Chapter 1

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Jinn   I sighed, my phone was pressed to my ears as I heard my grandma whine on the other end, “No, Jinn. I cannot stay in the same house where that woman is..” “But you have been staying there since I remember. Why do you all of a sudden want to move out of your own house?” I tried to make her change her decision but she seemed very stubborn in her stand. “That’s because you often came to visit us and now if you are gone for three months, I don’t know maybe she will poison the food we eat, Jinn. You know what she is capable of..” “Grandma, I know Gabrielle can be a little rough at times but you are kind of exaggerating..” I said as a matter of fact. “Believe me Jinn, she is the incarnation of the devil itself and whether you help me or not, I’m going back to the farmhouse till you return from Shanghai..” She declared firmly. “I will be gone for three months and who will take care of you and grandpa until then?” I was genuinely concerned about grandpa’s deteriorating health. It was safe for them to stay in the family mansion till I came back. At least I didn’t have to worry about them being alone. “Don’t worry about us. We will be safe and healthy as long as we stay away from that b**..” She couldn’t finish her words since I interrupted her halfway. “Grandma, she is my stepmother for your kind information..” I reminded her with a chuckle escaping my mouth. Seriously, I wasn’t offended by her words because Gabrielle deserved every single one of them. “Yeah and that is the reason why I still have her around in this house..” Grandma added and I heard her sigh soon after. “Look Jinn, if you are so worried about us, then we will hire a caretaker for us till your return but please don’t force us to stay here..” I heaved a loud sigh, “Okay grandma, I will ask Peter to look for a caregiver. You don’t have to stay in the mansion if you don’t feel comfortable..” “Thank you so much for understanding, Jinn. This is why you are my favorite grandbaby..” I could suddenly feel a wave of liveliness in her voice and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her last word. “I’ll personally come home and drop you at the farmhouse. Okay?” I told her “You don’t have to, my boy. You yourself are traveling and you will be busy. We don’t want to be a burden for you..” “You and grandpa will never be a burden for me. I insist grandma, please.” I know she could never resist when I pleaded with her like that and I smiled when she muttered a low ‘alright then..’ I ended the call and I noticed the entire office building was now empty and dark, except for my room of course. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, it was eleven in the night. Even my secretary Peter had left an hour ago but, I have to say that I liked to spend late nights in this magnificent building all alone. It gave me a sense of tranquility and time to relax a bit after a long day at work.   Reading the papers in front of me, I was immersed in work when my phone rang again. Seeing the name on the display my lips split into a smirk. “Hey baby, are you done with work? I am feeling lonely tonight..” I heard Harriet purr in her usual seductive tone. I chuckled, “I am almost done. I will be there in an hour..” “Hmm.. I cannot wait for you to get here..” She whispered. “See you soon..” “Yup..” I cut the call and closed the dossier to rest my head against the headrest. I stared at the pale white ceiling above me, thinking of nothing in particular more like resisting the thought of someone I learned to hate over the years. Exhaling a breath, I stood up and packed my things before I walked out of the office building. Instead of driving to my house, I drove to Harriet’s apartment. Not that I was dying to see her or something. What we had was strictly physical. I never did one-night stands due to the risks involved. I am one of the richest bachelor’s in the country and who knew in what form, problems might knock on my door. I had known Harriet for a while and she was safe by every means. She was from a very well-to-do family and was certainly not a gold-digger. Did I ever tell you that I loathed gold diggers?  Anyways, after several minutes I was waiting outside Harriet's apartment, placing my palm in front of my mouth to check my breath. When I was sure I smelled clean, I knocked on the door and it didn’t take long for Harriett to open the door for me. “Hey..” She greeted, opening the door for me and my eyes roamed down to her almost naked body. I couldn’t deny the fact that she was very beautiful and sexy. She was one of those top models whose face you could see on every advertising banner you come across on the roads but she could never win my heart, no matter what.  “Looks like you have been waiting for this night..” I said chuckling. “You have no idea..” She opened the door for me wider and I got in, closing it behind me. I didn’t waste a minute as I claimed her lips in a hungry kiss. Our clothes flew around and before we knew it, I was banging her mercilessly like an animal on her bed. She was mewling loudly under me, savoring every second of it. Pulling out for a brief moment, I flipped her around so that she was on all fours. Gathering and twisting her blonde hair around my hands, I once again began to slam into her. Her screams filled the silence of the night but I was struggling to reach my climax. Anyone in my place would be enjoying her. However, I knew what I had to do and closed my eyes. I could never do it with my eyes open, how much ever hot and sexy the women I slept with were. I could only come when I imagined about a certain brunette, even after so many years and it pissed me beyond I could explain. This was the only time of the day when I caved in and let her face flash in front of my eyes. I could curse myself later all that I want but it has to be done right now. I still remember every detail about her and it didn’t shock me since I had literally memorized them back then. She had the perfect features, dark chocolate brown hair, eyes which were the prettiest shades of green, her cute button nose and then those full lips which I was dying to taste again.   I fantasized about running my hands all over her wonderful curves which were at the right places and that was what I needed. Soon I was groaning and panting. I pulled out of Harriet and heard her whine as she shifted on the bed. Her hands immediately came up to pull me over her but I stood up to get dressed. “You never stay..” She complained, balancing herself on her elbows. “Yes, you know I don’t like staying..” I said emotionlessly. I thought I saw some foreign emotion flash in her eyes which she covered quickly by blinking. “So, when will you be coming back again?” She asked slipping into a silk nightgown. “I am traveling to China and I won’t be back for the next three months..” I said combing my messed-up hair using my hands. “Three months?” I saw her eyes popping out of their sockets through the mirror in front of me, “That’s too long. I will miss you.” I chuckled humorlessly, watching her walk near me, “It’s not like you will run out of men to warm your bed when I am gone..” “Yeah, but no one satisfies me as you do..” She whispered seductively, running her perfectly manicured finger over my chest. I laughed when I felt my male pride boasted by her words, “That’s your problem. Anyways see you..” “Bye..” She said and walked me to the door. I didn’t reply to her and walked out of her apartment, feeling terribly tired and exhausted for the day. I only had three hours to rest since I had to drop my grandparents at their farmhouse the next morning but that was more than enough for me. My flight was at ten in the morning so as I promised, I had to take them to the farmhouse myself before that. I just prayed that the traffic wasn’t horrible like always so that I could reach the airport in time.  Revving the engine, I drove to my studio apartment and as soon as I reached my bedroom, I pulled out my phone to set the alarm for four AM. Placing my phone on the side table, I slumped on my bed and immediately dozed off.   **************************************************************** The next morning, I was showered and ready, waiting for my driver to arrive. The knock on the door said it was Harry. When I opened the door, he greeted me and carried my bags to the car. He drove us to our family mansion and as I entered I was greeted by our chauffeur Carter. “Mr. and Mrs. Mancini are waiting for you, Sir. Shall I load their bags in the boot?” “Yes, Carter please do it. We are leaving soon after that..” I said and walked to where my grandparents were waiting for me. “Jinny..” Grandma wound her arms around me for a tight hug. I inhaled her sweet scent and it calmed me every time she hugged me. They were the ones who brought me up and just their scent was enough to trigger some awesome memories in my head.  “Grams.. Grandpa, where’s everyone at home?” I asked looking around the silent and empty corridors. “Who cares, let’s go now..” My grandma mumbled, trying to carry her small baggage and that broke my heart.  