Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Even though Nicki didn't sleep well and still wondered what it would be like to be in college. Mrs. Douglas car stopped in the gate. Mrs. Douglas was in front of the gate and when the security guard met the woman she was immediately admitted to enter. She had not been with the other two passed in the examination because she was with Mrs. Douglas. When she finally got out from the car she saw cheerleading practicing their routine, football players barking, newly arrive students being taken by their families and loud noises in the field while some students was walking on the field. She can feel it now, the overwhelming excitement of being college students. Nikki’s face slowly lightens up when he looked at the surroundings. It seems like the structure of the old building of the school look amazing from medieval style castle. The cars parked in front of the dormitory where she lives for a while as a student. Their so many entering and going out from the dormitory while. It was month of August and they need to fix their things especially students from far away. It because Nikki has a blue back pack on her own, with his few dress to wear at things she needed in this school that brought by Mrs. Douglas. A woman greeted them who was inchange to the newly students and who wants to avail a room to the dormitory. She’s wearing a yellow green polo shirt and emblem on her left chest of their school. She was smiling at them, “good morning Mrs. Douglas and…” “Nikki Douglas,” Nikki introduced herself. The girl raised her brow with confuse, “is it your daughter?” She asked Mrs. Douglas. Mrs. Douglas just gave her a smile. “Oh girl, she’s not my daughter and were just the same family name.” The girl nodded when she understand, “good morning again Ms. Nikki Douglas. This your key to your room, they put some list in every room what is do’s and don’ts here in this dormitory.” Nikki took the key and holds it as if she might lose it. “Your room is in third floor, just check the number in the key and will match to the number outside of each room door. If you need help, you can call a bell boy to your baggage, do you have any question?” “No, nothing,” Nikki answered. “Okay then, if none, I will go now and welcome to WU,” then the girl leave them. Lots of people around and busy organizing their belongings, “are you ready for your college life?” “I’m very much excited. I feel like I hit a double jackpot,” she laughed while describing what she feel. Mrs. Douglas laughed too, “you deserved this and be thankful that I saw you that day.” Nikki’s face heated, “yes, that’s true. Thank you very, very much and I will thanking you Mrs. Douglas.” “You’re welcome Nikki, oh wait, I forgot,” Mrs. Douglas release her wallet from her back and took five thousand pesos, hand it to Nikki, “for your daily needs.” “Oh my god madame, I think this too much and I think I can’t take it.” While she wanted to take back to Mrs. Douglas the money because she feel like she received many blessing from her. But Mrs. Douglas shake her head and didn’t take it back the money, she open the car door, “you need it, just study hard and that would be things you can give back to me and be safe always, I need to go,” she opened the engine and leave Nikki still standing. Nikki feel like she have second parents because of Mrs. Douglas. She put the money inside her bag and she entered to the dormitory. Even in the hallway and on the stairs has many dormitorians, she was just thankful that she hadn’t baggage just be difficult from her. She reached the third floor and searched room 028. Her room was neat when she came in, with a bed, large windows, cabinets and almost fully furnished room. She thinks her parents are still alive and maybe they're just as excited as she is in college. She quickly adjusted the clothes, took out the small notebook and ballpen. She sat at the study table and wrote a bucket list. Everything she wanted to do in her life while at that university, she wrote especially about having friends. When her parents passed away and she had to stop, she seemed to have lost her former friends whom she thought she would love. Right now she wants to find a real friend. She knew that no one else would avoid her because she dresses up like a real one not a beggar just like before. She thinks she has become human again. She came out of the dorm and walked around the field, booths where prepared was for students to join organizations and club at the university. There is so much to choose she wanted to belong, singing, dance, art, sports and everything else. But she only drew one attention to the booth in pastel shades of pink, yellow and blue. There are three women standing there and it is almost as beautiful as you can often see queen bees in appearance. She immediately came over but the girl had only given her a blonde hair but didn't pay any attention. “What kind of club is this?” She asked to the group. The two noticed her, “this club is for beautiful woman here in the campus. You look like suit on the club---” but the girl with brown hair didn’t finished her sentence when the girl in blonde sealed her mouth with her hands. The blonde girl looked at her with head to toe, “you’re not belong here,” she arrogantly said. “Hey stop it, don’t be like that if someone wanted to join us,” the girl with angel face said who was standing in the middle of the two. The angel face girl handed her a form for that club and Nikki took it. “Everyone can join as long as you’re a woman,” she said while smiling, “hi, my name is Chelsea.” “Nikki.” “This Melody,” the brown girl waved at her, “and this is Miley,” introducing to the blonde girl.
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