Waiting for his Luna

kickass heroine

Future Alpha Archer knows exactually who his Luna is going to be, he went searching for Josie on his eighteenth birthday just to check if it was possible, that is when he scented her. Josie was his fated mate. Archer was not one to sit on the side lines he wanted to tell her straight away.

As he approached her, he heard her tell another man off, tell him off for using fated mated as a pick up line, tell him that five others had already told her the same thing.

The only one she would trust would be when her wolf told her who was.

Archer was stopped, the other man failed to pick up Josie as planned, but the words said by Josie crushed Archer's confidence to say the words.

Now all he has to do is wait till her birthday.

How hard could that be?

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Chapter 1
In a boring classroom, where the walls are beige, the floors are beige, the ceiling was, once upon a time, white, now it has discolored with age to appear beige. In the sea of beige and banality sits a boy leaning back in his chair, only two legs touching the ground as he slightly rocks back and forth. The creaking sound is somewhat hypnotic, but he doesn’t hear it at all, the music playing in his ears is as loud as he can handle to drown out the teachers' monotonous chant of useless information coupled with a tiresome, level voice. If anyone else was in the same position on their chair it would look somewhat precarious, but when he does it, it somehow looks natural and relaxed, like he isn’t teetering on the edge of destruction, his black lace-up boots crossed at the ankles on the desk. Large hands intertwined behind his head as he stares at the ceiling, waiting patiently for the little pieces of peeling paint to detach from the ceiling and flutter to the ground. That would be the only excitement that could possibly happen at this point. He usually works during these classes, but there is no reason for him to have a laptop in this class, so he can’t even get away with it. All that is left is mind-numbing boredom. This school is like the definition of hell on earth for him. The elders, in all their infinite wisdom, decided many years ago, for the five packs surrounding the city to join together at one singular point, that point being this high school. As if that isn’t chaos enough, then add in the mix a bunch of humans. He doesn't know how they ever thought it would work out. In a way it does, there is a seeming peace between the packs, but being at the school itself is torturous. Maybe the other years are fine, but in this years group, the year he is in, there are five other alpha blooded wolves that are constantly in classes together. That much alpha blood mixed with teenage angst, testosterone, hormones and general anarchy. It is just the recipe for disaster. Golden eyes finally move from the ceiling, down to look around the classroom as he still keeps the same relaxed posture. He tries to pretend he doesn't see the way one of the middle sons of the green moon pack is glaring at him. Not because he is scared of trouble, just because a weakling like that isn't even worth Archer's time. The gaze is just so hostile and so provocative that Archer struggles to suppress the urge to stomp Calder's face into the ground for challenging his patience like that. It is not like this is the first time either. Calder is so stupid that he doesn't even realize that staring at Archer like that is as good as offering a challenge for dominance. Only the true dimwits would offer a challenge to Archer like that, a challenge that they have absolutely no chance at winning. Archer's wolf snarls, but Archer pushes him down, reining in the strong alpha wolf that wants to crush anyone that issues such a challenge. He manages to handle the challenging task with ease for someone of his age, someone with such a fresh wolf, at this point, suppression is the thing that he does best. The door at the front of the classroom swings open in a slow but deliberate way. Archer, who has not been interested in anything at all day, suddenly slightly shifts in his seat as he sucks in a large breath. Honey and jasmine. Suddenly the boring classroom, is filled with light, filled with life. Archer's attention is off Calder in a split second, nothing else matters now. Calder could punch him in the face at this moment and Archer still wouldn’t even bat an eyelid, his feet plant on the floor, all four legs of the chair have returned to earth, earphones are out of his ears as he places both of his hands on the table, he tries to look relaxed but his straight back and slightly tense muscles betray his true feelings. He runs a large tanned hand up and over his short black hair, trying his hardest to calm down, but there is only one thing in this world that can agitate the man and she is standing just outside the door. There is only one alpha blood that Archer does not mind sharing a year with. She walks in the classroom