Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Nicki just looked around inside the woman's car. She was sitting in the passenger seat while the driver named Mrs. Douglas. They had been quiet for five minutes until Mrs. Douglas break the silent between them and asked her where she was going. "Do you want fortune telling, I guess," Nicki glanzed at Mrs. Douglas. Nikki giggled, “it seems like you were practicing to make a joke for a comedy show,” she said. “I think so but I was telling the truth.” Nikki stopped for a while. “Your name was Nikki,” Mrs. Douglas said. Nikki surprised and she couldn’t hide her emotion and her eyes widened while looking at the woman. She didn’t even make introduce herself to the woman who helped her. She needed to be sure. “Your family name was Douglas and your parents both died at the accidents.” She added. “Wait a minute, are you my relatives?” She asked, she still wondering, “if you were a fortune teller, I think you have a tarot card with you to read fortune or what so ever card do you need just to help you read things and you will read life of a person through they’re hands.” She show her hand and Mrs. Douglas took it, “they’re fake Nikki, the true fortune teller are can read through their eyes because a person one said a window of a soul is eyes, right?” “Okay,” that’s the only Nikki said. The car was stopped in front of cake and coffee shop. They came out from the car and entered to the shop. When they entered, Nikki chooses spot for them near at the window sit, she ate the food Mrs. Douglas ordered for them. When they done at the shop and she was brought back to the academy and right in front of the gate. She would have thanked the woman when she looked at the parked place of the car like a bubble it was gone when the cold breeze. “Where is she?” She asked herself while scratching her head. She just shrugged and went for the exam. She also lost her mind to that woman and focused only on the exam. She took two hours of exams and left school after that. Only then did she realize that she wasn’t going anywhere. She smiled as she remembered one place. She went straight to the woods but never came to their house but, right in the middle of the jungle where a tree house had been built by his father for her. The leaves can be heard as they are trampled, the river sloping and the foliage being blown away by the wind. The tall trees also stand in that place with a unique body structure. It was as if she were in a mysterious forest where the tree house stood. There are still trees in my area where the fruits grow, so he has to wait a day before the exam results and there he will stay. The wait is over when the grades was release and she need to came back to St. Trinity Academy to look her results. When she got her exam results, her eyes grew wide and she could not believe that she could do it. She got 83.56% in the test, she jumped for joy and she didn’t matter what people on that hallway could think about her. Only three passed the ten to take the test. The three of them passed from the test out of ten who take the exam. She feel so lucky. They immediately called and go the conference room to see the sponsors of their scholars. She was shocked when she saw the woman on the middle of the room who was smiling at her. “Good morning everyone who passed the exam, you may take your seat.” Mrs. Douglas greeted them and invited them to seat. The principal of the school stand and introduced the woman in front of them, “her name was Mrs. Veronica Douglas, and she herself forced us to have tests for the poor who wanted to go to college. She is also the sponsor of your scholarship to West University.” “Wow,” Nikki whispered to herself in joy. She couldn’t believe she could go to West University where all the rich daughter and sons could go there. “Tomorrow you will need to come together to take you to the university you are going to. You have nothing to spend, food, money, dormitory and allowances for project and all you have to do is keep grades high each semester.” The principal explained further. She feel so excited for a new life for the college on that university. The meeting was ended when they need to go and back their things. Before Nikki can go Mrs. Douglas called her and she faced the woman with a smile, “congratulation Nikki you passed,” Mrs. Douglas said. “Thank you very much, Mrs. Douglas, I didn’t know that you are also the sponsor.” “I have also experienced hard times in my life so I also want to help others,” she said. “You are so very generous and thoughtful madame,” Nikki said. “I know you don’t have a home, do you want to come with me? Even just now.” Mrs. Douglas suggested. Nikki was surprised and her eyes widened, “are you about this madame?” “Of course, I will act that I was your relatives because of our last name was the same,” she said. She didn't really have anywhere else to go and so she just went along. She even bought some things she could use while she was in college. Shy but Mrs. insisted. Douglas to get the things she bought for her. Nicki was so happy that she somehow felt the parent and love of someone who was willing to help her. Nikki was amazed of how Mrs. Douglas house was a big like a mansion. It was huge but only Mrs. Douglas live on that mansion. “Your mansion was beautiful and big,” se complimented as she couldn't help but looked around the house. “It’s not beautiful if I’m the only one live here, Nikki,” she heard how sad Mrs. Douglas voice. Nikki nodded for agreed, “yes it is, but you know what Mrs. Douglas I will never forget on how you help me, you are kind and beautiful madame.” “Oh this girl, it’s nothing,” Mrs. Douglas said while laughing to the compliment, “rest that you need to leave early tomorrow. I know you will never forget me.” Mrs. Douglas whispered before Nikki leave her.
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