Chapter Two

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"Come on, this is going to be fun you'll love it", I said as I pulled her towards the skate rink. "I don't want to go ice skating Sarah, please can we just go home", my mom said moping behind me. "No we need to get out and live while we're young", I exclaimed as I dragged her inside. "We need to stay active", I informed her as we stood at the counter and paid before choosing skates.  I pulled her out onto the ice and held her close to me; I wasn’t that good I never was. My parents used to bring me and Gale here when we had done well in school or, if me and Gale won or sports games. "Remember when we would go ice scaring in Alaska? We always took trips up there every winter I was horrible then and I still am", I said smiling at the memory.  "You and dad used to play tag on the ice until you fell", I adding looking over at her but she looked like she was about to burst into tears any second. I let go and we skated for awhile until she spoke. "Sarah I want to go home", she demanded a bit angrily. "But mom we just got here and -" I started but she cut me off. "WHY CAN'T YOU SEE I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE! I LOST MY SOUL MATE SO LET ME MOURN ALONE!" she yelled and stormed away off the ice.  People around me started to turn and see what all the yelling was about, I sighed and went after her. After looking around for a few minutes I went out to the parking lot where I caught her trying to turn the car on. "Mom stop", I said trying to stop her but she growled. "MOM STOP!" I yelled finally losing all patience. Then she slapped me, I froze on the spot shocked. She had never laid a finger on me before; I held my hand to my cheek and looked at her. Regret and sorrow flashed in her eyes and Suddenly she just started bawling.  "I'm sorry Sarah I would never hurt you I'm so sorry", she cried.  I wrapped my arms around her and held on tight. "It's okay mom, I understand", I said as she pulled away. "You don't because your mate's still alive baby. Mine's gone and he's never coming back", she cried as I took her hand. "Mom that doesn't mean he's gone. He's here with us every day we're all hurting. Me, the pack and Gale. You lost your mate, the pack lost their past Alpha who protected them and kept them safe. Who treated them like family, me and Gale lost our father", I told her as the tears began falling down my own face. "One thing that hurts the most is knowing that Mason will grow up not knowing who his grandfather is. Not knowing what he looks like, not being able to go and have that time he has with Scott, dad not having that bond with him and that's what hurts the most", I sobbed as I wiped both mine and my mom's tears.  We stood crying for a minute until we calmed down. "Come on, there's something I want to show you", I said as we got in the car and drove north of the borders.  The drive was about three hours so she got some rest, which I don't think she's had for a while. It was a pleasant quiet drive, which gave me time to think about everything. His birthday will be a big party with everyone invited. I want it to be great. I drive for a little while longer before we reached a long driveway, once we reached the end I stopped the car and looked over at mum who was still asleep. I rubbed her shoulder making her wake up and look around, her eyes widened as we stepped out of the car. It was the old cabin that my father built for the family. I finished it, it was dad's ongoing project but he didn't get to finish it. He was going to bring mum here for their anniversary. "You finished it", she whispered as she gazed at the cabin. "I had some help from Gale and James; even Mason helped me paint the rooms… But the paint didn't end up and the walls", I said laughing as I remembered having to bath both me and him to get the paint out of our hair. "Do you want to go inside?", I asked walking towards her. She just nodded as I took her hand and we walked into the cabin, she stood in the family room and looked around. "It even smells like him", she said as she walked further in.  Pine, that's what it smelled like. Dad was always a sucker for nature and the woods. We had to send a search party out one time to find him; he'd been out all day. We found him swimming naked in the lake east of the boarder. Mum thought he'd been kidnapped or worse. She was the one who found him and she dragged him out of the water by the ear, he slept on the couch for three days. She sat down and started crying, it broke my heart to see her so broken.  "I wish he was here to show me this and be here with me but I know he is, in our hearts", she cried as I sat next to her and rubbed her back soothingly. "I was going through the office and I found something", I mentioned grabbing my bag and pulling out an envelope and a small box.  She wiped her eyes and took the items from me. I got up and walked to the kitchen making mom and me some honey tea. "I love you baby", she grinned holding the letter to her chest. I smiled as I watch the joy flood into my mother's eyes.
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