Chapter 3

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After Lianne and I are done eating. We decided to go in my room to rest. We are now talking about random things,

“So, how’s your day?” I asked as I was lying in my bed.

“It’s fine. The HR manager is having a hard time finding a department that will suit me, I guess I'm just so awesome that she’s having a hard time figuring out where to put me.” Lianne bragged.

“Maybe she was having a hard time because you don't have the potential to get a job in their department in the first place.” I said frankly.

Lianne throws her pillow at me hitting me in the face.

“You’re so mean.” She said pouting but I just laughed at her.

The truth is, Lianne is awesome. For me, she will be the biggest asset in any company she choses to work with. She’s outgoing, flexible, she communicates well, open minded and good at making difficult decisions. She’s a definition of a perfect HR employee, but I'm not gonna tell her that, besides I love teasing her because she never gets mad to whatever I say.

“But, you know something weird happened during my interview” Lianne said.

“Hmm?” I hummed silently urging her to continue.

“The HR manager looked so shock the moment she saw me.” She said. Lianne is playing with my stuff toys in my mini sofa.

“Why? Is it because she’s your boyfriend's mistress? She’s a girl right? or is she your ex? Oh my god!” I said acting shocked.

“Hmm… for what I can remember I've never had a relationship with a girl before, and you my friend should know that, so no, she’s not my ex. Maybe she was surprised because she saw her future wife and that’s me.” Lianne said, riding my joke while wiggling her eyebrows. Then laughter filled my room.

Lianne just kept quiet after the laughter died down. I know she wanted to share some things to me, especially about what happened earlier in her interview but was having a hard time. Maybe she doesn't know how to relay the topic to me.

“kidding aside, Lianne. I wouldn't mind if you turned out to be gay or bisexual, or if you are confuse, exploring or starting to feel something special towards a girl. I mean, I won’t judge. I'll still accept you, you'd still be the lianne I know.” I said.

I've said those things so that she'll be comfortable enough to talk to me about it, or anything that includes or discusses LGBTQ+ topics, she doesn't have to hesitate or thread around me because I'm her friend. I accept her no matter what.

“Are you confused? is that why you wanted to broke up with him?” I continued. Their relationship is 'almost perfect' since I know there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ but their relationship is so smooth to the point that you won’t find any red flag on them. George is so supportive, caring and an understanding boyfriend. Same as Lianne.

“I don’t know.” Was all she said.

“If you are not comfortable with this topic, or still confuse, you can take your time to figure things out. Just know, you are not alone, I'm here ok?” I smiled at her to make her feel better, and to ease up the tension that builds up around us.

“Thank you so much, Luna! You really are my sister from another mother.” She said hugging me so tight.

“Ugghh so tight!” She lets me go after I said that. “By the way, what happened again during your interview?” I continued.

“Right! The HR manager decided to make me her assistant. She said that all the available position in human resource and even in other departments has already been occupied, but she can’t say no to Ms. Salazar’s request, so she decided to assign me as her assistant and that I’ll be her representative whenever she’s not around.”

“That’s good to hear! You will be busy on the coming days so I won’t be seeing you much or hearing things from you. No lianne means, I will have a peaceful life! YESS!” I said triumphantly.

“Hey! You’re so mean. Hmp!” Lianne said sulking.

I just laughed at her.

“You really don’t want me here that much huh?” She said. Oppss… I think she’s taking things seriously.

“Sorry. I'm just joking.” I said as I come closer to her, she just turned to the left, her side facing me. Her head bend down, looking at the ground as she’s hugging her knees, looking like a sulking child.

“Lianne, sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.” I pat her shoulder. Maybe I got too far.

“I know you don’t want me here. I know you didn't have a choice but to let me in whenever I came around. Don’t worry Luna. I won’t be bothering you anymore.” She said standing up and was about to go but I stopped her. I hugged her tight. I kinda hate this drama with Lianne… but I need to do this. Since I offended her. And I feel guilty about it.

“Sorry.” I said, more like I'm pleading to her.

Suddenly, I heard Lianne’s laughter.

‘huh?’ I arch my eyebrows and looked at her confusedly.

“You’re such a fool, Luna. You really believe that?” She said still laughing.

I smacked her hard on the head.

“You crazy stupid piece of....! I thought I really hurt your feelings. I was worried you're mad at me.” I said.

Lianne hugs me tighter. “Don’t worry Luna. I’m not mad. I am hurt but it’s fine. I'm used by your teasing but it still hurt.” She said, pouting.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you really. And you know, I'm just joking right?” I said.

“Right. But jokes are half meant. So do you mean it at some point?” She asked. She was looking straight into my eyes while waiting for my answer.

“Maybe?” I teased. Lianne push me and look at me with an angry eyes. I just laughed at her.

“Such a meannie.” She pouts.

“Kidding aside, I’m happy that we both have a job. But yours is much better,” I commented.

“but yours will be exciting and challenging. Imagine? your patience will be tested. Luna, the most ill-tempered person I’ve known, will be taking care of the most bratty child. Good luck girl!” she said. I can hear some teasing in her voice.

