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Jean Grayson:- I was standing in front of the mirror wearing my wedding dress as today is my wedding day. I am going to marry the love of my life. I was admiring the work that my makeup artist and hairstylist, my makeup was done in nude colour while my hairs were pulled in a messy bun with the curl falling on my face and was wearing a rhinestone silver leaf-shaped clip that belonged to my mother.  My wedding dress was so beautiful chosen by my grandmother it's a leaf lace Appliqués Off-The-Shoulder Floor Length Tulle wedding gown. I was missing my mother so much today if she would have been here I am sure she would be so happy and walk me to the aisle with her. I know it's the duty of your father but what can I say he was not in the picture he decided to walk away from my mother and me. "Oh my god, my pumpkin looks so beautiful I can't believe she is the same girl that grew up in my arms, and now today she is getting married to the handsome man who is waiting for you at the aisle," my grandma said looking at me from head to toe she has just entered the room. "I wish mom was here tonight," I tell my grandma. "She's here right in your heart, and I am sure she will be happy wherever she is"she replied "just like you I miss her also she was my only daughter who struggled so much and provided us with best" the tears were forming in her eyes. "Okay, no more tears on my wedding day and tell me how is Carter looking?" I ask. "He looks so hot and handsome, trust me if I was any younger I would totally do him" she replied with a wink, I chuckled and kissed her cheek. My grandma knows how to cheer up my mood. "Okay, now let's get you to your groom, I am going to walk you to the aisle," she tells, holding my hands I smiled and pulled down the veil on my face. "But, first grandma tell me you didn't just spend so much of your money in decorations," I ask. "Hsshh, don't tell me what to do or not I did it for my only granddaughter and besides I have got much more than your mother left me what am I gonna do with it" she replied.  We started to walk down the aisle which was decorated in white and pink theme with white roses spread on the ground and lot of my mother's business investors, and partners were here as my grandmother invited them, my gaze went to Carter. He was indeed looking hot and handsome in a black tuxedo. When he looked at me, he smiles a smile which always makes my heart skip a beat, a smile that is only registered for me. We reached the aisle, and my grandma handed me to Carter, now he was looking at me from head to toe, he bent down and whispered in my ears. "You look so stunning and beautiful, I can't wait to ravish you tonight for the first time" I blushed and stood in front of him. The priest started the ceremony, and we exchanged the rings and vows. "I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride" the priest announced and Carter didn't wait for a second and smashed his warm lips on mine and kissed me with so much passion and desire and I kissed him back we were kissing like there was no other day. We were pulled back by the clearing of the throat of the guest, and the priest, our temples were still attached, and we smiled, looking at each other. "I love you, Mrs.Jean Parker" Carter murmured. "I love you too, Mr.Carter Parker" I murmured. We had a quite beautiful reception we cut the cake and danced as husband and wife for the first time. Now we were sitting on the table having dinner when my grandmother came and handed us two tickets in our hands. "That's my gift to a beautiful married couple, and I wish you a good happy life," my grandmother said with a smile, and we both looked at her, shocked. "What every couple goes to honeymoon," grandma said shrugging her shoulder and ran her hands in her small white pepper coloured hair "now go and get changed the flights leaves in four hours for Paris". "Thank you" Carter thanked her and kissed her cheeks. "Now Mrs.Parker that was uncalled for," Carter said wrapping his arms around me "let's go and get ourself changed then, we're going for our honeymoon, but first I would like to apologize that I wasn't able to arrange the honeymoon if I had that much money I would have" I cupped his cheek and kissed on his lips. "I don't care about all that all I care is that I have got you as mine," I tell him "and before you get upset and feel like I am embarrassing you then let me tell you that we're going to live in my mansion it's not like I don't want to live at your house it's just that when we have got a whole mansion then why stay at a house? Please don't be mad" he looked at me for a minute then smiled. "If that's what you want you will get my wife and no I won't mad at you because I can never ever be mad at you," he tells and kisses me on my lips. We then get ourselves changed and get inside the limo that was waiting for us, which took us to the airport with our luggage. We reached the airport and got on the plane where we get ourselves settled in first class. "Wow, perks of marrying a billionaire" Carter teased with a smile, and I just chuckled. "Once we reach to Paris and check in the hotel the first thing I am going to do is take you to the bed and ravish you all night" he whispers in my ear and nibbles on my earlobe.
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