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He has a hard jaw that every girl would want to touch it, His shoulder is broad, his-- "Cara, Where have you been I've been looking for you the whole Damned night in this crowded place". Uh-Oh seems like my brother found me and Oh, I forgot to tell you I am in a bar right now with my brothers and cousins and I don't know where they are right now. "Sorry Brother, but I've been dancing here all Alone and I can't find you all. The last time I know we were dancing here together and then suddenly I don't know where you are and the others". I said while. rolling my eyes, gosh my Brother was so annoying. "You Brat, you always find something to say to me. haha". "Gosh don't tell me you hook up with someone again? ". My goodness, my Brothers and Cousin were such a Manwhore. "Nah, Cadence was with his girl Nicole I think, but That is not the point we need to get out from here. " He said while roaming his eyes around, I can see my Other brothers and cousin coming to us. "Carl, I told you to get Cara, and let's get out of here, there'll be a hell that will happen tonight, I've seen Chaos and his men here right now". This is my second Brother Cane he is older than me by seven years. "Wait, What's Happening? and Who's Chaos? ". "Just don't ask Cara it's better if we stay out of their way, and we will be safe that way. ". Said my Cousin Jasper. "Seriously Guys, I Don't know what's happening. but wait, Where're the others I've seen them walking here but now I can't see them here. " "It's because they are waiting for us in the car park". Oh, My God if there's someone that I'm scared of aside from my Father it's my Oldest brother Code. " I was just asking Hermano". I was fond of calling my Three brothers of different languages of brother and yeah, I am the youngest and the only Rose among the thorns. "Oh, Shit let's hurry up I can see Chaos and Antonio, you all know the if there are Chaos and Antonio in One place it only means war. " I was about to look at where they looking when suddenly we hear a gunshot and people started panicking and my brother Carl brought me up and we started to run in the crow just to get out of This Place. "Oh, Fuck let us out first" I hear my Brother Cussed as people were pushing us. "Damned it, my toes don't step on my toes".That's what my cousin Jasper said to the man in front of us. "Shit, Stop hitting my face with your Arms, Fuck you". Well, that's my hot-tempered Brother. As soon as we got out of the bar we walk to the car park where my other cousins were waiting for us. "Dude, What the fuck happened to your face". Jaguar my cousin asked my Oldest Brother. "Someone Fucking hit my face, While we're trying to get out from that Fucking place". "Oh, Yes we've heard that Chaos and Antonio were there". they said while we sat inside the Van "What do we fucking expect, Chaos means trouble but If there's Antonio, Chaos will bring a Bloody War it's better that we're all safe". "Ahem, So Okay Guys? Can you tell me now who's Chaos and who's Antonio? ". "Chaos is the most feared Mafia Boss here and his mortal Enemy is of course his step-brother Antonio". "Mafia? in the 21st century? are you kidding me?! ". " I hope we are Cara, but let's stay away from them their problem wasn't our problem ". "Oh, Okay ". I just said but still, there were a lot of questions that I needed some answer. As soon as we reach our home, Thank God Dad was not here he's on his business trip, or else we're all doomed, I walk straight to my room, and take a. shower as I sleep I smile while remembering I need to know who's Chaos and why is everyone afraid to be in one place with him. I was in a deep sleep when someone barges into my room. It was none other than my Brother along with my Cousin "What are you doing here Hermano?" I ask as I was slowly waking up. "Cara, Listen Dad shouldn't know what happened at the Bar okay? If he will know about it Dad will cut all of our allowances". My Brother Carl "Thank God and Uncle Cleverence was not here or I will be doomed if my father will learn about what happened in the bar a while ago" "This is all your fault Dumb ass, if Dad will find this one we're all doomed and where the hell was Cadence again? he was the one who brought Cara with us knowing that she is still a teenager." My Brother said while he glares at our Cousin. "Stop arguing you two will ya? instead of arguing why don't we focus on knowing if there's a paparazzi there?' I said as I throw the pillow to them. "HMMM, Cara is much smarter than you Carl hahaha". My cousin Jasper said while laughing at my brother, "Shut it up will yah? Stupid!" My brother said as he throws another pillow at our Cousin. "We don't know if there's a paparazzi since a lot of people were there and we are very much enjoying the night and knowing if there's a paparazzi there never crossed our minds," Jasper said he's looking at My brother. "Yeah, a lot of Fun man gee thanks, you made me your watcher the whole night". "Could you please go out? I am really sleepy and you will find it out tomorrow if Dad will be home and he is angry then it means he knows what happened". "Okay, Cara has a good night's sleep take care, baby". They said in unison. as they got out of my room I immediately fall to sleep. TO BE DEAD ----->
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