I smack her shoulder, looks like the tables have been turned.

It was a fun night, Lianne decided to sleep in my apartment.

“Uhm… Luna, do you mind having a roommate here?” Lianne asks.

“Nahh… I don’t mind but it depends.” I said.

“What if it was me, Can I live here with you?” She asks. Looking at me with her puppy eyes. She looks like a monkey.

“Nope.” I said popping a sound.

“Heyy!! Why? Aren’t you lonely in here? You’re alone and no one bothers you, unlike if I came in the picture, this place will be lively and fun.” She said convincing me.

“I’m fine being alone.”

“Please? Pretty please? I am looking for an apartment nearby and I’ve already asked all the rental rooms near here and the company, it's a lot more expensive that I thought. The price is half the salary I'll get from work. So I came up with a great Idea to live here with you, you won't be lonely anymore and I can save more money hihi.” She said. “And oh, Ms. Salazar talked to me, she said you’ll be living in that child’s house the whole time you’ll be working with them. So, your apartment will be empty by then and it’ll be the perfect time for me to live here, right?”

“Wait, what?! I’ll be living there? But I told her that---” Lianne cuts me off.

“Yup. You’ll be living there because that’s what that bratty kid’s demanded.”

Aishh!! I’m doomed.

March 05, 20--, today is the big day. My first day of working as a babysitter.

Ms. Salazar texted me the other day telling me to wake up early. Being punctual on the first day will make my employer have the best impression of me.

There is a car parked in front of my apartment, it’s not an ordinary car, it looks vintage, just like from the old times but more classy. A man wearing a suit and a shades got off the car. He stands beside the car keeping the door open, seemingly waiting for someone to hop in. By looking at him, I'll assume that he is the family driver.

“Luna… you forgot your napki…n. Woah! Is he your suitor Luna? You have a nice car there bud!” I elbowed Lianne. I quickly get the 3 packs of napkin we bought yesterday. Lianne said that I should be ready, in case there is no stock of napkin there. The store might even be far away from the house. It is better to be prepared in case I badly needed it.. Though I already know that, but bringing a bunch of napkin? Isn’t it too much? and it's too embarrassing.

The man just smiled at Lianne.

“I’m the family driver ma’am, and Ms. Salazar told me to fetch Ms. Limerson, boss's order.” The man said with all formality. I notice that he is holding a picture on her left and looking at me. Probably checking it to know if she fetch the right person.

“Oh. Okay! The family seems to have a nice car, is it a latest model?” Lianne commented as she saw the old but classy car.

“It is 1963 ferrari GTO. It's the first of it's kind of car here in this country.”

“Wow! It must be expensive then. Like super expensive.”

The man in a suit just smiled at her.

“Shall we go now, Ma’am?” He asked, looking at me.

“Lianne, I got to go. I’ll update you once I get there ok? And please clean my apartment and don’t mess around.” I said to Lianne before I kissed her cheeks.

I agreed to let Lianne live with me. Since my apartment has an extra room. It was really for my extra stuffs, and I was planning into making it my walk-in closet, but since I won't be around here much anymore, I let her use it. I know Lianne, she will do everything to make me say yes into letting her stay, she might even bug or follow me the whole time, so why bother to refuse right? She’s always like that since we were young.

“No worries sissy” she replied.

The man in suit opened the door for me.

“Byee… see you when I come back.” I told Lianne.

The car started to move and we are travelling our way to the house where I’ll be working to. But the ride is kind of boring, I mean… none of us is talking and I am not in the mood to listen to music so I decided to ask the man in black suit tons of questions.

“How long have you been working with the family, sir?” I started.

“I'm just new. I started last week. The original driver is already old so young miss decided to let him rest.” He replied.

“I see. Hmm young miss? How young is that kid?” I asked. I want to know more of her.

“Kid?” The man asks confusedly, “Hmm so you don’t have any idea?”

“Idea of? What do you mean?” I asked,

“Nothing. Anyway, just rest for a moment Miss. We still have a long way before we arrive. I bought you some food like what young miss have ordered me.” He said.

Young miss? So does it mean that kid told him to buy me some food to eat? I think that kid has a good side too.

Anyway, this guy seems to hate noisy environment.

My phone rang suddenly. I received a call from my mom.

“Hello?” I said as I answer.

“Hello dear, where are you now? This is your first day right? Are you busy now? Good luck on your first day huh? Make them feel that they got the right person for that job. Ok?” Mom said. Didn’t even let me answer her questions.

“Yes mom.” I said. I told her that I’m about to start my job soon. But I didn’t expect her to call me and assume that this is my first day. I never told her about it. I don’t want my mom to assume things knowing that I am not staying long in this job. I mean, there might even came a lot of reasons for my employer to fire me. Besides, I don’t think I'm patient enough to handle a spoiled brat kid.

“I got to go. I’ll come to your apartment later, after your work is done ok? I’ll bring your favorite food. This calls for a celebration.” Mom said excitedly then hang up the phone. She should let me finish first. Aish!

