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Jinn     “Who is he?” I didn’t wait to ask her as soon as she got into the car.  “Take me back home..” She said emotionlessly and that’s when I noticed a huge shiny stone on her finger.  “What the fuck, Dahlia?” I snatched her hand so that I could get a closer look at the thing.  “You are in no position to question me, Jinn…” She hissed angrily, “It’s not that I am your girlfriend or something to explain my relationship with anyone else to you..”  “Are you fucking kidding me? After everything that’s been happening between us you are still convinced that you aren’t my girlfriend?”  “Okay fine.. you want to know who I was meeting with? His name is Oliver Russo..”  Oliver Russo, the name rang a bell. My grandfather holds sixty percentage share and had millions invested in his father’s company. I knew Oliver was a good for nothing case who inherited his father’s riches without moving a muscle.  “He is a businessman and my parents want me to get married to him. And I too think he is the best for me and my future..” “What are you saying, babe?” my voice softened as the hurt penetrated deep into my heart.  “That I am marrying Oliver in a week, Jinn..” “Then, what about us, Dahlia?”  “There was no us..” She sighed annoyed. “Tell me something, Jinn. Can you ever provide me a life that Oliver can? Can you even afford something like this?” She asked raising her hand to flaunt the diamond ring in front of me.  Afford? I can fucking buy the whole jewelry showroom if she wanted but she didn’t have to know it. Her words broke my heart beyond repair. Something inside me snapped that moment she told me I wasn’t enough for her. Suddenly I lost all the will to fight for her. She wasn’t worth fighting for. I don’t need a woman who is a gold digger, chasing after someone’s rich.  I started the engine and drove the car with the maximum speed it can reach.  “Jinn, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to..”  “Get out..” I stopped her midway. I have had enough of her nonsense.  “Jinn..”  “I said, fucking get out..” I yelled at her and watched her scurry out of the car.  Dropping her in front of her home, I promised myself to never look at her face again. 
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