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"Mate!" "A-alpha." I stumbled as I noticed his black eyes staring at me. "Mate! My Luna." My chest began to throb. I couldn't help but feel the mate bond between us tugging me closer to him, and it was difficult to refuse. My wolf, Anaya, urged me to just leap into his arms and claim him, but I tried to contain myself because I'm too terrified to even approach him. I know she's attempting to connect with our mate wolf, but she can't because she's too weak. He could sense it, which is why his sharp sight is penetrating my skin the way it is right now. I sense strong feelings between us, but I'm not brave enough to confront him. I'm aware of his reputation; he has the ability to kill with a single snap of his fingers. He has no mercy; if you disobey him, he will not give you another chance to live. "You're mine." I wasn't expecting him to grab me out of nowhere, so I found myself sandwiched between his two arms, leaning against the large tree where he found me. "Look at me." I couldn't meet his wolf's eyes that had abruptly changed hue, and I knew he was about to mark my neck. While my body is shaking, I keep my gaze fixed on my feet. The fear is too great for me, and the unfamiliar emotion is frightening. I'm tempted to jump into his arm, but I can't because I'm too afraid to even look into his eyes. "I'm not yours," I said, shaking with terror. "I can't be anyone's mate, especially you." As soon as the words left my mouth, I heard him snarl. It's evident he doesn't like what I said to him. His fury radiates throughout his body, and it looks like no matter what I do or say, he won't accept it. "No one has ever turned me down, not even you, my mate!" was his challenging response to me. "You're weak." I screamed as he pulled me and wrapped his arms tightly around my body as he quickly bent down and his face landed on my neck. I can tell he's ready to mark me right here right now. It appears he'll do the mating and mark my neck as a sign of being his mate the way he desires, and I can't say no, even if I'm still battling.
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