Chapter 2

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It's now monday morning, time check it's 10:30 AM hurray! not! it's my most dreaded day of the week, im pretty sure even students and workers feel the same way as i do, I mean it's when you have to go back to school or office after just having a day off. Anyway I received a call from Ms. Salazar telling me that she wants to discuss something to me personally. I think it has something to do about the babysitting job. Well I'm here at her office now, so might as well enjoy it right? “Take a seat Ms. Limerson,” Ms. Salazar said as she gestured for me to sit on the couch. “Here,” She placed the plate of cookies and orange juicen on the table. “I found it improper to not offer my guests a food to eat. I made the cookies last night.” She said. I take a bite of the cookies that she made as a respect. “It’s delicious. You should sell these.” I suggested. I love crispy cookies. “Thank you. I am thinking about it too. But I am too busy. Maybe next time when I have the time” She said. “By the way, Luna the contract just arrived.” She said as she handed me a brown envelop. “No interview needed? I thought you asked me to be here because you’ll tell me about my schedule for interview?” I asks. I got the job right away? I mean it's not that I'm not happy about it about, it's just weird, besides I don’t think my last conversation with Ms. Salazar can be considered as an interview. It is more about her persuading me to agree with her offer. “Nah… They don’t need that actually. They can hire private investigators to check your background. Besides, we never know how long you'll last. They've stopped interviewing a lot of applicants since most of the hired one's didn’t even last long. If I were to be honest you’re actually the 428th applicant already.” “What? That much? How evil is that kid?” I opened the envelope and read the contract. It consists of 5 pages about the agreement. This contract is a lot shorter than the contract that was mostly signed in the company. One thing I notice though is.... “Why is the end of the contract, not specified here?” I ask. Strangely, the expiration date of the contract is not included, not to mention the salary. “Maybe because you can quit once you can’t handle her? As far as I know, the real contract will be given once you survive for a month. That papers you are holding is just an initial contract or more likely an agreement.” “I see. Fair enough.” I scan again and read the documents. I am free to do what I want, I can get the benefits with weekly allowance if I survive and continue to work as a baby sitter. It is also stated in this contract that if I quit because I've gotten a bruise or get hospitalized, they will pay me half a million and even pay my hospital bills. ‘how bad is it to babysit that child? is it really that worst to the point that they are willing pay the bills? and what does it mean if I've gotten a bruise or got into an accident? is this a warning?’ “So, will you sign the contract?” Ms. Salazar asked, taking my attention off of the contract. I just nod my head at her. Of course, I will sign this. I promised her that I'll give this a shot and try right? I started signing all the papers in the contract, there’s no turning back now. I handed her the papers and she gives me back my copy. “Good luck Luna,” she said “You sounded like I’ll be going to a military training, or war” I said peeved. Everyone knows how intense military training was, how much more if it's a war. She just smiled at me. “I will make her a good girl,” I said. “We really hope, you can.” There is a long silence between us, making me more agitated. I don’t know how worst this kid is, but I think they've lost all hope the moment every babysitter they hired, quit. “I’ll text you the address and the things you should bring. Don’t just bring a backpack. Bring a baggage.” “why a baggage? I'm not staying there for long” I said. What’s the point of bringing a lot of things? Besides, I don’t have any plans to be a regular stay in babysitter. I’ll go home on weekends. “We never know.” She said with a shrug. “Anyway, just a random question. What if you two become close? will it be hard for you to let go?” Ms. Salazar asks. “I am professional when it comes to handling my feelings and emotions, Ms. Salazar. I don’t think that will happen. And if it does happen, it still won't change my mind. I'd still let go of the job as her babysitter and pursue a career that I really want, though I might set an appointment to meet her and have some bonding with her on weekdays or on my free time.” I said. She just nodded as a response. After having a meeting with Ms. Salazar, I decided to go to the mall to buy some stickers for the scrapbook I am making. I love arts, it’s my favorite past time when I got bored or if I’m stressed, though I'm not saying I'm stressed or bored now, I just wanted to buy art materials in hopes of using it as a recreation time with the kid that I’ll be taking care of. who knows? maybe she’s creative like me. I can start a rapport with it. I am walking to the mall when my phone rings. It is my mom calling. “Hello sweetheart…” “Hello mom.” “Did you find a job already?” She asks. One of the reason why I decided to move out from my parent’s house is because I felt stressed out and pressured. They always asks me about my job applications, if there were any news or what. They're pressuring me to have a job real quick, as if it was my own decision and not the employers if I'll get hired or not. I even felt like I'm in a race of life and my opponents are the children of my mom’s friends, and I was expected to come out as the winner. It's bothersome. The truth is, I did apply to a lot of companies, but none of them contacted me back. I don’t know why and because I am somewhat pressured because of my parents, particularly my mom and their unwavering expectations