Chapter 3

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Josie was nearly tempted to believe the first wolf that approached her saying that they were her mate, but according to the male population at this school, she is up to nine mates. While she is open-minded, she is not an id*ot, it is beyond excessive. She is sure that the Moon goddess is not that short on matches that she would expect Josie to be with that many. What type of hell would it be to actually try and put up with nine id*ots as mates? She doubts that the moon goddess could possibly hate her enough for that to happen. If any or all of those boys were actually her mate, she would seriously have to worry about the Moon goddess. She might even consider jumping off a cliff to her death in celebration of her eighteenth birthday. "I can't wait to see you on your knees Josie. Maybe you could give me a little taste test" "Please, you stink of at least five other women already. I don't think you need me at all" Zeke smirks happily. He knew that Josie would be jealous. "If you accepted me then I would happily give the rest away" Josie can no longer suppress the gag, as she turns away. "Wow, you are so sweet" Josie’s voice is stained with a new level of sarcasm that she has never reached before. Zeke reaches out and tries to touch her again, not hearing the tone, only hearing the words. "Anything for you baby" Josie nearly falls off the seat in an attempt to get away from him. She puts her head down and does a silent prayer. Please moon goddess, let him be lying. She has never thought of going against the moon goddess's wish, but if it was Zeke that she had to spend the rest of her life with, she would really have to consider it. Zeke is the youngest son of one of the five packs Alphas. Not that his position matters at all, she is not gunning for a high position in the pack, it is his personality that offends her to no end. He has four older brothers that are all a lot more sensible and hard working than him. Josie can only assume it is for that reason that Zeke knows he will never have to take over the pack. He spends his time sticking his d*ck in anything with br*asts instead of showing any sort of drive or leadership that an alpha wolf should show. Like most of the alpha blood around the school. Most of the future leaders of the packs have left school already, leaving only one. One, the most handsome one, the most powerful one. Josie sighs as she rests her elbow on the table and her chin on her palm. Archer is so different from the ones that remain, she sinks back into her daydreams with a slight smile on her beautiful face, she has never seen him near another girl, she has never smelt another girl on him. Not that she is some creep that goes around sniffing him or anything. That would be weird. But he does smell really good. Ahh those beautiful gold eyes as he stares down at her, his big strong arms wrapping around her like he will protect her from the world. Josie is more than capable of protecting herself, but in her day dreams she becomes a damsel in distress. Josie jumps again as she feels Zeke's hot breath on her neck. She looks up quickly. The teacher is facing the class so she can't punch Zeke even though he deserves it. "Are you thinking about me?" "The only context I would think about you, is thinking about how to ma*m and torture you" "Come on Josie, won't it be so nice to have a try of me now, and then you can compare it to after we have our mate bond? I promise I will make you feel good" "Zeke, I think even if you are my mate, there would be a rejection on the cards" Josie gets up and walks out of the room very quickly when the bell rings. Her day dreams are bad and getting way more heated. She is creeped out by the fact that Zeke was close to her when she was thinking about things she shouldn't and she just generally wants to escape from his disgusting leering. Somehow, under Zeke's lust-filled eyes, the slight baggy top becomes lingerie. She doesn't like it in the slightest. Josie walks out of the classroom at full speed, crashing straight into a wall. A flesh wall? Big arms wrap around her, just as she is about to send him flying through the wall in a fit of disgust that someone actually thinks they have the right to touch her. She smells the fresh scent that she was just thinking of earlier. She looks up into attractive golden eyes and tries to stop her face from blushing. This is a bit too close to her day-dreams. She is starting to wonder what is a dream and what is reality. She snaps her legs together and suppresses the moan that she should not be doing. Archer's body presses against her as his large palm presses on her small waist, he greedily sucks in her scent, as his fingers slightly tighten, he knows he should let her go but her blue eyes blaze, the green flecks seem to dance in the sea of blue stare up at him and he barely resists the urge to lean down and taste those lips that he dreams about day and night. He knows he should release her, but it is the closest he has been to her ever, the girl that he wants more than his own life. She is finally in his arms. How could he let her go so easily? Archer's golden eyes lock Josie in spot, Josie's mind draws a blank as Archer's large muscled, well-toned body holds her tightly, she is not sure how she is still alive. She is sure that she has forgotten how to breathe, her heart has forgotten how to beat, her blood has forgotten how to flow, all her vitals are good for nothing, in this moment that time freezes yet feels so short. It is better than Josie ever could have imagined. His chiselled biceps seem to fit around her body perfectly, he is so tall and imposing making the average height Josie, feel like a speck, a shiver runs down her spine. Josie is the first one to move back, not because she wants to, but because in a school full of werewolves, the last thing she wants to do is get ar*used, especially in Archer's arms. What would he think of her? She is not sure if she has already left it too late. Archer feels the sudden loss of the warm body and just wants to drag her back into his arms or maybe even go caveman style, take his beloved over his shoulder, smack her ass and tell her she belongs to him, drag her to his bed and imprison her for a lifetime. Josie looks down, not game to even look at his handsome face. "Sorry Archer" He smiles. Archer doesn't smile much, his face usually stuck in a scene of stony indifference. His smile is nothing short of mesmerizing, chasing the rain clouds away, making the flowers bloom, making the sun shine. Zeke walks out of the classroom, his dark eyebrows pull together in a frown when he sees Josie so close to Archer. There is no one that is better in the school than him except for Archer. Archer notoriously steers clear of the never ending stream of women, unlike the other alpha bloods, having alpha blood is just an unwritten permission to have ones d*ck wet all the time. The fact that Archer is so righteous and never gives in, pisses the rest of them off. If Archer suddenly took a liking to his Josie, Zeke knows he wouldn't have a chance. He assumed after all this time that Archer liked men or was as*xual or something, but he can easily recognize the way Archer is looking at Josie. It is the eyes of a man that wants the woman before him, desire clouding his vision. Zeke has been there enough times to know. Zeke saunters up to Josie and throws an arm over her shoulder. "Archer, stay away from my mate" Zeke says with an air of nonchalance. Asserting his dominance over the she wolf, Josie tries not to lose her mind. Putting up with Zeke in class is bad enough, but saying stupid stuff like that in front of her dream man, she is tempted to rip Zeke's head off his shoulders and use it as a football down the corridor. Josie tries to shrug Zeke off her shoulder.
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