Chapter 1

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JANA As I walked through the entrance of my parent’s house, my father yelled angrily at me, "Where the hell have you been?" "I went to see my friend Stella," I answered, my gaze falling on my feet. I know my father is angry at me right now, and I'm afraid I'll hear harsh words from him or, worse, he'll hit me like he usually does whenever he's angry. "Didn't I tell you to stay at home and prepare for the big night?" he asked. I stayed mute when his gaze landed on my face. I wanted to spare myself more pain as soon as his strong hands landed on my body. "Stupid! Are you trying to test my patience by refusing to open your fucking mouth and answer my question, because I assure you, it will not happen!" He then grabbed my hair and yanked me. To control the sound that might come out of my mouth, I just bite my bottom lips. My father didn't like it when he heard it, but that's another story. I shook my head, "I'm sorry, father, but my friend asked me to help her pick clothes for the big night tonight." I recall those days when my father threw me into a deep river, not caring whether I died or not, simply because I served him cold food which he despised. They've treated me like an outcast since I was a child. I never experienced my parent’s affection at all. I'm unwell, but I have to go to work and serve them. I'm a huge embarrassment to my parents and my entire family. My father is a former beta of this packland, where he held a high position and wielded great authority. My mother is Luna's best friend, and she is like Luna that has the high prestige that every shewolf desires. I was supposed to have a lot of advantages, but I didn't get any. Both of my parents hoped to have a strong male son to take over my father's position and maintain the family prestige, but they were devastated when my mother gave birth to a girl, which is me. My existence has never been easy like the other little pups in this packland. Instead of sending me to school, my parents urged me to stay at home and do house chores. In this house, I don't have any right to say anything. My only alternative is to escape or die at the hands of my own parents. Whenever they quarrel, I end up getting beaten because they both pour their frustrations on me. I didn't move when my father slapped me hard. This is nothing new to me, the only thing I could do right now was let him be satisfied and leave me alone. "Listen carefully, bitch! I won't take you to the party if it's not due to our previous alpha. So behave yourself and don't do anything dumb that will bring my name and reputation into disrepute. Do you grasp what I mean?" he asked as he clutched my long hair. "Y-yes, f-father," I replied, dropping my face because I didn't want to see his angry gaze on me. As soon as he heard my response, my father threw me on the cold floor and went upstairs to his room. To relieve the pain pouring through my body, I simply bit my lip and rubbed my arm, praying that he wouldn't come down again and begin to punish me. I am now eighteen years old, mateless and have no status in this pack. I used to ignore the nasty comments coming from many members of the pack since I wanted to keep myself hidden because I didn't want them to notice me. In this packland, they will only appreciate you depending on your power and ability. For instance, I have no differences with Omega, the lowest rank in this pack. We're all the same when it comes to status and even how we live. Yes, I am the daughter of a beta, but because my parents have never accepted or treated me properly, the majority of the pack members have done the same. They said I'm a worthless omega that is why I can't find a mate. They've been waiting for me to shift since I turned sixteen, but I'm not lucky enough because it didn't happen. My condition has worsened now that I'm eighteen. They referred to me as a slut, foolish, and other offensive words, as if it would help them feel better about themselves. I endured everything because I know it's pointless to respond to any of this nonsense. My parents don't care about me at all, so why would other pack members offer me love and care when my own family dislikes me as if I don't belong to them, just because I'm weak and haven't found my mate yet? My parents are meant to stand by my side and help me overcome the suffering I'm going through on my own, but they're both too preoccupied with their own lives to notice that they have a daughter who needs them both. I'm sick of crying and pleading for my parent’s love. My classmates once made fun of me and tied me up in the black forest, leaving me to suffer, and no one came looking for me. I'm fortunate that one of the pack guards tracked me down and rescued me. Instead of asking what happened to me, my father slapped me and placed a silver round around my neck. My father pulled me to the cellar and imprisoned me for more than a week, depriving me of water and food on a regular basis. He doesn't care that it's winter and I'm shivering in the cold. He came close to killing me that day, but I miraculously survived. My father's face was filled with no regrets when he opened the door and saw me hardly breathing from a week of being imprisoned without food or water. I just disregard everything since I have nowhere to go. There are moments when I want to flee, but I'm afraid of being alone outside the packland and being a lone wolf, which is more dangerous to me. I don't want to be a rogue, since anyone who sees me or catches me can easily kill me or make me their own slave, and I don't want that to happen to me, that is why, even though my parents never treat me well, I choose to stay. I heard someone slam the door, and I know it's my mother. I could smell her heavy perfume all throughout the house after she walked in. I wanted to hide and not get any closer to her as I used to, but I suppose this is one of my unfortunate days since my mother began shouting and calling my name. "What took you so long? What are you doing that is more important than me, that you couldn’t hear me?" she demanded fiercely. I swallow the lump in my throat and welcome my mum. "Mother, good evening. I apologize for keeping you waiting. Dad asked me to make something for him." As I went down to assist her in taking off her high heels, I explained. She just raised her eyebrows and asked me to get her orange juice, which is her favorite drink. "Nevermind! Bring everything into my room and start preparing my bath. I need a hot shower, so make sure everything is in order," she replied to me as if I were one of her slaves. "Right away, mother." I answered this shortly after placing her orange juice on the table. I hurriedly climbed the stairs with all of her newly brought belongings to do the tasks she instructed me. I'm sure it's all new clothes, purses, and shoes for tonight's party. It's a huge night for everyone in the pack, especially for our newly crowned alpha. He won the challenge, and after two years at one of the most elite schools for alphas and high-society people, he is back and ready to take over the position. Everyone is excited except me, because I'm convinced no one would notice me at that party, therefore there's no reason for me to be excited like everyone else.
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