"First Date"

1741 Words
Jean Grayson:- Currently, I was standing in the closet searching for dresses for what to wear at night as I don't know where are we going so what type of dressing would suit, I took out several dresses and some jeans and tops. When I get fed up with choosing, so, I decided to text and ask Carter. "Hey, Carter, I just wanted to know what type of place are we going. And what type of dressing should I do? Casual or formal? -Jean" I placed the phone back on the nightstand and went to take a shower, I entered my luxurious bathroom in gold and white colour with a huge bathtub and showerheads, considering I was getting late, so I decided to shower instead of taking a bath. After I showered, I wrapped myself in the towel and walked back into my room. I blow-dried my hair and went to the nightstand to pick up the phone and check if he replied. "Hey, Just wear something casual, I can't wait to see you again -Carter." After confirmation, I pick up my black crop jeans pant along with a black crop tank top that will show my belly I pared it with a black leather jacket. I put on the clothes, and black heeled boots then stand in front of the mirror to put on the makeup. I applied a smoky eye shadow on my eyes and nude coloured lipstick on my lips then straightened my long blond hairs. There was a knock on my door and entered my maid more like a second mother to me, namely Rosie. When she looked at me, she smiled and said. "There is a handsome man waiting for you downstairs, Miss Grayson and you look so beautiful." "Thank you, Rosie, and I will be down in five make him sit in the living room and offer something to drink" I replied, she nodded her head and went back. Once, she was out, I grabbed my clutch and phone then headed downstairs into the living room. I saw Carter sitting at the couch holding a glass of water looking handsome wearing a black t-shirt that hugs his muscular body and blue jeans. When his gaze went to me, he smiled and looked at me from head to toe. "Wow, you look stunning" he complimented "and your mansion is just outstanding, which tells me you are wealthy". "Thank you, It's was all my mother's hard work because of her I am wealthy" I replied. "Don't mind me saying that but I am not that rich like you I am just a plain guy who works 9 to 5 job" he said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "I have got no problem with that instead I am proud of you that you work hard to earn not like me who got everything in her plate," I tell him "and don't worry I am not a high maintenance girl you think so". "Oh, trust me I didn't think that for a second," he said, "now shall we go and let me tell you in advance the place I am taking you is not advance or five-star hotel so beware". "Don't worry I will be honest with you all this time I wanted to go to a plain place where all types of people are present not just the VIP ones but mom never lets me go there" I tell him. "Then I don't think so you will mind going to a greasy burger shack?" he asks with a panty-melting smile. "I would love to go there, and I am so excited," I said, clapping my hands. " I can see that" he replied, "now shall we go?" I nodded my head then turn to Rosie, who was standing in the living room. "Rosie, you can take your leave now, "I tell her she smiled and nodded her head Carter and I walked out of the mansion then went towards the car but what I see made me stop in the tracks, "T...This is not a car that's a truck" I said. "Yes, I am sorry I don't have got anything else other than this" he replied ashamed. "N...No it's just that I have never ridden in it and am scared if it's safe or not," I said "I didn't mean to embarrass you trust me," I said holding his hand in mine. "It's okay and if you're afraid we can take a cab or your car if it makes you comfortable" he replied. "Leave the cab option to let's take my car from the garage," I said, "and you can drive it". "You would allow me to do that?" he asks. "Of course, I will" I replied, "wait here I will ask my driver to bring it out of the garage" he nodded, and I texted my driver to bring the car after a few seconds my red colour "LaFerrari" appeared in front of us, my driver get out of it and handed me the keys. "Thanks, Jake, I will take it from here," I tell him taking the keys from his hands he smiled and walked away. I turned to Carter, whose eyes were wide opened like saucers. "Hey, Carter, are you there?" I ask jiggling the keys in front of him. He blinked his eyes and replied. "Yes, I am here it's just that WOW! You have got a new model of Ferrari, and I am so happy that I will be getting the chance to drive it I never thought in my dreams that I would be driving it". "Well, there is always a first time for everything now hop in and take me to that burger place I am starving," I said. "Yes ma'am" he replied, taking the keys from my hand and helping me get in the passenger seat then he settled himself in the driver's seat and started the engine which roared to life. He raced the road with a huge smile on his face and finally, we reached a simple burger place namely "Rick's Burgers" he parked the car on the safe place and got out of his seat then opened my the door of my side and extended his hand for me to take I took it gladly and get out of the car. "I am telling you before if you don't like it just let me know if you are not enjoying," he said I nodded my head, and we entered the "Rick's Burger" which was too much crowded a man in forties came to us and hugged Carter and patted his shoulders. "My boy, how are you?" he asks him. "I am good Rick I am here today with a date" he replied, pulling back then turned to me. "Jean this is Rick the owner of this place and Rick this is Jean Grayson" he introduced each other. "Well, you sure are beautiful and rich also who don't belong to a place like this" Rick said I just smiled. "It's nice to meet you and don't say that your place is perfect and I can't wait to taste the burger," I tell him. "Well, then let's bring you the burger. I will send a waiter who will take your order," he said and walked to the other customers. We settled on our table, and a waitress came to take our order which was eyeing Carter with lust and desire I don't know why, but I felt a jealousy building inside me. "Excuse me, my date and I would like to order," I tell the waitress turning her attention to me. "Oh sorry, please tell me your order," she asks while Carter looked at me and smirked. "I will have a bacon burger with double cheese and a lot of mayonnaise and ketchup along with a coke" I ordered, and the girl looked at me wide-eyed "What?"  I ask. "Nothing it's just that I don't think so a girl like you would eat a burger like that" she replied. "What's with everyone "not that type of girl"? I ask "I am like all of you, am I not?". "Well, you are screaming money considering you are wearing a jimmy choo and holding a Prada clutch in your hand and not to mention the designer clothes" she replied, and I just rolled my eyes annoyed. "And handsome, what will you have?" she asks seductively. "I will have the same like her" he replied, still looking at me with a smirk, the waitress went away to take our order when she was away Carter laughs. "You didn't like that girl a bit right?" he asks. "No, I don't because she was staring at you with lust and I don't like those girls who flirt with the guys who are already taken" I replied. "So, am I taken?" he asks with a wicked smirk, and I blushed before I can reply our order came, and we dig into it, and when the juices of the burgers melt into my mouth, I moaned with delight. "It's so yummy," I tell Carter with a mouth full he chuckled and replied. "I can see that considering your moans that sure as hell doing something to me" I blush a crimson red. "Ummm, sorry it's just that it's the first time I am tasting a burger like this," I said, and he smiled. Our whole date went perfectly like this, we talked about random thinks and all that, when it was getting late we decided to go back, we reached back to the mansion and now was bidding goodbye to one another. "Thank you, I really enjoyed so much tonight," I tell him. "I am glad" he replied, looking at me then bent down a little our noses touching with one another. "Can I kiss you?" he asks I just nodded my head and the next thing I know his lips were on mine kissing me passionately and biting my lower lip making me moan which gave him the entrance to enter his tongue in my mouth and his tongue met mine and danced together I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him close to me and kiss him back it was so hot and good that we forget there is a world outside after what felt like forever we pulled back breathing heavily looking into each other's eyes with our temples joined together. "Goodnight, sweet dreams," he said, pulling back "I really should go before I lose my control you're too addictive" I nodded my head and replied. "Goodnight to you too" he smiled and went back to his truck and drove away while I entered my house and touched my lips with a smile on my face.
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