Chapter 2

1242 Words
*Ella POV*   I tidy up my mess and grab some food out of the fridge, just a little bit of everything so she won't notice. As I go to leave I notice mail on the entry table.   "Thanks for your hospitality Jasmine" "Sorry I might also borrow your name as well"   My voice sounds slightly gravelly from lack of use, I say a few more sentences until my voice flows like silk again. I walk out the door at night fall, after having another few hours sleep. I walk the street silently sticking to the shadows, the comfort of a pair of shoes is insane, I walk straight to a werewolf bar. There are a few around the city but this one is the best and the most off grid. I hide my bag on the rooftop. I open the door I see noses hitting the air and all eyes snap to me. There are a big group of wolves from a local pack is here. I ignore every look and walk straight towards the bar. I have 10 dollars left in my pocket. I shiver, I haven't let it get this low in a long time. My fingers softly and slowly tap in the bar top as a bartender drops what he is doing and scrambles to serve me. I shoot him a sweet smile.   "Can I have a double vodka on the rocks"   He races to get it. 3 wolves surround me. Leaning on the bar, hands on my body unobtrusively. I have to do this to get where I need to be, but I also have to satisfy my natural lust. I push down the desire. One of the boys pays for the drink. I turn around with the glass in my hand to face them. I bring the glass up to my lips and take a small sip.   "Hey boys, I am just here to have a quiet drink, you boys wouldn't have bad thoughts would you?"   I say in the most innocent voice yet very obviously flirtatious way. Men are un complicated creatures.   "No we just want a quiet drink too"   I push through them.   "Thanks for the drink"   I sit at a table alone and drink my drink. I gulp it back. There are she wolves on the dance floor trying to entice the men. I sit and tap my fingers. I have no phone and no means of communication. Not that I have any friends or any contact anyway, but I notice that people waste a lot of time on them sometimes I would just like to zone out and stare mindlessly at a screen as well to pass the monotony I wave my hand and the boys come rushing over with another drink. Their desperation and lust pouring off them.   "What's wrong baby girl?"   I sigh as the glass reaches my full lips again.   "I am just stressing" "What is it?" "Well I really want to head south, but my ride fell through" "How far do you want to go?" "Just the next city over"   I let a solo tear run down my face.   "I was meant to arrive tomorrow and now I can't make it"   I see them grimace, in a pack they have to get the alphas permission to even go that far. I sink back the rest of the drink. I stand up with all eyes following me, I walk to the dance floor and start to dance. I have an odd mix of dancing style, I dance to release my feelings but with a strange mix of stripper element. My dancing doesn't look obviously seductive, it is so beautiful that people can't take their eyes off me, but there is not a unaffected dick in the place. No one approaches me while I dance, only I know how sad and lonely my dance is. Suddenly a large warm palm falls on my hip. My hip twists and moves under his hand. I turn and put a hand on his chest. I sniff the air.   "What did I do to attract the attention of an alpha wolf?" "You are good"   I tap my nose.   "Never underestimate my skill" "I never will again"   I run a finger down his jaw.   "Don't worry, I have no other skills"   His eyes darken as he presses his body against me. I continue my dance, which now has become more of a grind, his body reacting quickly.   "You know, I really doubt that"   I look at his handsome face. His square jaw his bright green eyes coupled with dark hair. His body firm and sculpted under my hand. I turn to leave his hands. He grips me and swings him back to his body.   "Where do you think you are going?" "I have a problem and I am trying to work out a solution, my mind clears when I dance" "Dance right here and all your problems may suddenly disappear"   I lean my cheek on his chest. I am a shorty for a she wolf at only 5'5". I put a hand on his waist as the continue to swing and grind. He groans as his arms wrap around my waist.   "Tell me about your problem"   I run one hand from his shoulder down his body. I look up at him, fluttering my naturally long eyelashes, pouting my plump lips. He runs a hand through my hair and behind my neck. I continue to move.   "I need to get to the next city south and my ride fell through"   He bends down and kisses my neck, taking in my scent.   "How it that even a problem?" "I need to be there tomorrow"   His lips brush my neck.   "If I was to solve your problem, would you solve mine?" "What is yours?" "My problem was also caused by you"   He presses his hardness against my stomach. I laugh.   "You are so handsome that you could get any one of these girls to solve such a simple problem" "But they aren't you" "Well I need to be leaving soon if I want to get there, so I may not have time for that" "What if I could get someone to drive us and we could solve both problems at the same time?" "Would a back seat of the car by enough room for an alpha to show me what he can do?" "What is it? a couple of hours drive? it could be our foreplay, then we could get a room and that is where the real show could begin" "Could you really solve my problem?" "Of course"   I run a hand down and grab his shaft through his pants.   "Well I suppose you do have a biggggggg problem to solve so I suppose we would be even"   He growls and his canines run over the soft skin of my neck.   "Garth, get the car" "Yes future Alpha"   What an idiot, he will be the down fall of his pack. Lucky he is cute. He holds my hand and leads me out of the venue. The car pulls up in front of us. I pull his face down and bite his earlobe.   "I will be back in a sec, warm up the seat for me, try not to start without me"   He growls as I leave his embrace. I look back and blow a kiss at him as he sits in the back of a big black SUV.
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