Chapter One

1225 Words
"I promisedher... I promised her I'd keep you safe".  I tossed and turned feeling my father's life slipping through my fingers. "I love you... Tell her I love her and to bestrong. I'll be there with her".  I groaned and mumbled words I wish I could ofsaid to him, words that will forever stay silent and dwell in the back of myhead. I sat up suddenly covered in sweat and tears. It's been six monthssince the war... Since we lost him and it still hurts not having him here. Itwill always be that way. I turned to the clock on my bedside table. Sixforty five am. I sighed and headed over to the bathroom to wash the sweat andtears away. I soaked under the hot water until my fingers turned towrinkly prunes. Once I was done I dried off and dressed in jeans, a blue longsleeve top and my brown belt. I tied up my Nikes and brushed through my hair,letting it fall down my back to dry naturally. I didn't bother with makeup andjust walked out to make Mason and mother dearest's breakfast. I pulled outsome fruity yogurt and half a banana along with some water for Mason. I madewaffles topped with cream and berries with a cup of steaming coffee for mymom and me. By the time I had finished mom had walked in holding mason wholooked half asleep. I smiled at how cute he looked his hair pointing up indifferent directions, his face dented with lines from his pillow and a bit ofdrawl on his chin cute little chin."Good morning my babies," I said smiling handing my mom a cup ofcoffee and taking Mason, placing him in his high chair to feed him. "So what are we doing today?" I asked trying to keep mom in a happymood. Sincedad's passing she hasn't been herself but that's what I expected as she justlost her soul mate. It's understandable to be sad. "I was thinking me, you and Mason take a walk along the beach then go outfor lunch. We can have your favourite Indian food or we can have a day togetherwhile Mason can go spend time with... Adam", I said trying not to let Adaminvade my thoughts."I think I'm going to stay in today", she replied eating her waffles. Sameanswer every day but not this time mom. "Howabout a girls day out I'll just go get Mason ready to go to Adams", I saidand literally ran out of the room with Mason who giggled the whole way up.I gave him a quick bath before dressing him in jeans and a long sleeve with hisNike jumper, I pulled on his shoes and grabbed his bag with all his stuff in itand headed down stairs. Once I got down I saw mom had changed into a nice dressand had her hair down."Let's go babies", I said smiling and walking out of the house. We got inthe car and finally started to drive towards Adam's, I couldn't help thinkabout him and how his parents told me he's not doing good. That's he's turnedto alcohol and has barely talked to his pack. I combined both packs in training;even though Adam and me aren't together I would still be Luna. I won't let GoldMoon Pack be dragged back to the ground, not after all they've done for me andall they've sacrificed. We parked outside and I turned to my mother."Stay here, I'll be right back", I said getting out and walkingtoward the dark door.  I opened it to see my beautiful son smiling upat me with his gorgeous blue eyes and I unbuckled his belt."Come on baby”, I said getting him out and kissing all over his cheek. I placedhis bag on my shoulder and walked into the pack house trying to find Adam orhis parents. I walked to his office and knocked on the door, I started to hearmumbling and then a smash followed by growling. I frowned as the door swungopen to reveal Adam's parents standing there looking exhausted and worried."Sarah how are you?" Scott said smiling at me. I smiledas he looked at Mason who was smiling and holding out his arms to Scott.  "Hello little man come to spend some timewith me and grandma I see. Come here." He said taking Mason out of myarms."I'm taking mom out for the day, I just came to drop mason off I’ll beback later to pick him up", I said as Scott nodded and walked into theoffice but I stopped him as I smelled the alcohol that danced in the air. "Notin there it reeks of alcohol. Please Scott", I said smiling softly. He noddedand walked down stairs tickling Mason, those where the little things that Ienvisioned my father and mason doing. My smile slowly faded as I thought aboutit but stopped as tears dared to fall."Sarah can I ask a favour from you?" I turned around at the sound of Gemma’svoice. I noddedfor her to carry on.  "Do you think you could have a word withAdam quickly. Sarah I'm worried for the pack and Mason's safety, he's a mess Ijust want him to become himself again. Not only for Mason but also for himself.Please Sarah", Gemma begged. I lookedat her to see sorrow and fear in her clear blue eyes, I sighed and nodded.She swiftly wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly; I walked towardsthe office doors while she walked downstairs to go see Mason. I closed the doorbehind me and turned to see the study ruined. Papers were thrown all over theroom, the curtains were closed making the room seem dark and gloomy. The deskwas covered in claw marks while empty bottles of Vodka and Whisky lay on theground, I walked to the windows and opened the curtains letting the sunlightseep into the dark corners of the room. I opened the windows and breathed inthe cool fresh air while letting it run through the room carrying the vodkasmell out. "Sarah", a gruff voice said from behind me, I turned to see Adamwobbling towards me.  As he got close I held up my hand and stoppedhim, he smelt like he had be sitting at a bar drowning in Alcohol for threedays straight."Drunk... You're drunk and it's a beautiful day outside, for god sake Adamwhy? Why turn to alcohol as a distraction when you have the perfect baby boydown stairs waiting for his father to spend the day with, but that won't happensince you're drunk and can barely stand. I will not let you anywhere near Masonwhen you look like this so, shower and get your shit together or there will beno Mason. I will not leave him with you if I think you're a harm to him andyourself. I'll be back to pick Mason up at eight", I declared walking out. I didn'twant to look at him so I walked out and downstairs to hear Mason laughing up astorm. I smiled when I saw him laying on Scott's lap while Scott tickled him,Gemma sat smiling warmly at my baby."Mason say bye to Mama", Gemma said as Scott sat him up. I walkedover to kiss his cheek and his hand."I'll see you later baby", I said giving him one last kiss."Muummmmaaa", he said and I smiled."Maaasssooon", I replied smiling and walking out to the car. "Let's go Mama."
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