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"I know what game you're playing and I know who you truly are," he said slamming his fist on the desk.

"Care to enlighten me who am I?" she asked with an arrogance.

"YOU'RE JEAN GRAYSON" he shouted in anger "you're my wife"the board members around us were looking at both of them confused with a frown on their faces.

"I think you're mistaken I may resemble your dead wife but my name is Katherine Rhodes and please, lower your voice around me. Don't forget who you are talking to I can destroy you with a blink of an eye" she said getting up from her chair and walking closer to him.

"I.dont.fucking.care," he said with gritted teeth and she signaled everyone to go.

"Yes, Carter I am Jean Grayson the same Jean who you burned in the fire and left her to die, the same Jean you tortured, the same Jean who you made your friends fuck, the same Jean whose mother you and your father killed, the same jean from whom you took all her wealth, and the same Jean whose baby you killed, yes Jean and your baby. Now she is back with a new identity and new name and with a resembling face. She is back for her revenge. And her new name is Katherine Rhodes"

He was looking at her with shock and fear.


She loved and trusted him with all her heart but he crushed it by making her life hell and left her to die.

Now she is back to take her revenge with a new identity and a powerful plan that will make everyone pay for their sins who hurt her in the past.

"Her silence is not her weakness but the beginning of her revenge"

So you better watch out.

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"A Visit"
Unknown Person:- "Hello love, how are you?" the woman asks kissing the man's cheek after she has entered his house. "I am angry with you flower," he replied with a frown on his face. "And why is that?" she asks cupping his cheeks with a smile on his face. "Because you won't marry me. We love each other then why can't we just marry each other? Every time I ask you about that. You always change the subject" the man asks. "No, we like each other because I have only loved one person in life and that is my daughter's father. And I just can't marry you. We can date and be casual only. Why are you so persistent about marriage? Sometimes I think you are with me just for my wealth." the woman rubs her hand in her blonde hairs frustrated "Fine, you want to marry me? Then we will get married but just so you know you won't be getting any single penny out of it as my whole wealth belongs to my daughter only and I have already transferred it on her name." after hearing this the man gets furious and yelled. "YOU DID WHAT? ALL THIS TIME I WAS SPENDING TIME WITH YOU SO THAT I CAN MARRY YOU AND GET YOUR WEALTH BUT YOU RUINED IT." "WELL, I DIDN'T RUIN IT. I THINK I DID RIGHT, IT SHOWED ME YOUR REAL FACE YOU GREEDY BASTARD. WE ARE DONE AND I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN BECAUSE IF I DO I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL." she yelled back and started to walk out of the house when the man stabbed her from behind and keep on stabbing until she dies. A man in his twenties came running downstairs. "Dad, I heard some screaming voices what happ...." he stopped in his tracks when he looked at the woman's dead body "what...did...you..do?" he asks stuttering in fear. "None, of your business. Now I will take care of this body and you will do exactly as I say otherwise or I will take the two precious things of your life to whom you love dearly." "I am not going to do anything you say. You are a murderer."  the man screamed at his father. "Oh, you will do exactly what I say or you will face the consequences," he replied with a smirk and took care of the woman's body. Jean Grayson:- I was on the way to my grandmother's hospital room as she was ill and in a shock at her daughter's and my mother's death. I was holding a bouquet of flowers in my hand with a card written "Get Well Soon" when I bumped into someone and was about to fall when I felt strong arms wrapped around me, preventing me from the fall. "I am so sorry..." I was about to complete my sentence when my gaze went to the hot and handsome, muscular man with black hairs and tan-colored body, my eyes locked with the deep blue ones who was looking directly in my green ones with a smile on his perfect face. "Are you fine, miss? I am sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" he apologizes in his deep voice, I was so lost in him that I felt my heart skipping a beat. "I...I..am fine and...don't apologize... it was my mistake," I replied, stammering as I was unable to form any words, he chuckled and made me stand on my feet properly and unwrapped his arms from my waist. "No, miss, it was mine," he said. "No, it was mine" I argued he shook his head and chuckled again. "Okay, let's compromise. It was ours," he said with a smile, a smile that melts my heart. "Are you here to visit someone....." he asks. "Jean, my name is Jean Grayson, and yes, I am here to visit my grandma, who is ill. Are you here to visit someone also......?" I ask. "Carter, my name is Carter Parker, and just like you, I am here to visit my ill mother," he replied. "Oh, I hope she gets well soon. What is wrong with her?" I ask. "She has pneumonia and getting treatment for it, what happened to your grandma?" he asks. "Oh, she had a cardiac arrest," I replied. "Huh, why?" he asks. "She wasn't able to take the news of my mother's death," I replied with tears in my eyes. "I am sorry, what happened to her, and when did she die?" he asks. "According to police it was the case of snatch and kill, but I don't believe, and she died four days ago" I replied by this time the tears were falling from my eyes, he brings his hands to my cheeks and wipes the tears from my face, his touch sends a shiver in my body. "I know it's the hardest thing to lose your mother in the world, and I know I can't take the pain away from you, but please don't cry. Your mother wouldn't want you to cry; instead, she would have wanted you to be strong and move on," he said in a caring tone. "I know, but it's just so hard to digest the news that your mother is no more alive," I said, then chuckled " I am sorry for being so emotional and telling you about my dead mother." "Hey, it's fine to let it out and share with someone, and really I don't mind," he said with his hand still resting on my cheek "I know it's not the right time to say this, but I find quite an interest in you and would like to go on a date with you. So, if you're single, would you like to go on a date with me?" he asks nervously. I was so shocked thinking that this hot man in the world who I just met in the hospital would want to go on a date with me. "Yes, I am single and will like to go on a date with you," I replied with a soft smile. "Today at seven?" he asks. "Perfect," I replied. "Okay, then I will pick you up. Can you give me your digits so I can text you?" he asks. "Sure," I replied, and we exchange our numbers. "Okay, I have to go now but will meet you at seven," he said and place a kiss on my cheek then walk away; I was still standing frozen in my spot, placing my hands where he just kissed me with his warm mouth. After a few seconds, I came out of my daze and went to visit my grandmother to whom I tell everything that happened and about my planned date tonight.

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