with unhurried steps. Only two steps in before she knocks lightly on the door while looking at the teacher with a light smile blossoming on her beautiful face. Her thick and rich brown hair hangs half way down her back. Her white tee grips everywhere it should. It is not tight like some of the other girls wear but allows him to see her ample cup size and tiny little waist. Her black skinny jeans wrap her long lean legs. Her white canvas pull on shoes complete the outfit. Looking relaxed yet gorgeous. She always dresses so casually, nothing like the other girls in this place that dress to impress. But, of course, she doesn't need to dress in that way, she is impressive just as she is, there is no need for her to go to extremes, she would impress in a garbage bag. With the face of an angel and the body of a seductress, she is every man's dream. No man more than Archer, his golden eyes locked onto her every movement, every expression. The teacher asks. "Josie, what are you doing here?" "Sorry Mr Palmer, I lost my calculator in first period. I am just here to grab it" Her voice is smooth and angelic, you could almost imagine harps playing behind her as she speaks. Mr Palmer smiles gently at Josie, in no way annoyed at the interruption. "Of course" Josie is an all round good student, brilliant, kind and always volunteering. She tops every class, intelligence drips off her, she is every teacher's dream pupil. She turns towards Archer, he of course, always sits on her seat in whichever classroom she has been in before him, so that he can suck in any of her residual scent. Her blue eyes with tiny green flecks meet his golden gaze. She smiles and then walks toward Archer with firm, confident steps. Josie only has eyes for Archer, so she does not even notice Calder at the side. Calder grabs her arm as she walks passed. Archer’s eyes instantly darken as he sees the movement. He thought that he was offering a challenge before with a mere gaze, but now he is daring to touch Archer's property, Archer's alpha wolf is clawing the surface, desperate to make itself known, ready to dismember the other alpha wolf. Regardless of the time and place, not a care in the world about pack relations, not a care about the humans scattered around the class room, the alpha wolf only zeros in on the hand on his properties arm. Archer fights his wolf to stay in control, suppression is out the window, he can deal with anything else but anything to do with her is his bottom line, his claws dig into the sides of the desk in front of him, just praying that the poorly made desk can handle the pressure. He barely keeps a lid on it. "Josie, I have been thinking about you a lot. At night, I even pretend other girls are you when I f*ck them" Archer is about to rip Calder's head off his neck. Only barely managing to keep his canines contained in his lips, hostility radiating off him, he tamps it all down the best he can. Josie grabs Calder's hand, lifting his two middle fingers back and snapping them backward until they hit the back of his hand. The crunch sound rings through the classroom. Of course, all the wolves know what is happening, but the humans are blissfully unaware. "Calder, touch me again, and I will detach your arm and use it to beat you to death. If you speak to me like that again, I will rip out your tongue and shove it up your ass" Calder has a fine sweat appear on his forehead. Josie pushes him back down on to his seat. Josie's violent face instantly returns to calm, like her previous expression and words were just a dream, her small facial features look gentle and her blue-green eyes sparkle with a slight smile. Archer is instantly relaxed when he sees her actions and hears her words. Josie is not only brilliant and kind, she is the toughest she wolf to grace these corridors, actually probably just the toughest she wolf to roam any of the five packs. The best part of it all is that she hasn't even got her wolf yet. She is still two weeks and one day off turning eighteen and having her first shift. Archer knows that date all too well. Pretty precise with her birthday, right? That is because he is counting down the hours, the minutes, even the seconds until she is eighteen and can feel the mate bond. He wants her so badly it physically hurts him. Just watching her put Calder back in his place, Archer is worrying about his mental stability as, for a brief moment, he would even like to be Calder, broken fingers and all, just so he could have her touch him. To feel her skin against his, that small hand holding his, feel her power, feel her wrath Josie's beautiful eyes flick back to Archer as she stands in front of his desk. His hands and claws remain firmly embedded in the desk as he struggles to resist the urge to just stand up and take her into his arms. Josie looks at Archer, not a single sign of the ferocious she wolf. Now, in front of Archer, she is just a shy little girl. "Hi Archer"

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