Baby sitting a Billionaire

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‘The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?’ Luna thought not knowing she had said it aloud.

How about… “Moon is beautiful, isn’t she?” someone from behind answered her.

Looking at the person on her back she realized it was the person she was supposed to babysit.

Seeing her, left a bitter taste on her mouth, and making Luna scrunch up her face. Thinking back on it, she didn’t thought she will be faced with this huge dilemma.

She thought she would enjoy her time babysitting and playing around with a cute little girl, but she was wrong. Unbeknownst to her, instead of babysitting a cute toddler, the kid she was supposed to babysit is definitely not what she thought she would be, not to mention the girl is an heiress to a well known five star hotel and restaurant all over the country and abroad. All of those things she imagined to happen suddenly went down the drain when she finally met her.

Will Luna regret her choice? Or will she enjoy babysitting the Billionaire?

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Chapter 1
I am Luna Louise Limerson, but I preferred to be called Luna and I am already 21 years old. After I graduated from college, I've taken up a board exam from which I passed as the top notcher, and also because of that reason, one of the professors in the review center that I was into, referred me to someone who was looking for a babysitter. of course, naturally, I hesitated and declined, I mean, why would I accept the offer when I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology? not to mention I've just passed the board exam? what kind of person, whose on their right mind would be willing to work as a babysitter when they are academically qualified for something better, right? It's definitely not me. I am with now my best friend, Lianne, we were having a sleepover in my apartment since I live here alone. I designed the interior myself, and I might say I'm pretty good at it. After my graduation, I moved out of my parents' house to live on my own. I told them not to worry about me too much because I'm capable of taking care of myself, and with my credentials I'm pretty sure I can find myself a decent job to pay for my bills real soon. But of course, like any caring parents, there is, they didn't agree to it without putting up a fight since they wanted to ensure my safety, so to compromise I ended up staying in one of the rented houses my parents own. They buy houses and buildings, renovates them, and puts them up for rent, it's their source of income, you could also say it's our family business. Anyway, I choose this house to stay at because it's near the mall, market and it's just one ride away from the busiest business street in town. “Luna, Just give it a try. Please.” Lianne said. After I told her about the offer. “Why? Why do you want me to become a babysitter Lianne? We just graduated with a degree and is now a licensed psychometrician. What will other people think of me then? That my diploma and license are useless because I became a babysitter? My parents did not work so hard for me just to end up like that. Besides, there are a lot of companies out there that I can apply to. What made you think I will accept it? besides it's totally out of our line” I said. “What’s wrong with being a babysitter? My mom is an OFW who babysits other people's kids? She works hard for me to get my diploma and license too.” She explained. I think I offended her. “I’m sorry, it’s not like that. I know you understand my reason, right?” I look at her. She got off my bed to sit on my gaming chair. I just don’t know why Lianne keeps on insisting on me to accept the offer. “I understand it well, But---” “No buts Lianne. It’s final, besides I don’t understand your insistence, what's it with you?” I said. I am sitting in my bed with the pillow on my lap. “Fine. I will tell you the truth, our teacher Ms. Salazar asked me to persuade you. She said that If I could make you agree to the offer, she’ll refer me as an HR staff to one of the largest companies in town.” She said “Wait, WHAT?! You got the offer that is in line with our course, yet here I am being offered in becoming a babysitter? That’s unfair. I mean WHAT THE HELL LIANNE!! Tell me the truth, did Ms. Salazar offered you this babysitting thing first? Did you reject it too and referred it to me instead? be honest” I said accusing her. “No! What The hell too. She offered that to you. She just asks for my help in persuading you. Besides, I don’t even know why out of all the jobs she can offer you, she chose to babysit. you should try to talk to her about it.” She said. “Fine. But if I find out that, that it was first offered to you, I will send you.” I said. Lianne knows me as a fighter, I don’t want unfair and injustice treatment. I always fight for what I think is right. “Sure.” She said. “By the way, did you apply already?” She asks. “Yes, I already applied online. I am waiting for their phone calls.” I said. These days, job applications were done online for screening. companies nowadays doesn't allow walk-in applicants anymore unless you were scheduled for a face-to-face interview. In a way, it