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He's Ruthless.. He's Merciless.. He's Hot-Headed He's Rich and Powerful. He's full or Mystery She's Childish.. She's Unpredictable.. She loves sweet foods. She loves the color black. She's spoiled. She has a 4D personality She's the only princess in their Family She's an heiress He's a Mafia Boss. She's Good. He's Bad news. She is adored by everyone. He is feared by everyone who hears his name. She brings Good Luck. He brings Bad Luck. She's rich, He's Richer. She's an angel to other people. He's the devil that people won't want to mess with. She doesn't want to hurt people. He kills bad people What will happen if their path will cross? Would she hate him for who he was? or,  Would she love him for being him? Loving her means danger, Can he control and restrain himself from loving her? Can he protect her from his enemies? or maybe,  Can she change his mind? or, Not? Would she still love him despite everything? Would They have their happy ending? or  Would it End in a tragic way? Can Their love surpass every challenge that they will face? Will She fight for him? Even if, He is The Damned One?
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