My father, stepmother, and my half-siblings lived here. They could have come out to at least send off the old couple. My grandfather, Leo Mancini was the founder of the Mancini group of companies. He was one of the most powerful men I have seen in my entire life. but I guess even the strongest of all, loses his authority and say in the family with time. “Alright, come on..” I grabbed the bag from her hands and lead them to the car that was waiting for us. Harry took us all to the farmhouse and within no time, I was sipping on my cup of coffee made by grandma. “Are you sure, you are going to be okay?” I asked, just for reassurance and saw her nod her head with a huge smile. “I get to do everything I want here without anyone ordering me around. We will go back once you are here with us again, Jinn. Don’t worry..” She said taking my hand in hers. “Grandpa, I will ask Peter to hire a caretaker for you. I am sorry I couldn’t do it myself. It was all so last minute..” I apologized to him. “No worries, Jinn. You shouldn’t worry so much about us. We will be fine. Just don’t forget to facetime us every night..” He said in a weak voice. “Sure, I’ll do that..” I assured them before I got up from the couch, “Alright, I should get going now..” They came to the parking to see me off like I was still a teenager going to college but seriously they were the very few people who made me feel loved and I wouldn’t want it any other way. “Bye..” I waved before leaning back on the seat. I called Peter to ask him to look for a full-time caretaker. “Sure, Mr. Mancini..” “And do a thorough background check on the person. I do not want a criminal or a psychopath to enter that house. Understood?” “Yes, Sir. Don’t worry. I will take care of it..” With that, I ended the call. I know I could trust him with the job since he is the best secretary I have recruited so far. The flight travel was a twenty-two-hour-long one and to say it drained me out would be an understatement. I was feeling jetlagged but I had an early morning meeting which left me with only two hours, which definitely wouldn’t be enough for a nap. After a warm shower, I felt much better and I called Peter to enquire about the caretaker. “Have you found out someone for the job?” I asked. “Yes, Sir. I have. I personally verified her profile and she seems perfect for the job. She has eight years of experience and everyone in the old age home speaks so highly of her. I am on my way to meet her and if I find her fit for the job, I will drop her at your grandparent's place..” “That’s great! What’s her name, by the way?” I asked. “Lia..” I couldn’t hear the caretaker’s full name as I had to remove my phone from my ear to check another incoming call. “Alright, Peter listen. If you find her suitable, go drop her at my grandparent’s home and make sure she feels comfortable during her stay there. I call you later..” “Yes, Mr.Mancini. Have a good day..” Ending Peter’s call, I answered the other one which was on wait. “Alana, what’s up?” “Hey Jinn, hope you reached Shanghai..” She asked. “Yeah, yeah, I did..” I nodded as if she can see me. “We came to visit grandma and grandpa this evening. They wanted to know if you landed safely. Would you like to speak with them?” “Sure, let me turn on my video..” I quickly switched on my camera and my lips curved up into a smile when I saw my grandma’s wrinkled face. I could see grandpa, Alana and Zayn in the background waving at me with huge smiles on their faces. “Hey guys!!” I waved back at them. “Jinny, I thought you were going to call me soon after reaching Shanghai..” grandma retorted. “Believe me, grams I just reached here. I was going to call you..” She shot me a glare as if she didn't believe my words.  “Anyways, don’t work too hard, take care of your health, and try to get a Chinese chick for you, if possible. We would love to see an Anglo-Chinese baby running around the house..” She jested and I rolled my eyes when everyone started laughing behind her. “Very funny guys. Zayn, please take care of them while I am away..” I saw Zayn coming to the front to hold the phone in his hands. “Don’t worry, man. We will visit them often..” He assured and I knew he and Alana would take care of them. They loved them no less than me.   “Thank you so much..” I smiled and looked at grandpa who was patiently waiting for his turn to speak, “Grandpa, Peter will be bringing the caretaker home today. Tell me if you both like her or else don’t hesitate to fire her. Peter can arrange someone else for you. Okay?” He laughed and shook his head, “I can’t believe I raised you to become so cruel to another human being. I would never do that to someone..”  “If she is not good enough for you then there is nothing wrong in firing her. So, please tell me if you have any complaints..” I shrugged and clearly saw the disappointment in his eyes.  “Okay okay fine.” I knew he wouldn’t do anything like that because he was basically very soft-natured. “Just take care and call us every day..” “Sure thing. Alana and Zayn, take care.” “You too, Jinn..” They replied in chorus. “Bye, grandma. Bye grandpa..” I waved again before ending the call. I breathed out a loud sigh and began to arrange the files which I would need for the meeting. It was going to be a very hectic day for me ahead.      
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