became hassle-free. “How about you?” I ask. “I am still waiting and hoping for you to accept the offer before I apply to other companies. Hehe” She said and smiled sheepishly at me. I just looked at her with a straight face. “Sometimes I wonder, are you really my friend?” “Of course. Our friendship is one of a kind, it'll last for a lifetime, but opportunity knocks only once.” She said. Playing the pig stuff toy in her lap. I throw her the pillow in my lap. “So you're saying that you are willing to trade our friendship for a career?” I said exasperated. “Of course, not, though I am being practical here, but what I was trying to say is that how can we achieve our friendship goals in the future if both of us are broke? Think about it. There should be at least one of us who has a source of income.” She explained. “And that someone has to be you?” I asked. Raising an eyebrow. “Yes?” she answered then laughed out loud. Tss. I think I chose the wrong person to be my friend. She’s a traitor. I stand up and walk closer to her then smack her head. “Ouch! What was that for?” She said holding her head. “That’s for being a traitor to your one and only best friend,” I said. “I"m just kidding. Can’t I tell you a joke?” She said pouting. “Shouldn't the joke be funny?” I said. “Tsh, you're such a meanie. Anyway, as what I've said, just give it a try. Besides, you don’t know your job description yet. It’s easy to judge the job based on its name but not on the actual work.” She said. “You have a point there. okay fine. Tomorrow I will talk to Ms. Salazar about it. Let's just hope it will make me interested and reconsider it, so you could also get your desired job.” I said trying to be optimistic. “Really? Thank you so much. You’re such a devil who acted like an angel.” She hugs me tightly then practically jumps like a kid. But when I realized what she just said, I smacked her head again. “I am an angel!” I proclaim. “Right. Hehe” She said. “You look like an angel but with a devilish attitude.” I look at her with a warning glare. “I should shut my mouth, got it.” She then acted like she's zipping up her mouth. I wonder, why did I befriend her again? Another day comes, Lianne accompanied me to Ms. Salazar’s office. Since Lianne slept last night in my apartment, she suggested coming with me, basically to be my moral support and to keep on convincing me in case, quote and unquote "I decided to change my mind." Some friend I've got huh? What she didn't know is that I have already thought of ways to escape the situation that I am in right this very moment, but still didn't run away because I'm awesome like that. Anyways we rode a cab to get to the meeting place because it’ll be an hour drive and I'm too lazy and bummed out to take on a job as a driver. “By the way, how are you and George?” I asked Lianne to start a conversation. George is Lianne’s boyfriend. They’ve been together since we were in high school. He is Lianne's first-ever boyfriend and probably her last, that's how serious they are. “I think we’re okay?” She said unsurely. “You’re not sure?” I asked curiously. I was answered by silence. “Fine. George and I broke up.” She answered after a while. “What?! what happened? since when? Did he cheated on you?” I ask. Did George hurt my best friend?! “No. George is a nice guy.” She said. “I feel like our relationship suddenly got boring.” “Why?” It’s unusual for her to say that. “I don’t know. It’s not that he cheated on me or there is such a thing as a third party, it’s also not about him showing a red flag to me. You know we have an open communication right? It’s just that…” She stops. “What?” “I don’t feel the love any more. You know? Whenever he looks at me, I can see and feel how much he loves me or how lucky he is to have me. But, I don’t feel the same way anymore. Whenever I looked at him, I don’t feel the love. I just feel… I feel pity for him. I pity him because he is the only one who feels the love in our relationship anymore. The only one who wants and keeps on making it work.” She explained. “Lianne, a relationship isn’t always about sparks or butterflies,” I said. “I know. I know that Luna. It’s just that… I don’t know. I suddenly feel empty when I am with him. I don’t find him interesting anymore.” She said “The day we got the result in our board exam, He proposed to me. He told me that he wants me to be his wife. That he doesn't see himself loving anybody else but me. I saw the sparks in his eyes. I can feel he's nervous but yet excited at the same time. I suddenly felt like I couldn't breathe, I felt pressured, sad, hurt even because I can’t see us the way he envisioned us to be, at least not anymore, so I rejected him. He told me that maybe I am just not yet ready so he’ll wait for me. He even apologizes for rushing me, and instead of answering, I run away from him, I still haven't talked to him since then.” “Maybe you are just tired, or Is there anyone else involved? Are you in love with somebody else?” I ask. “No! Of course not!” “Then why? I thought he’s your first love?” “He is. But it doesn’t mean my feelings for him hadn't faded or changed.” “But it did?” I questioned, still comprehending what she was saying. “I don’t know. I just find it so perfect. I