I accepted Ms. Salazar’s offer. “Uhm… Yeah. I just signed the contract earlier.” I said. My mom always believed that if you do well in class, you can get your dream job as easy as abc. she also thinks you'll have a high salary where you can buy all the things you wanted. That was also ingrained to me and the reason why I studied harder, so that i could graduate with high honor and to come out as top in board exam. But now i know that it's not what life offers. You cannot generalize and keep in mind that if you graduated with high honor, jobs will be the ones who’ll come looking for you, or that you will just wait for the call and the offer from big companies. That’s not the reality of life. The truth is, you'll still need to apply for the job if you really want it. You'll still need to crawl your way up and work yourself harder in order to get your dream job despite graduating with high honor at topping the board exam. There is no such thing as a shortcut, and even if there is, and you decided to take the shortcut, would it be fulfilling for you? would you still say that you deserved it because you worked hard for it even if you don't? would you say that you've grown when there is no lesson for you to learn? Always humble yourself and keep achieving your goals, that’s what I learned from being exposed to the reality of life while looking for a job. “Really? Good for you. I must tell this to my friends. I told you dear, Jobs will the one who’ll come looking for you. You don’t need to be stressed out finding a job.” Mom said. ‘As if’ I said to myself. see what i mean? If only she knew. “Did you choose a job that will compensate you a high salary?” Mom asks. “Yes.” I answered thinking of the babysitting job. I don’t have other option but that. Also, based on the agreement, I'll be payed a high salary even just for a day of working, how much more if I can last working there more than a month. “I’m so proud of you, dear.” Mom said. Of course she’ll be proud of me. I have a job already. If only she knew what my job was… I bet she’ll tell me to refuse it. “Thank you mom.” I said. “What position did you apply? Did you get the Managerial position?” She asked. One thing I hate about my mom is that… she wants everything to happen in just a snap. I can’t blame her. Life is easy for her, when she grew up everything she planned falls in to their places. She didn’t experience having a hard time finding a job. “He—hello mom? Mom? I can’t hear you. Hello?” I answered pretending that the line was being interrupted. “Hello? Dear? Sweetheart?---” “Hello mom? Are you still talking? I can’t hear you. I’ll just call you next time. Bye mom.” I hung up my phone. I don’t know what should I say to her if she interrogate me more about my job. I continued to stroll around the mall to buy the things I need. I bought a lot of girly stickers for children. Cute stuffs like finding nemo, frozen and Disney princesses stickers. ‘oh, I forgot to ask her name’ I thought to myself. ‘I hope we’ll get close.’ I decided to go home after I bought everything that I need. I also bought a take out food that I can eat at my apartment. I just got back, and as i was at my doorstep… i wondered. ‘Why is my door unlock?’ I take out my key knife, then I position myself as if I am ready to attack. ‘Wait. Should I call the guard in this building?’ I asked to myself. ‘But, what if they escaped the moment I came back?’ My brain argued. ‘Fine. I’ll face these guys. Whatever happen, at least I've lived my life to the fullest.’ I said. I think I'm going crazy, talking to myself. But, just what if right? Most burglars will do everything they can just so the could escape. ‘Aha!’ I thought of a nice and bright Idea. “Hello, is anybody in there? I'm with the police officers. You should come out now and surrender yourselves.” I shouted. I heard a spoon or fork falls on the floor and footsteps coming from the kitchen. I prepared myself for some attacks and readied my keychain knife for self-defense. “I suggest you come out peacefully, with your hands on your head. There are a lot of officers here.” I said. I waited for the person to come out. But I was surprised by who it was… “Geez… relax. I just came here to eat. I’m starving.” The girl said. The intruder is my best friend, Lianne. “The heck Lianne! When did you come?” I asks. “Why didn’t you inform me?” I continued. “I'm really hungry and you’re not at home l, my phone died the moment I came here so I have no choice but to open your door, I'm too tired and hungry to wait for you to return.” She pouted. I shook my head. ‘This girl really…’ “Where's the police officers? Tell them to come in.” Lianne said. I smack her in the head. “There is no police officers. I just said that because I was afraid that maybe there was a burglar in my apartment and I am alone. I wanted to scare whoever it is. Thank god I never called the police… I will only be embarrassed when that happens.” I said walking straight to her. I put the food I bought for my dinner. “Right.” She laughs. I just glared at her, while she eyed the food that I bought. “Ow. You brought food. Yeheey.” She squealed then ran to my direction and was about to touch the box when I slapped her hands. “Ouch. Such a meanie” She said again. “You never told me you’ll come by. I only bought for myself so don’t assume I’ll give you some.” I said. “But…” She said acting cutely. “Nope! You should order your own food. Besides, you just got hired from the company you applied into, and it's all thanks to me.” I said. “Fine, fine!” She said while raising her arms. “ By the way, I have some news for you.” I raised my eyebrow and told her to continue. Lianne sits comfortably in my sofa while eating the ice cream she stole in my fridge. “The HR told me that the owner of the company I’m going to work with is the same employer you’re going to work with.” She said “Wait, What?!” I asked in surprise. “I