Chapter 2

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Archer somehow manages to sound normal, any fluctuation in his voice cannot be heard by the girl who is staring at Archer’s handsome face, immersed in his golden eyes, that she rarely gets to see up close. His voice doesn’t reveal him but his body does, every muscle is twitching as he fights his wolf and tries to stay seated. "Hey Josie" "Have you seen my calculator?" Archer somehow manages to drag his eyes away from her beautiful face as he looks around on the floor and picks up the calculator near his bag. "Is this yours?" He asks the question, but he already knows the answer, it is drowned in her scent, but he has a feeble attempt at maybe getting to hear her voice again, somehow trying to get some sort of conversation flowing. She smiles as she reaches out and grabs the calculator from him, her fingers gently brushing against his in the process. His breathing hitches as he feels her touch. Just wanting to grab her and pull her on to his lap and hold her tightly in his arms and never let her go. "Thanks Archer" Josie gives him a mesmerizing smile before she turns and walks out of the room. As much as she would love to stand there staring at his face, once she has her equipment she just looks weird to stay for a single second more. Archer just watches her, completely spell bound until she leaves. He still watches the door long after her beautiful body has disappeared from sight. No one notices his infatuated gaze because every one in the room is the same, there isn't a single set of eyes that does not follow her out of the room. Men and women alike can't help but watch her. It is not just her beauty, it is also her authority and her grace, a confidence exuded, not because she loves herself or thinks that she is better than anyone, it is because it is a natural side effect of her power and skill. She has the ability to back it up. It will be something amazing when she gets her wolf. Archer sucks in her scent, looking like someone that has been drowning, and has finally pushed his way to the surface, finally getting a taste of the oxygen that he has been craving. He breathes in every last bit, wanting to infuse it into his lungs and make her part of him. Calder turns around and glares at Archer again, while his interactions with Josie all end up the same way, he still thinks he has a chance. Calder snarls at Archer in disdain. He didn't miss the way that Josie spoke to Archer, the hint of flirtation in her tone, the softness of her voice. Calder knows that the stiffest competition in the school has always been, and will always be, Archer. He is the only alpha blood in the school that is actually going to lead the pack. There are second in line, third in line and even a fifth, but only Archer, who is going to be that dominant wolf, the one to look up to, the one that is followed, the one that is worshiped and obeyed. There is something different about a wolf that is actually going to take over, that knows that they are going to be in charge. Somehow, they are slightly bigger, slightly stronger and more powerful and more volatile. That is just a natural born thing, then adding the externals such as the hard training of body and mind, just makes them better than the others. That, coupled with Archer's extreme good looks, the only thing that relieves Calder is Archer's severe lack of response to the female population as a whole, but he didn't miss the way that Archer looked at Josie. If Archer actually decided to make a move, it would be over for the rest of them, they wouldn’t stand a single chance. No one else could possibly be in the running. Calder would never admit that someone is better than himself, but he knows it deep down. Archer is better than him. Calder wants to be the first one to take down Josie the fire cracker. Taking that wild hottie would be the biggest accomplishment anyone could make. It isn’t just a notch on the belt, it is a whole new belt, a belt that all others would be jealous of. Archer looks back at him, straight in the eyes with an unblinking, hostile gaze, his large canines extend past his lips, they are as long and savage looking, like they are seeking flesh, seeking blood, seeking death, as Archer's claws tap on the table in a bone-chilling rhythm. Calder quickly avoids his gaze and turns to the front, trying hard to keep composure. He just wanted to warn Archer off Josie. He knows he doesn't actually have a chance at winning in a fight against Archer. Archer smirks as his teeth slip back into his gums. 'That's right little pup, don't start fights that you have no chance of winning'. Josie walks back to her classroom. She didn't actually need her calculator for this lesson, but when she walked past and saw Archer sitting on her seat, how could she possibly resist? She was nearly at the point of doing some clique move and falling all over him, maybe touching his body as she tries to get up, maybe grinding herself on his massive……. She shakes her head trying to shake out all the very wrong, but oh so very right thoughts running through her head. To gaze into those golden eyes, see his tee that is stretched over that perfect body, she is not usually one to be shocked by a man's beauty, she lives in a werewolf pack, she goes to school with a bunch of werewolves. There isn't exactly a shortage of good-looking people. But Archer, he is next level, absolute perfection, the beauty, the power that comes off him too. A chill runs down her spine. She is strong and could beat up everyone in this school but she knows she wouldn't have a chance against him. He would dominate her. And that sort of gets her excited. Archer is her little guilty pleasure. Of course, he is the only boy in the school that has absolutely no interest in her. Which to her is actually a relief. She prides herself on her self-control, her refusal to give into carnal pleasures, her resolve of being able to save herself for her mate, but she is sure that if Archer approached her, she would have little to no resistance at all. He could say hello and she would be down on all fours with her ass in the air begging for him. Well, maybe not that far, more of a she wouldn't say no if he asked her on a date situation. If she said that she didn't often think about him taking her like some crazed beast, it would be a complete lie. She shakes her head, to try and dispel all the nasty things running through her head. In front of Archer, she goes from bad ass alpha girl, with incredibly strong and protective brothers, with her own strength and amazing fighting ability, sharp tongue, an intelligent girl, straight into a h*rny girl that just wants to hump his leg and beg for his attention. How sick is that? Josie slaps herself on the head as she walks into her class. "Sorry I am late Mr Cole, I just had to see Mr Palmer" Mr Cole smiles at her as she walks in. Even he can't resist the gentle smile as he looks on at the lovely and beautiful Josie. She is a fantastic student and very polite. He has been teaching for many years and Josie is his favourite student. Her brothers were much the same when they went through school, but Josie isn't as arrogant as they were. Josie looks around the room. Her usual seat is taken by the beta she wolf Helena, who seems to find it hilarious to annoy Josie all the time. Jealousy will do that to a person. The she wolf continues to look at Josie with a look of disdain, but Josie never even spares her another glance. What is the point of getting into some b*tch battle with an insignificant speck? Josie could mash her face into the ground in one second flat, breaking every bone in her average looking face, without the challenge, it is just a pointless waste of time. Josie rolls her eyes and sits up the back alone, settles herself down and has a little day dream about Archer. Ninety percent of the time she is fully focused on her school work, the other ten percent she is fully immersed in her imagination, focused on all the things Archer could do to her body. Josie jumps slightly as an arm wraps around her shoulder. She is usually more on guard, but her daydreams of Archer seem to be getting more vivid and more all-consuming. Her eyes flick open as to the scent of man wh*re overtakes her. She swallows the gag reflex and turns her head to the side. The sickening smell of s*x, cologne and women's perfume. "Zeke, get the hell off me, your mere presence will give me STDs" "Is that anyway to talk to your mate?" Josie scoffs, sitting as far away from him as possible, her eyes rolling so heavily that the beautiful blue orbs nearly fall out of their sockets. "Mate? Well, I will see in two weeks and then I will come grovelling to you on my knees, but till then, stay the hell away from me"
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