Chapter 1 : Birth Of A Legend

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Birth Of A Legend As they say, nothing can make you nuts like your loved ones. Alpha Benjamin was currently experiencing that. The Alpha who once led a war in his early twenties and made peace with all the wolves of New Jersey was currently pacing around the labor room. It was too stressful and difficult for him to watch his mate, his sweet little Luna, go through the extreme pain of child birth. Alpha Benjamin was feeling every pain of his mate. Her screams echoed in the air. Although he was excited to see his pup and hold him or her, he was also scared as shit for his mate. His mate wanted the gender to be a surprise, so both Alpha and Luna never tried to find out if their symbol of love was a boy or girl. An ear-splitting scream made Alpha freeze and he felt as if someone poured a bucket of cold water on him when he heard the sweet cry of a new born. Alpha ran towards the operating room. He saw his pup was now in one of the nurse's hands as she was trying to wrap a towel around it. He looked at his Luna and saw her exhausted body. Her face was flustered with sweat and saliva. Her whole body was hooked on different kinds of machines. Without caring for anything, Alpha Benjamin went over to his mate and gave a peck on her lips. " You did it honey ", he whispered softly. His eyes moistened a bit when Luna nodded smilingly and then passed out. He waited impatiently as the nurse cleaned the pup and wrapped it again. " Congratulations Alpha ", the pack doctor said, and he just nodded. A nurse gave him the baby and told him to keep her close to his body so that their skin would be in contact. Alpha Benjamin froze for a second when he heard the nurse saying her. To make sure he heard the nurse right, he checked himself and held his baby girl very close to his body in shock and surprise. Alpha Benjamin spent the whole night cradling his daughter and watching his mate sleeping peacefully. He couldn't imagine the pain she went through. What he felt was just a fraction of what his love was feeling. His baby girl was sleeping peacefully in his arms. Seeing both the women of his life like this, he couldn't help but feel a great amount of happiness. " Are you sure, Benjamin ", the voice from the other side asked. " Yes Brother ", Benjamin said. " I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this brother ", the voice said. " Oh don't be ridiculous honey ", a soft but firm voice said from the other side. " Luna Sarah " Alpha Benjamin said with respect. " Oh, come on Benjamin, you can drop the formalities. We are family now ", Luna Sarah said as her mate and husband, Alpha Jeremy, laughed loudly seeing his cousin's respectful behavior. " Honey, don't be an ass ", Sarah said and this time it was Benjamin who snickered. " When are you going to hold a ceremony for our cute little princess ", Sarah asked. " We are thinking about the next full moon. She will be a month old by then ", Benjamin said. " That's nice " Jeremy said. " What about her name ? Do you have any names on your mind ? ", Sarah asked. " Well, we were thinking about Ariana. From what we know, our great great great grandmother was Ariana, so I want to honor her name ", Benjamin said. " That's nice, little brother ", Jeremy said. " Did you tell anyone else ", Sarah asked. " No, both of you are the first to know about her. I am thinking of saying them in person once everyone comes here ", Benjamin said with a sad voice. Of course, he wasn't trying to hide the fact that he was now the father of a beautiful baby girl, but it was necessary for her little princess. Even though all of his cousins were open-minded, still all of them had their own beliefs. Up until now, a special wolf was just a legend to Benjamin, but now he was the father of one. " Have you told her yet ? ", Jeremy asked. " I am going to tell her today, Brother ", Benjamin said. " Don't worry Benjamin, she will understand ", Luna Sarah assuringly said, and Benjamin hung up the phone. The little girl cooed happily as soon as she saw her father. Alpha Benjamin smiled when he saw his mate happily playing with their daughter. He knew as her mother she had the right to know about her true identity. Even though none of them if it was true or not but he has to be cautious for her daughter. " Do you remember once I told you about a legend passing down to our family from generation to generation ", Alpha Benjamin asked his mate. " Yes but you never told me anything about it, love ", a sweet voice replied. " Well that's because I always thought it was just another made-up story. But now I think it might be true ", Alpha said. " Well, what made you change your mind ", Luna asked. " Our daughter " Alpha said in a serious tone, and his mate looked at him. She didn't understand what her mate was saying. " Our daughter as our newborn daughter ", Luna asked, her voice filled with surprise. " Just listen to me first love. The legend says that a long, long, long time ago, our great-great-great grandmother was born with special abilities. She was said to be the daughter of the Moon Goddess. She was so pure and powerful that after her death, the Moon Goddess gave her a blessing. A blessing that made every girl born in the Black Moon family special ", Alpha said, and looked into his mate's eyes. He couldn't imagine what his mate was thinking. The moment froze for him and the world stooped moving. " Honey, say something please " Alpha Benjamin pleaded. " I need some time to process all this, Ben ", Luna said, as she held her daughter closer to her. She couldn't believe her own ears or what she had just heard. The only thing that was left in her mind was her daughter, who wasn't even a month old, yet might be a special wolf.
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