Chapter 1

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***** CADENCE Cadence Monteclaro grows up with a golden spoon in his mouth, he has everything: Money? Well, his last name screams wealth already. Fame? of course who wouldn't know him? Monteclaro's were known in the business world, they were the richest family around the globe, his family's lineage was from Greece, but they choose to stay to live in the state since that's where their mother's birth land. Women? they were swooning at his feet, not to brag but none in their family was ugly, but, he knew better than most of the women that they bedded only wants him for his looks and money. Falling in love is not an option for him, he was known to play with women's feelings and he's not an idiot to fall for the game. But, just like every people Cadence was not as you thought, behind the playful womanizer is a dangerous man, everyone just knew the Monteclaro for being wealthy and powerful, but it's not just that why some of the criminals and some big people were afraid of them. His grandfather was the head of the organization or he was rather called the organization itself, he was feared by most of the people in the underground but, someone dared to make him his enemy. His sister with his grandmother was ambushed by someone, which cost his grandmother's life, it is one of the darkest days of their lives, losing the woman who cared for them was killed, and what is worst is she was killed in front of his sister. After the incident his sister was not the same again, the playful sweet little girl was gone and she was replaced by cold and aloof. Cadence never saw the men in his family devastated, it was also the first time his grandfather cried, the man he vision as a strong person cried so hard that day, and that's when he learned that true love does exist, and he hoped to find those two someday. But, his vision of love changed when someone toyed with his feelings, he was young and dumb, and he almost give up everything that he has for one woman. She was his first love and he thought everything was perfect, Lyra was everything he needed through their status in life was like heaven and earth Cadence didn't mind it, and his grandfather didn't like her for him. Cadence hates his grandfather for that. His pappoús always warn him that Lyra was only after his wealth, but Cadence was Cadence and he rebels from his family, he went against them and chooses to follow his heart, and he wishes he never did. They planned to elope together, he was waiting for her at the place where they agreed to meet but she never come, he called her how many times but she didn't answer him, on his last try at calling her, someone answered the call and he heard some noises, he listened to his girlfriend moaning someone's name. Cadence was devastated that day, the woman who tame her from his rebellious act and womanizing act, was also the woman who will make him the worst version of himself, after he learned that he went home and ask for his family's forgiveness but, he was welcomed by bad news, his sister went missing after her car fell off from a cliff, His sister whom he was closed with and promised their grandmother and mother to protect was missing out of nowhere and he felt really terrible as her older brother. Still, he felt relief when they found her that morning but she was unconscious and soon she fell into a coma for three years, he made sure that when she woke up she will see a new version of him. And that's where Cadence's womanizing act happened again, now? falling in love was out of his mind, what he wants was to find their enemy and avenge their grandmother's death, and ever since Cara woke up she was not the same anymore, and the organization was lying low since his father didn't want to involve his sister to that, his father was afraid that he will lose his sister. "Dude, why are you here in the corner." His cousin Jasper said as he sat next to him. They were inside the VIP room where he was with his brothers and cousins and, of course, his sister. "Nah, I'm fine here," Cadence said as he smirked at his cousin. Jasper was about to speak when someone entered the room and his cousin smirks at him playfully like a dog. "Oh, I see," Jasper said as he smirked back at him, "Oh, you're here too, Jas. Want to join us?" The woman said flirtatiously as she smiled at his cousin. "Nah, my cousin will be more than for you to take, Nics," Jasper said as he smiled back at Nicole as he walked close to the door. Cadence and Nicole were left inside the room, and she locked it so no one will disturb them. Nicole smiled seductively at Cadence as she walks closer to him. Cadence could feel his buddy rising, this is what he loved going to some bars as he can get someone to fuck and one of them is Nicole. The woman sat on his lap and smelled his neck. Cadence could feel his arousal getting bigger. He was really getting horny as the woman started to lick his neck. He put his glass on the table and grabbed the woman, and give her a fucking kiss. He kissed her torridly which the one answered with the same intensity, their tongue was like a sword battling with each other. He heard the woman moan as he was gripping on her ass to press her wetness to his arousal. He roamed his hand to her breast and massaged it, while his other hand went down to her fold and when he found it, he inserted his middle finger into her core. "Oh, God, " Nicole moaned as he fasten his fingers pace on going in and out of her folds. Cadence's lips traveled to her body, and he just get her breast out of her dress since she was not wearing any bra. He sucked on her breast hardly as his other hand continued its work on her folds. "Damned it Cade, put it on now!" Nicole said which annoyed Cadence, she didn't even try to please him and now she was demanding him. He stood up and was about to unbutton his jeans when he hear people running from the outside, he opened the door to look for them and there he saw some men were fighting and he knew who they were, but he was slightly worried about his sister, but he knew his brother's and cousin won't let something bad to happened to her. He went back inside to get dressed when he saw that the woman was now fingering herself, he looked at her with disgust in his eyes. "Get dressed if you still love your life" Cadence said as he wear his shirt again. The woman obeyed him with confusion in her eyes, they went out together and the woman gasped when she saw what was happening. Cadence saw Chaos and Antonio's men fight with each other while they were exiting the place, he just dropped the woman somewhere safe and he left her, he was not in the mood to fuck anymore, all he needs was to sleep right now.
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