Undressed By The Alpha

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Fall For A Billionaire : Redeem EX's Love.

While working in a five-star hotel in the city as a waitress, Amber Harper had what one would think was a serendipitous encounter with a forty-five years old Alpha. He just happened to run the largest pack in the world. He hadn’t come there to eat, or to celebrate the wedding of his friend's daughter and then carry on with his life like others were doing.

Instead, the Alpha had come there with an offer that was going to change the life of a lone wolf like Amber. The task appeared to be simple. She needed to bring the Alpha’s stubborn son, Sebastian, back to his pack as he had been banished since his birth, so that he could hand him over Alpha's position.

As a reward for completing this task, she would be appointed his new Beta. It is simple, right? But what if Alpha's son was twenty-five years old, hot as hell, and a handsome jerk who just also happened to be the richest man in the country! Oh my god! She was to be the new Beta to this bastard Alpha! It couldn’t be that easy, right? But for the sake of every lone wolf that was living their life at the edge of starvation, for their safety, and to give them the perfect life that they deserve, Amber accepted the offer as she also needed money to survive in this world.

After all, one never knows which asset would be more beneficial in a situation, brains and beauty? For Amber, the promise of a pack was a siren’s call, guaranteeing her protection from rogues and other threats. The reality of a lone wolf’s life was a brutal fight for survival, the 18 years of her existence was no different, but it was not time to change her life for the better. Throwing away her shitty life to accept the new one, tasting the life that she always deserved. Amber meets the Alpha's son and decides to bring him back to the pack, but will things go as she expected? Or are there too many hidden evils under this sexy Alpha's sleeves?

Will Amber be able to bring Sebastian back to his pack? Despite Sebastian not being willing to go.

The plan seemed so simple to Amber until they met...and she found out he was more than a simple man for her.

But will they be together, or will they only end up as Alpha and Beta? Or mates?

What will happen if the game started by Amber will take a big turn in her life? One where she is no longer the one in control of the contest and the big bad Alpha decides the final outcome. Will Amber end up undressed by the Alpha?

