocket. She called the lady and confused looking at her. “I know you don’t know me and were not related to each other, but I need your help. Can you help me again?” She waited her answer. The lady just gives her smiled but she doesn’t know what’s the meaning of that smile. “What kind of help do you need to me?” “Can I borrow some money, any amount, I need to take an exam at the Trinity Academy, I need a ball pen, pencil, food and money for transportation fee.” “You can come with me and I can take care of you.” Nikki stand and think for a second because she couldn’t believe. 
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