mean, I haven’t met any other guys. I haven’t felt pain… I mean, yeah, he hurt me before. I mean we’ve been in a lot of fights and it hurts too but… I want to feel the pain. The real pain. He’s too good to be true. It was like I was stuck in one place, stagnant, unable to move. Loving him feels like I’m going to miss the world.” she answered. “A lot of girls don’t want to get hurt. You got an Ideal man who doesn't hurt you intentionally and instead makes you feel secure, yet you chose to let him go to seek for a man that will just hurt you?” I asked skeptical, still trying to understand what she was saying. “No. I mean… life has a lot to offer. It’s not just an ice cream for a dessert or a fried chicken for dinner that left you with no choice but to eat it because it’s your favorite. Most of the time you crave for something else, and it doesn't help to keep yourself in check when life tempted you and offered you those things. I wanted to taste those.” She explained “You want to taste a different kind of man?” I asked in a joking manner trying to ease up the tension. I understand what she was saying now, there really are things that aren't meant to be, and if that what makes her happy, I'll support her. She smacks me in my head, really hard. “What the hell are you saying?!” She said. "What? you said you want to taste different varieties of food?” I said, trying to keep my laughter in. “Not the food you are thinking. You’re such a pervert Luna!” she said clearly disturbed, I couldn't hold it in anymore so I laughed. “Oh, we’re here,” Lianne said after giving me the stink eye. We got off from the cab. I've read the name of the school written on side of the wall and it says, Celestine All girls School. We then proceeded to walk inside. Ms. Salazar called me earlier saying that she wants to meet me in person and to talk about the offered job privately in her office. We asked the guard where Ms. Salazar’s office is and they showed us the way. We stopped at a door that has her surname written on it. I knock first and waited for an answer. “Come in” I heard her say and opened the door. “I’ll just wait for you out here,” Lianne said giving us privacy. I nodded as I entered the office. “Please have a seat.” Ms. Salazar offered. I take a sit in a chair in front of her. I looked around and noticed that it's a typical office for a guidance counselor, with lots of books and papers on the shelves and on her desk. “Have you reconsidered my offer?” She asks. “I'd still stick to my former decision as I have already rejected your offer, but apparently my best friend persuaded me to hear you out first, though I'm still skeptical about it. I may sound rude but I really think it won’t help me grow in my career. I dreamed of becoming an HR Manager, not a babysitter” I replied. “I know that it's out of your line, to be honest, I've already anticipated this to happen.” She said. “I was wondering, I mean, I know you knew a lot of people who perfectly fit for the job, but why did you offer it to me?” I ask. “I can’t say anything about it. It’s just that they asked me to find someone who I think is suitable for the job.” She replied. “They? Who are they?” “Forget about them. I don't think it won’t change your mind in becoming a babysitter.” She said “What if I reconsider? What can they offer?” “If you agreed, and you survive at least three days, you will be compensated $10,000” “What?! You must be kidding me. $10,000 for just babysitting in three days? don't you think that's absurd?” “Yes. But from what I've heard, all the past babysitters had a hard time taking care of her” Ms. Salazar said. “Not one of them even lasted for a day.” She continued. “She seems trouble to me not to mention a possible spoiled brat,” I said, Ms. Salazar just shrug. “So… Let's say, I managed to babysit her for three days, I'll be compensated $10,000 right? After that can I resign?” I asked. “The deal is, If you managed to last there for three days, but then she fired you for some reason, you will still get the money. But, if you quit before or on the third day, the employer will only give you the amount you deserve on the days you’ve worked.” “So, that kid should be the one to fire me to get that amount? And in three days? Why only in three days though?” I ask. “As I've said, no one was tolerable enough to last even a day with her, so if you managed to last at least three days, you can get the money but, if you can last a little longer….” “What?” I asked curiously. “Well, I don’t know what will happen.. no one lasted for a day with her to tell the tale. Try to accept the offer for you to find out.” She said. “Nah, I'm still rejecting your offer.” I firmly said though deep down I'm starting to get persuaded. “If that’s your decision. I under---" “Wait! Does she have ADHD or autism? Or anything that needs mental support?” I ask. “It’s for you to find out.” She answers. “How old is she?” I am sure it’s a girl because of the pronoun she used. “It’s for you to find out.” She said. “Arrghh.. can’t you just answer at least one of those questions?!” I asked frustrated. “Accept the offer and you'll find out,” she said. “Why do I need to babysit her? Is she really that troublesome?” I still continued to ask