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1. The Unexpected.
"Amber there is a guest who is asking for you," Mia exclaimed as she drew closer to me. Having quickly moved through the kitchen door where I was placing a few empty glasses on the counter from my tray carefully. Her perfume was so overpowering that I had predicted her arrival moments earlier. Once finished I turned back to find that her face was looking red like she was blushing. Her chocolate brown eyes were shining, her blonde curly hairs bounced on her shoulders. Today she had applied dark red lipstick which only enhanced her beauty. The panic and excitement mixed in her expression was quite surprising.   "Why is your face so red? Don't tell me you kissed yet another handsome guest secretly. I wonder how you risk your job every time," I chuckled, again turning my eyes to the tray. In this place weddings and wedding  anniversaries were organized and held almost every day. Then there were also mating balls that coordinated by many packs at least twice a week between multiple packs. After all, putting together such a festival was a great way to find their soulmate but if they fail to find their mate then they could spend the night with any unknown beautiful lady. Well, it was not wrong. Werewolves were lusty creatures that were always ready for sex.  Mia would never let a golden chance like this slip through her fingers and miss randomly hooking up with a handsome guy but she at least made sure that he was not marked by someone first. The main problem with flings with guests was that it was against the rules of the hotel so she used to screw them after work hours. That being said,  if a handsome werewolf pulled you into the dark for a sexy hot kiss then no she-wolf was going to let that opportunity pass them by. Well no one was going to judge her as she had not found her mate yet, so she was free to sow her wild oats.  "I wish I could kiss him!" She could not contain her excitement as she bounced on the balls of her feet. I was correct in my assessment that she had been  kissed by some handsome dude and she could not get over it so she found me to discuss how fucking hot it was.  "Whatever…" I just brushed her excitement away as she was always losing her self control to her hormones whenever she was around handsome wolves. Today this place was full of Alphas, Betas, and handsome warriors, a veritable buffet of delicious males for her to drool over. A grand marriage was taking place in this hotel. It was the largest hotel in the city which had been booked by one of the richest men in the country for his daughter's marriage and not just the reception hall the whole freaking hotel was booked.    "Believe it or not, I bet your panties would be wet after beholding the sexy Alpha who was trying to get your information out of me," she informed as once again a blush played on her cheeks.   "My panties would get wet? Don't you think you are admiring that man just a little too much?" I eye her skeptically.  "Yes because that Alpha is…" I did not let her complete her thought.  I rolled my eyes letting her know that I was not interested to know any further information on  ‘how handsome’ said  Alpha was. I had far more prudent things to do with my time. I began to make my way towards the door so that I could return to my work as a waitress but at the last moment I decided to reply to her as she was right behind me.  "My experience tells me to never admire anyone to that extent, he will begin to consider himself a God and ruler whose purpose and will is meant only to crush us. Don’t forget that we are lone wolves and they are from a pack. They don’t think of us as anything more than a worm," exhaustion was evident in my tone. My past experiences were enough to make me aware of all of these truths. Mia also knew that I wasn’t wrong. My hand was grabbed by Mia again as she obstructed my path. She had no intention to let me go until I listened to her.  "You did not ask me who wanted to meet you," She had wrapped her arms over her chest,still confident that her excitement was not over just any common man.  "He must be the same astonishingly sexy Alpha or warrior that you were talking about but  I am still not interested. Tell him that I am not available or you can say that I have a mate," I suggested the lie she normally used on my behalf in these types of situations. It was the best way to escape from these crazy werewolves who were mostly unmated and used to finding any random she-wolf to release their lust. Mostly their eyes were on lone wolves like us as they knew our circumstances. I was sure that this Alpha could be lumped in with the rest of the previous perverts.   I always asked Mia for this favor, to reject them. It was not like I could not handle them, it was just that I was weary. I was not ready to have any relationship now as I had dreams that were unfulfilled. So when males used to ask for my mobile number and house address, I had to rebuff them badly so that they would not ask me again but most of them were shameless, never seeming to get offended.  "I wish I could help you but this time the story is different. The one who is asking for you is not a pervert. He is not interested in your mobile number or house address. He wants to have a meeting. I don't believe that he wants to hook up with you at all."  I could not deny that I was shocked. I could declare it the joke of the day that he was not here for all of those things that I always expect but Mia’s expression and tone were deadly serious. Now my curiosity was piqued.  "Who is he?" I corked my brow.  "Oscar Howard! Alpha of Eclipse Moon pack!" The other waiters in the kitchen stopped in their tracks when they heard Howard’s name. The Eclipse Moon pack was the largest pack in the country. The pack was known for training more than thousands of warriors each year and then using them as part of treaty negotiations with other packs. Every warrior in that pack was a killing machine, trained to kill with cold blood, and to root out the existence of the enemy standing in front. Oscar Howard, the alpha who used to strike terror into an enemy pack with his name, came to visit a lone wolf like me, it was quite bizarre!  I agreed with Mia, that this time the case was indeed different. When someone had been asking about me I didn't think that a 45 year old man would try to play dirty with the lone wolf like me as he had a status and reputation that he needed to protect but still his presence was dubious. My suspicion was not ready to completely dissipate.  "Ok I think I should meet him."  Mia smiled brightly looking relieved. She had suspected that I was going to turn down his proposal to meet like I usually do. However, turning down the strongest Alpha in the country was not a wise decision. I was in no position to fight with any Alpha, nevermind him. I had to admit that I was also curious as to why the almighty Alpha, who had not lacked for anything in his life, desired to have a conversation with me. I opened the door to the banquet hall entering the party.  They were playing a beautiful soft slow melody combined with the twinkling lights everywhere as the newly married couple was dancing on the stage. It was simply stunning. Alpha’s were chatting mostly about treaties and other things that were going to give them better profit margins. While a young wolves were fucking each other in a dark corner thinking that no one was going to notice. It was nothing new or even exciting, I had seen this all before. The larger the pack they were from  and the more money that they had, the more brazen and vile they tended to be.  All the guests were enjoying their food and beverages. I continued to serve the drinks while still thinking about what Mia told me. I wanted to get a better idea of how desperate Alpha Oscar was to meet with me.  I also did not have an inkling of what the man looked like. We lone wolves were not allowed to meet Alphas normally. We had a great many restrictions that I loathed in general. So if he wanted to meet me then he could come  find me by himself because if my manager noticed that I was not working then he would fire me on the spot. It was going to be a great enough risk that I was taking just agreeing to meet him, I would not approach him as well.  Mia appeared at my side after a few minutes with her tray in her hand but there was an unaccustomed smile on her face that was hiding her hidden agenda to follow me.   "Don't you think you are testing the Alpha’s patience? Go and meet him quickly. What if he gets angry thinking that you are offending him?" She whispered, maintaining the sweet smile on her face so that no one would get  the idea of what was going on. She needed to pretend to work because we were not allowed to talk while we were serving guests. She must have been keeping an eye on me to figure out that I had not gone to speak with Alpha Oscar.  "If this meeting is so time sensitive, he can come by himself. He is the one who wants to meet at the wrong time. I am busy right now, this is my place of work," I replied walking away to the next guest. She was still throwing daggers with her eyes, repeatedly asking me to go to him without words.  Ten minutes had passed as I continued my work. There were so many guests but no one was close to being ready to leave as it was only 11 pm. According to the schedule it was only the beginning of the party.   I had been working for hours so I decided to take a little ten minute break. Tucking my tray away I started to make my way towards the washroom. First of all I grabbed my scarf, beginning to wipe my sweat away. I was too lazy to grab a handkerchief from the changing room. It was a long way and going to consume more of my break time.   Raising my hands above my head I started to stretch my body so that I could loosen up a little. It was a great feeling. Moving my head right and left, I noticed a tall man in a black shiny suit who was walking towards me. He was in his forties but the confidence in his walk was telling me that he was much stronger than he looked. His eyes were fixed on mine. I predicted that he had come to meet me and it proved correct when he stopped in front of me.  "Miss Amber, finally you have free time. I was waiting for you."   The man had a gentle smile on his face but his voice was deep and sexy for this age. His shoulders were broad, I stood at only 5.4 but he towered over at somewhere around 6.1.  I studied him quickly, I expected and assumed that he was not the Alpha Oscar even though he had said that he was waiting for me. He was…   "I am sorry sir but you cannot do this. I don’t want this!" an unexpected conversation reached my ears that made me look towards the bathroom. The man in the black suit was also paying attention to what was being said on the other side of the door. His face changed a little as he also sensed that something not right was going on inside there.  "It's ok. Everything is fine. Your manager will never find out," it was the voice of a young man which was normal, but what was abnormal was that he was in the women’s bathroom. He was with that woman. I turned my eyes to the black suit man who again smiled at me.   "Let me introduce myself. I am the Beta of Alpha Oscar, my name is Luis. Alpha wants to have a conversation with you. I am here to request to please follow me,"   The woman was audibly sobbing, the doors were locked and I was no closer to it. I smiled back at the man respectfully.   "Yes, I accept your invitation. It is my 10 minutes break and I need to use the washroom. Would you kindly wait for me at the party? I will be back to meet Alpha Oscar," I explained. He was intelligent enough to understand as he quickly nodded, not waiting for me near the bathroom like a pervert.  "We will be waiting for you, Miss Amber," he quickly left. As soon as his shadow faded away I made my way towards the bathroom. As soon as I opened the door the scene I had expected to see greeted me. A man from the big and powerful pack was forcing a lone wolf to have sex with him. Money was lying on the floor,it was all too much. I noticed the cheque that was given to the woman when she refused to accept the money.    She was screaming for help but this man was enjoying her fear. She was bearing it; no actually she was forced to bear it because she was a lone wolf. Yes, this was the reality of the lone wolves of this world.  It all started years ago when lone wolves declared war against the packs. They used to be friends but people say that one of the lone wolves who had been the best friend of Alpha Oscar’s father, betrayed and killed the younger brother of Alpha Oscar. It had all been planned. He had befriended the Alpha only to remove his heir, luckily he was not successful in his endeavour. The Eclipse Moon pack  at that point was already a rich and powerful pack, the Alpha was like an emperor to the other packs. All the packs gathered together against the lone wolves, that was the day when our destruction began. Lone wolves were not limitless in numbers. They were few in front of the number of packs that gathered against them, but the lone wolf chief anticipated that situation.   The chief of the lone wolves had already shaken his hand with the head of hunters to finish the packs. Packs at first were not aware of the hunters’ arrival in the war. For a moment they were scared, but the packs were not ready to accept defeat as there was blood lust in them. The war was terrible enough that lone wolves still remember and avoid arguing with the members of the pack. Even though hunters were on the lone wolf side, they could not stand in front of the might of the combined packs for long. The ongoing fighting finally came to an end after 3 days but by then everything had gone to ruin.  The whole country was turned upside down, countless people died, the ground was painted red with blood and everywhere was mourning over their losses. After that battle, the pack did not suffer much, but it was the utter devastation of the lone wolves and the poor public treatment began. All the rights were stolen from us by the pack. The consequences of rebellion were most severe on women and children.  Breathing was allowed but in return those left had to follow every order of the packs. Because of the rebellion, every ‘decent’ wolf hated to hire lone wolves. Even if there was a job, the wages would have been so low that they could only purchase  one meal a day if that. Women's lives were affected the most as the jobs they had in their hands were snatched away as soon as the war was declared. More than half of the lone wolf population remained illiterate, but when Alpha Oscar was made Alpha; he showed mercy to the lone wolves after many years of paying for the sins of their fathers. He had lost his brother and was filled with hatred and disgust for lone wolves, but still took pity on them enough to improve their lives. We were allowed to take jobs with improved wages. Women were ready to do even the harshest work so that their children could receive an education.  I was one of those children. I was in my mother's womb when this war occured. My mother raised me with great difficulty and hardship to herself, she died when I was 13 years old. At that time I was thrown out of the  house we rented as soon as my mother's body grew cold. I had no one in this world to look after me, no relatives nor any friends. I was both an orphan and homeless, wandering along the way. That was when my education came to a complete halt.   However, I was determined to complete my schooling anyway as it was my mother's dream and she had worked herself to the bone for it. I did not accept the fate that had been handed to me, to die wandering in the streets like an orphan. From that day onward I took control of my life, using my own hand to achieve it. After wandering the streets hungry and thirsty for almost 2 days, I obtained a job in a small hotel.  After the hotel closed for the night, I used to sleep near the closed door of the same hotel. All this went on for about 4 years. Meanwhile, I worked at countless jobs and slowly was able to save up money. I was able to pay my school fees myself and tried to save as much money as possible. Being a minor no one was ready to rent me a house but as soon as I turned 17 I rented a small room where I was finally safe. But not completely safe. The lone wolf lost everything at the end of the war, two of those things were our dignity and self respect.  