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Before you start reading this story, please understand that this is a work of pure fiction. Anything resembling to the real world is just a coincident. I have no intention of offending anyone or any group. This whole story is nothing but just a fiction. PROLOGUE Every wolf in the world knows the Black Moon Wolves. On some continents, even the Black Moons were considered as the royal wolves. While most feared them for their ruthless Alphas, but many also admired them for their compassion to pack and devotion to the Moon Goddess. For a young wolf, the Black Moon Wolf is its legend, it's a hero, an inspiration as well as its desire. The Black Moons had it all; money, respect, power and a family that could go to extreme lengths to protect each other. There is a legend passed down in the Black Moon family from generation to generation that every she wolf born in Black Moon Family would be special. Of course, there was no way to verify whether this legend was just a myth or a brutal truth. For the past two centuries, the Black Moon family only saw ruthless Alphas, with some mere exceptions; omega also, but not a single she wolf. But everything came to an end when Alpha Benjamin Black Moon became a father of a she wolf. A she wolf whose birth itself was rather miraculous. From that day onwards, every single member of the Black Moon Family believed this legend and gathered as much knowledge as possible in case anything might haunt or hurt their little princess. Being a she wolf, Ariana was the heart of her family. Her cousins loved her and pampered her from the very beginning. Though she wasn't allowed to leave the house, but not a single day of her life was uneventful. Everything was going great until it was her eighteenth birthday. Eighteenth birthday, which was supposed to be the best day of her life, as she would welcome her lupine self, but something strange happened as she was sucked into a void of darkness. Ariana braced herself as she found herself in a completely strange world. Her eighteenth birthday changed her life drastically and, for better or for worse, she would have to be strong enough so that she could return to her home and prove to everyone that she was worthy of being an Alpha.
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