I texted Lianne and told her that my mom will come to our apartment later at night, I told her not to tell mom about my job and where I am working. I also told Lianne to distract my mom with her random stories so that mom won’t ask for me. Mostly my mom can be easily distracted with stories about other people, you know? Gossip things. So I told Lianne to do just that or whatever she wants as long as my mom won’t think or ask anything about my job.

“We have arrived, Miss.” I heard the driver said as we enter the tall gate with tiger statues on each sides.

He parks the car first then I got off and look at the huge house in front of me. This is a mansion. There is a fountain in the middle of the pavement leading to the house that looks too classy. Futuristic type of house.

“This way Miss.” The driver said as he started walking and leading the way.

He carried the two huge luggages that I brought, as I carry my back pack and sling bag. I was originally planning of only bringing a few things but Ms. Salazar told me to do otherwise since apparently it had been added in the contract that I will be living in this mansion as long as I am needed.

I saw a playground on the side where the car that I rode earlier had been parked. There is a kid over there, laying alone. That must be the young lady.

Once the kid spotted me, she stood up and came running into me so I stopped walking.

“Hi” she greeted.

“Hello.” I smile

“Awe you new hew? (Are you new here?)” she asks.

“Yes.” I said.

“Awe you the new secwetawy? (are you the new secretary?)” she asks again

“Nope. I’m going to be your babysitter.” I said confidently. I assumed she was the kid I was supposed to take care of since I don't see any other kid around.

“Babysittew? But I’m a big giw now. I can take caye of mysef. (babysitter? But I’m a big girl now. I can take care of myself)” She said.

“Maybe you’re already a big girl, but you still need someone to look after you.” I said.

“But… Moon said her secwetawy will awwive today, I thought it was you. (but… Moon said her secretary will arrive today, I thought it was you)”

“Moon? Who is moon?” I asked.

“She’s my pyaymate. Come, I’y yead you to hew. She said she’s waiting for hew secwetawy that’s why we can’t pyay now. I’y tell hew that my babysittew has awwived. (She’s my playmate.. Come, I’ll lead you to her. She said she’s waiting for her secretary that’s why we can’t play now. I’ll tell her that my babysitter has arrived)” She said. She’s so adorable.

The kid pulled me. She’s so cute. I won’t mind babysitting her.

“By the way, what’s your name? how old are you?” I asks.

“My name is Gaze. I’m fouw yeays old (I’m four years old)”

“Hello Gaze, I’m Luna.” I said.

“Yuna? Isn’t it the other woyd fow Moon? (Luna? Isn’t it the other word for moon?)” She asks. She’s so smart and too cute.

“Yes it is.” I said,

“wey hew. (We’re here)” The kid knock cutely on the door. The man in suit just followed us around.

“Come in.” We heard someone said.

“Stay hew ok? I’y tey Moon that my babysittew just come (stay here, okay? I’ll tell Moon that my babysitter just come). Gaze said pointing the spot where I am standing.

“Hiii,” Gaze cutely greeted someone from the inside the room.

“Gaze, not now. I am waiting for someone. That girl is late.” I heard the girl said. I think she’s pissed.

“But… I want you to meet my babysittew.” I heard Gaze said. I can’t help myself but laugh silently. She’s so damn cute.

“Babysitter?” the other girl asked her confusedly. Gaze ran into me and drag me inside the room.

“Tada!! Look my Babysittew. She’s pwetty wight?” The woman just facepalmed herself.

“So that’s why she’s late.” I heard her whisper. Yeah, she whispered and yet It’s loud.

“Gaze, you already have a babysitter.” The woman said while calmly explained to gaze that I’m not her babysitter. Wait, if I'm not babysitting Gaze, then who?

“But nana won’t pyay with me. I want hew too. She’s pwetty (But nana won’t play with me. I want her too. She’s pretty)”

“Nope. Go on, play with your nana. I’ll talk to her.” The woman said.

“Okay~” Gaze said. Then looked at me, I thought she wanted to tell me something so I bend down to her level and she suddenly kisses me on the cheek. “See you yatew Yuna.” Gaze said.

“Arnold, take Gaze to her Nana.” The woman said to the man in suit who fetch me earlier. The man put my luggage at my side before she lead Gaze to her nana.

We are now alone. Me and that angry looking girl. I mean more like a mysterious girl but yeah she looks angry.

“Uhm… Good morning ma’am.” I greeted.

“Have a sit.” Was all she said. Her aura is not welcoming. The way she looks at me feels like she’s gonna eat me alive.

“Why are you late?” she asks.

“uhm.. I meet gaze on the way here so I talked to her for a little while. She told me that you’re waiting for your secretary?” I said.

“Your room will be next to mine. No one should know that you are here as a babysitter. Tell them that you’re my secretary. Understand?” Okay… she didn’t answer my question.

“Yes Ma’am. Uhm… does that mean, you are the one I was supposed to be babysitting?” I asks. I just said it as a joke, I mean, duh, who amongst all normal people would think that I am here to babysit a grown up woman right?

“Do you have any problem about it?” She replied coldly.

Is she serious? Really?!

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