already said it.” She said annoyed. “I get it, but… how? why did they tell you? How did they know?” “I asked her. She said that Ms. Salazar is related to the owner of the company that’s why they instantly absorb those who she refers.” “oh, so that’s why.” I said. “So, I'll repeat what you've said, the parents of the child that I’m going to take care of is the same owner of the company you’ll be working with, right?” I smirk. “Yeah. What’s with that face? Why are you smirking?” she asks. She stops eating the ice cream and looked at me. “That means… I can have an access in firing you.” I said laughing at my own thoughts. “Why? How?” She asks. “By means of… getting close to their only child, then I’ll tell her all the bad things about you so she relay that information to her parents and viola! You’re fired. I can get your spot real quick. BWAHAHA” that's a bright idea there right? I know I'm a genius. Lianne throws a pillow to me. “So, you're really not yet over the fact that I was offerred a job related to our course, while all you get is a babysitter when you’re a topnotcher?” Don’t misunderstand us, We are always like this. I mean we say mean things and others may see it like we were fighting but the truth is, we're not, we're just use to it. That’s how Lianne and I communicate. We are open to everything even our feelings to each other. “Maybe?” I said. “You’re so mean. Think positive. What if one of the butlers in there is handsome? And you two might fall in love? Or… or what if that kid has a brother right? And he’s older than us or around the same age like ours.” Lianne dreamily commented. As if I will work there to flirt or find love. I have never fallen in love. If ever love will come, I hope it’s not too soon. “Shut up Lianne. I’m not like you.” I said. “Luna, when do you plan to explore the aspect of love or relationship? You are not getting any younger. In your age, you should have already experienced how to fall in love.” Lianne commented. “As if Love will help me with my currenr situation. Besides I am not settled yet. I don’t have savings, or any solid plans for my future…” I said. I place the food in the table, Lianne followed me. “You’re not going to married.” Lianne cut me off “You will just enter a relationship. I mean to know the feelings of being in love. Being inspired and motivated by someone. It’s the best feeling ever, Luna.” Lianne sat on the chair and steal some of the foods I prepared. “I know that. But I want my first relationship to be my last,” “ah nope, fyi not all your first love can be or will be your last. Most of the time, your first will just be an experience, a lesson giver” She said. “But I want it to be my last.” I said. I don’t know how relationship works but I will do everything for it to last. Even if I am not that experienced when it comes to that field. “No matter what you do or how you work hard to maintain the relationship, once it becomes toxic or you don’t see yourself being with him anymore, the only option you can choose is to end things with him.” “Like what happen to the both of you?” “Kinda? You will know, once you’re in my shoes. You’ll understand everything once you experience it.” She said. Right. Anyway… what is she chewing? “Hey! You’re eating my food!” I shouted. This girl, really!! She’ll keep on talking,bfor me not to realize that she’s slowly eating the food I prepared. “Ow. Hehe sorry. I told you I’m hungry hehe.” She said while still chewing some food in her mouth. “whatever.” I said. I have no choice but to order food again. It’s not that she eat all of my food, but it looks like she’ll eat all of the food since she’s super hungry. I bought a large pizza for us so we can still eat later at midnight. “When will you start working?” Lianne asks. “I don’t know. Ms. Salazar says she will contact me. How about you?” “I’m going to start on Monday. I just finished my medical before I camehere that’s why I'm hungry.” “I See. How about you and your boy?” I ask. “I've never seen him after that. I am not yet ready.” “You complicate things.” I commented. “You’ll understand someday, Lianne.” She said. What should I understand more? Is it not enough that I understand it well that she left the person who I think is an ideal guy for her? a guy that every girl will be so lucky to have? I mean, he’s her first boyfriend, her first love. Yet she’ll leave him because he’s too perfect? Because their relationship is too perfect to have? How stupid she is right? I know I don’t have any clue or idea about the feelings of being in love or fall out of love, how to work on relationships and how to deal with bcomplications in a relationship. But I am pretty sure that I won’t do the same Lianne did, once I met the perfect guy for me. I will keep him and make sure that he would feel secure and that I am ready to be his future wife. “What do you think about having a relationship with a girl?” Lianne asks out of nowhere. “You mean, if I were a guy?” I asked. “No. I mean, you, being a girl that will fall in love with a girl.” She said. “You mean tomboy?” I ask. For what I know, once you get attracted to a girl, you will become a tomboy. “Hey! It’s not a tomboy.” “Then what? A lesbo?” “They are not called as LGBTQ+ for nothing. I mean there are a lot of labels than tomboy.” Lianne commented. “Why did you ask? Don’t tell me you're---” OH MY GOSH! Is Lianne attracted to a girl? “what? No! Silly! That’s not it. I'm just asking.” Lianne said. “I am curious about your views with the LGBTQ+” “hmm… I don’t think I will find girls attractive. I mean, I had girl crushes, but I don’t find them… romantically attractive? So I think that’s impossible. Though I respect them and I know God still loves them. But for me being a part of it? Impossible.” I said. I don’t know why did Lianne asks me this all of the sudden. maybe it's really just her curiosity
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