her questions. “Again, that's for you to find out.” She said. It's starting to change my mind, I'm getting curious about the child I was supposed to take care of. Why does Ms. Salazar not want to answer my questions? It's not that hard. “What happened to those who take care of her? Why did they quit?” I asked again. She turned on her cellphone and clicks something then her voice record plays, “Again, that's for you to find out.” “I hate you!” I said pouting. She just laughed at me. Have I already told you that Miss Salazar is our closest review Teacher back then? It was because she was easy to approach regarding the topic we don’t understand. She’s so kind and full of humor too. “Going back to my former question, why me? I mean, why did you offered it to me? Why not to Lianne?” I ask, hoping she'll answer me this time. “Because you ranked top 1 in your recent board exam, You are also a fighter.” “Fighter? What do you mean? and what does my rank on board exam has to do with it?” “I think you can tame her. You have this aura that when you're mad, everyone stops and listens to you, they even think of what they have done wrong. You fight for what you think is right. You never agree to anything unless you find it interesting or it has a point or value to you. “ --- I get out of the office after our conversation. I looked around trying to locate Lianne but couldn't find her anywhere. Maybe she just went to the comfort room. Minutes passed still no Lianne came. ‘Where the hell did she go?’ I ask myself while massaging my head. “I'll call her” I whisper. I dialed Lianne’s number, after a few rings, She answered. “Where are you?” I asked gritting my teeth. Lianne knows how short-tempered I was. “Oops, sorry, I’m coming.” She said then ended the call. I am waiting for her in front of Ms. Salazar’s office since I am not in the mood to tour around this school. “You’re not going home yet?” I heard Ms. Salazar asks. I didn't hear her came out of her office. “No, I am waiting for my best friend,” I said. “Where is she?” She asks. “I don’t really know where is she right now. Maybe, somewhere around this school. I’ll just wait for her, she said she's on her way back here.” I smiled “Oh, okay.” She smiled back at me then walk to the comfort room near her office. I waited another 5 minutes before Lianne came, making me irritated. “Where have you been?” I ask. “Hehe, sorry, I got bored waiting for you, so I decided to walk around this campus. It's really huge. Did you know that they even have an elevator?.” She shares excitedly. “No,” I said. How can I know? Ms. Salazar’s office is located on the first floor. “This school also has five huge buildings. It even looks like a hotel.” “Really? Cool.” I said boredly. I’m not really in the mood to know. “So, how was it?” She asks. “The deal I mean.” “Forget about it. Let’s go home. I’m not in the mood right now.” “Fine. But, can we eat first in the cafeteria? I heard it's going be a buffet.” She said. “Sure,” I said “Yes!” “But your treat.” “What? No! I don’t have money.” She said then complained about not having any money yet unless I accepted the offer, blah blah blah. “Let’s go home then,” I said irritated again. She pouted. “Please? Just this once? We don’t know when we'll be able to come back here again or if this will be our last visit to this school, can’t we just taste the food?” She looks at me with puppy eyes. “Fine,” I said defeatedly. "Yes!" she celebrated. We are now at the cafeteria, It is indeed a buffet. I think this is the reason as to why this school is expensive. No wonder, they really serve their students quality, not quantity. We ordered, find a place to sit, and started to eat. “Oh,” Lianne said after opening her phone. “You…” her eyes widened looking at me. “You accepted the offer?” She said. “how'd you know?” I ask. “I just received an email from the company that Ms. Salazar refferred me to.” She said. “Hmm” I just hummed. so that’s why. I thought I can keep it as a secret to her for much longer, but I guess not. “You really accepted? Wow... Thank you, sissy! You’re the best!” She said. Squealing and dancing in her chair. “I didn't do it for you,” I said. “I know. but wait, what makes you accept the offer?” she asked. “Nah, I won’t tell you,” I said. it's not that I wanted to keep it a secret, it's just that I have to keep the deal confidential. Apparently, my employers are well-known people, so I have to keep it on the down-low for now... She became silent after that. I can see that she’s really happy that I agreed. While me?… I am not sure.... what am I even doing? Thinking about it makes my head hurt. I didn't even have that much information about it, just those snippets of an answer Ms. Salazar was willing to give and that annoying line of hers stating "accept the offer and you'll find out". blah blah blah what a pain tsk tsk. Anyway, what will you do if you got the same offer as mine? you know, to babysit a girl in just three days for $10,000? Would you still decline? I clearly won't, I mean I did at first but geez who would decline 10 grand for three days? no one!! Right, why am I asking this to you, when it was me who got the offer and ACCEPTED IT?

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