We needed to respect the wolves that belong to packs. No matter how much they have used and  mistreated us, no one could open their mouths to stop them as everyone was petrified that history would repeat itself. It proved that no matter what, a lone wolf could not win against the pack.   Right now I could see that this woman was not willing to have sex. But the rich bastard was forcing her, calling her a lone wolf and reminding her that she needed to obey him or she would be killed as lone wolves were their slaves.   I never accepted this treatment from anyone. I always did what I wanted even though I knew the consequences were going to ruin my life if someone found out. But that was not going to convince me to change my mind as I was the ruler of my own life!   He was drunk and did not notice my presence as he was busy forcing himself on the woman. Slowly closing the door I adjusted my scarf in between both of my hands. The woman had already noticed since she was facing me but the man's back was towards me. As soon as I charged, I nodded to her. She was quick to comprehend as she pulled away form. He staggered but swiftly put his hand on the wall for support. The woman escaped the bathroom as hastily as she could. As he was about to turn to trap his prey but before he could succeed I covered his face with my scarf. I was right behind him, he was tall but I was strangling his neck.  He was throwing his arms and legs in the air.   "What the f***!" He cursed. realizing I was behind him he grabbed my arm, now I was in trouble. I knew very well that he was going to slam me against the floor and after that he was going to see my face. "You bloody bitch!" I was slammed on the floor like I expected. He had sensed that I was a female maybe because of the strength or smell. He was instantly trying to remove the scarf. I kicked his stomach with my heels eliciting a groan of pain from him. Taking advantage of the situation I got up from the floor again and took my position behind him. I tightened the cloth around his neck once again and dragged him to the toilet.   “Who are you? Stop it right now! I will kill you if you don't let me go!" He shouted as he had predicted what I was about to do. I grabbed the back of his head violently, shoving his face continuously into the bowl of the toilet. Each time his face was buried in the dirty water I would leave him in there long enough so that he would feel like he was going to die before I would use the scarf to pull his head out only for a few seconds. I continued to do the same thing over and over again so that I could make him aware of the death that I so badly wanted to give him.  He was struggling for oxygen. By the end when he could not shout or abuse anyone, I let his head go but not before giving him a hard kick in the face, his mouth and nose oozed  making the scarf turn red with his blood. His weak, wounded body flopped on the ground as he was nearly unconscious, resembling a freshly caught fish rather than a wolf.   My whole body was sweating due to the adrenaline rush. My breath heaved in and out of my lungs as my chest rose and fell repeatedly. My heartbeat was as fast as a running horse but I was satisfied to see this disgusting man's condition. Whenever someone thought that it was appropriate to abuse women especially when she was a lone wolf it triggered something in. It would bring my mind back to where I used to find myself in the past. It was not because of war but I had a dark past that still haunts me.  *Clap* *clap* *clap*  Someone’s clapping got my attention as I found a very handsome man with broad shoulders and stronger power aura than any other wolf  I had ever seen, standing near the washroom door. He was wearing an expensive suit with a matching tie. His hair black but starting to be threaded through with grey and was well styled. His shoes and watch were screaming his identity. The woman, who had run outside, had not bothered to close the door behind her and left me in a ton of trouble.  "Bravo," the man complimented who was none other than Alpha Oscar. I could recognize him as his Beta, who happened to be right behind him. I could not deny that I did not want anyone to witness what I had done. As a lone wolf  I had nearly killed a wolf from a rich pack. What I did was unforgivable and that was going to lead me to my destruction. I never expected that someone like him would witness my actions. It was like he and his Beta were standing there the entire time watching everything. I had misunderstood that the Beta had left but he came back with his Alpha and got unexpected entertainment.   "Do you regret what you did?" Alpha Oscar questioned having a normal expression on his face. I kept my feet on the disgusting wolf who was laying in my path, not forgetting to crush him. As soon as I walked over him, he screamed in pain but I did not give fuck as I made my way closer to the Alpha.   "Never. There are no regrets in my life due to the fact that I am the one who chooses what I want," I replied. He shrugged his shoulders walking close to me. His light green eyes shined as he declared.  "You are the one who will bring him back," he sounded confident in his decision.  "Bring whom?" I blinked my eyes to figure out what was going on.  "You will bring my banished son back!"   What? I will bring his banished son back?

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