Horatio, King of Werewolves Pt. 1

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    It all began in late 15th century, London, England when a young woman, no older than the age of 19 who was with child was mauled by a wolf, and not a werewolf, just a normal wolf. The young woman, her name unknown was found by her husband name also unknown. His bride was barely breathing when he returned with her to their home. A small cottage in the middle of country landscape where homes were spread miles apart, and where there were no doctors for the poor.     The man dressed her wounds in bandages and homeopathic remedies in an attempt to save her life and the life of their unborn child. After several days, she became ill with infection and fever. Her husband knew that her chances of survival were slim. She opened here eyes and spoke to her husband, her final words,     "Save... the.... child..." she muttered with little strength she had.     "I will save you both." he replied with tears in his eyes, knowing that it was not possible.     She shook her head with all her might, letting him know and to understand that the child's life was more important than hers. If she was to die with the baby still in her womb, neither of them would survive, and the young mother knew this. She reached out her hand to husband, pleading with her eyes that he save their child.      The husband reluctantly agrees. He pulls out his hunting knife and hesitates while looking at his love, dying right in front of him. They make eye contact and she nods her head at the sight of the blade. She grabs onto him as he begins to cut her open, just under the naval and above her pelvis. She screams in pain and complete agony while still holding onto his shoulder...                     *baby crying*     She opens her eyes to see a baby boy, crying for his first breaths of air outside the womb. His father, quickly cuts the umbilical cord and wraps him in a blanket that she herself knitted just a few days before while preparing for his arrival. As she bleeds out onto their bed, he quickly gives her their son in hopes that she may have some time with him before she breathes her final breaths.        "H..h...Ho..Horatio..." she says while looking at her newborn son. While her husband nods in agreement.    She bring her son closer to her face with all her strength and with her final breaths she kisses his forehead and whispers 'I love you, my prince.' Her body falls limp as she dies holding her son. Her husband takes the baby from her lifeless body and places him in a crib he built. As the baby cries, he wraps his love's body in blankets and clothes and take her out onto their land. He stops at a large willow tree approximately one quarter mile from their home. There, he digs a grave for his love. He slowly pushes her in, and buries with her all the love and honor he can give.     When the husband returned to this home, he finds that his child is no longer crying, but is somehow standing in his crib, his eyes wide open. When the father runs to his newborn, one look into the baby's eyes has him step back in horror.     Horatio's eyes were glowing bright red, like the flames of a fire and had golden tints within his irises. His father not understanding what happened was frozen. Love for this son soon evaporated as it was replaced with complete fear. With his wife dead and buried, the father felt compelled to abandon his son .... This creature unknown.     He bent down, wrapped his son in his blanket and took him into the forest. The child, barely a few hours old was unable to comprehend what was happening. Soon they reached a small river about two miles from their home. The father placed his son in a raft used for fishing, took his knife and engraved something into the wood and pushed it into the water. The rapids of the river were calm, but it flowed smoothly. As the raft disappeared into the night, the father turned his back to his son and never looked back. --------------------------- {Horatio's P.O.V.}     "DIE YOU FILTHY BEASTS!"     "Horatio! Language!" I heard a feminine screech. I turned to see my mother.     "How many times have I told you to stop attacking the palace dogs that way." she said while holding her hands to her waist.     "Mother, I am just playing with them" I responded while holding a palace dog under my body and rubbing her belly with all my might.       "Yes, well I do not believe that she appreciates that. Now get off of her before you actually do kill her with that body weight of yours." she said while pulling the collar of my shirt.     "Horatio, will you please go and get ready for the party. Today is the day you become a man and will be crowned king, I need you to be dressed and prepared for such an honor," she says while pushing me towards the staircase.     Ah yes, my 21st birthday, the day everyone says that I will become a man and be crowned king. Though I personally did not wish for his day, it became inevitable two years ago when the King, my grandfather was killed in battle. My mother, the princess was the only heir, and she had not found a reputable suiter in order for her to become queen; as such, as the only known heir to the throne, that honor is being passed down to me. Although I am aware that my mother is not biologically my mother, she raised me since I was an infant.     *knock knock knock*     I turned to see my mother standing in the doorway with my clothes for the evening in her arms. She places them down on the vanity chair as she walks over to me standing in the mirror.     "Why are you in deep thoughts my son?" she asks while running her fingers through my hair.     "Mother, can you tell me again how I came to be your son?" I asked while turning to sit on my bed.     "Now?"     "Please mother?"     She smiled as she came to sit next to me. Her frame so petite, yet her beauty lights up the room with the midday sun hitting her golden hair.     "Well, it all started 21 years ago... " I was walking the river bank with my guards and maidens just outside the palace walls which is something I did quite often, taking in the fresh air while other workers of the palace were washing clothes and catching fish for supper. I heard a faint cry, and immediately thought it was a small animal; however, I was shocked as the cry got louder and I realized that it was a baby ... You. I told the guards to investigate, and a short while later, they brought you to me, wrapped in nothing but a blanket that looked to be handmade. Your cries pierced by heart and I knew that I could not leave you out there. I brought you back to the palace where we had our palace doctor look you over. It was he who said you were approximately three or four days old. I remember my heart sinking. To think that anyone would abandon their newborn son. From that day forward, I raised you as my own even at first father was against it.     "Well, that's basically how we got to this day," she said with a small laugh as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.     I always wondered where I came from, but just knowing that my family abandoned me I honestly did not care.     "Mother?"      "What is it, my prince?"     "My name? Are you the one who named me?"     "Actually, your name was engraved in the raft that you were found in" she responded, that was something I never knew and never bothered to ask up until now. "The guard that found you initially told me that he found the name engraved in the wooden frame of the raft, I assumed it was the name your birth parents gave you, so I decided to keep it."     I nodded my head as she began to assist my outfit for the night.     "Don't you look absolutely ravishing my prince," she said while we walked back over to the mirror. In my mind, I looked like an overstuffed turkey waiting to be carved open. "Tonight is the night, the full moon, the celebration of your birthday and the day my handsome prince, you become King," she said with complete excitement as she hugs me and kisses me on the cheek.     I never questioned why this day out of all days of the year is my birthday, after all, my actual day of birth is unknown. Mother explains that she chose this because it was the day she found me at the river.     The night came quickly and I was crowned King. I took my vows to uphold the law of our lands to the best of my ability, to be merciful, passionate, caring, and fair. Everything a powerful King should be.     "I present to you! HIS MAJESTY! KING HORATIO!" the head council member of the kingdom pronounced. Soon cheering erupted breaking the silence and I see my mother crying with proud eyes. Soon thereafter, music began and spectators from the coronation spread across the palace floors. It was a dull night with the moon covered behind the clouds. My robe was removed and I was allowed to go change into more comfortable clothing. This is so that I did not grow tired having to meet everyone and mingle with the crowd.      As I came back downstairs, I caught the eye of a beautiful maiden. She looked to be approximately 18 years of age. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. Her hair was light and golden blonde, just like mother's, her eyes were blue as the sky, her skin pales with a hint of peach and her lips, a natural strawberry red. She was petite like mother, but her frame was very well built. She had the typical hourglass frame. The cleavage from her breasts showed just enough to make my heart beat faster. She was classy, sexy, and elegant all at once.     "Your Majesty, " she said while doing a formal curtsy. I accepted with a bow. Our eyes met, and I could feel a sudden sensation take over my body.     "Milady, what is thy name?" I ask her while slowly taking steps forward. She was even more beautiful up close.     "Amelia, your Majesty," she responded with a half bow. I could easily see her neck and the frame of her décolletage made my mouth water. I immediately wanted to have my way with her, but she was only a child, and I had the utmost respect for women given how my mother raised me. Something inside me was screaming and parts of me could not help but want to have my way.     "Horatio, I see that you've met Amelia" I heard a familiar voice.     "Mother?"     "Amelia?" my mother half bowed to the girl.     "Your Highness," she responded with a curtsy.     "AMELIA, COME HERE DAUGHTER!" I heard a loud deep voice rumble from below.      "Yes father~" she responded. Her voice was like music to my ears. Who was this girl, and why did she make me feel so weak and horny.     "Mother, who is that?" I asked as she walked away.     "That, my son, is Amelia, she is the daughter of one the members of Parliament," she replied as I kept watching her disappear into the crowd.      "How old?     "She will be 20 this year my King?" she said. Twenty? She's older than I expected, she looked amazing for her age. "Do you fancy her my King? she asked while giggling.     "Fancy her? Mother, I want to marry her..." I responded without hesitation as I ran to find her.     "Horatio!" she yelled after me, but I did not stop.     When I came to the bottom of the stairwell, I looked all over for Amelia. Something inside of me had to find her. What was this sudden sensation of lust and desire I had for a girl I met only a few minutes ago? Was this what people say is Love at First Sight? I did not know and I did not care. I needed to find my future bride.     As I searched the dance floor, the sudden aura of a golden-haired maiden caught the corner of my eye. Amelia. I looked towards the French double glass doors that led out into the garden. I saw her exit the palace. I ran after her.     I made it outside and I found Amelia sitting by the fountain that led into the hedges of our maze. Her silhouette hidden amongst the darkness but yet still visible in slight shimmers of the moon that peaked from behind the clouds. I walked over to her and clear my throat in an attempt not to startle her.        "Your Majesty" she says as she turns to do another curtsy. I hold my hand signaling her that it was not necessary. Her eyes met mine with confusion; however, all I felt was complete and utter desire to have my way. I held my composure.     "Amelia, may I ask you a question?"     "My King, you do not need to my permission," she said with a small smirk.     "Are you represented by a man?" making sure that she did not already belong to anyone.     "No your Majesty, I am not old enough yet. I am only 19 years of age. Father has told me that when I turn 21, he will find me a suiter." she responded.     "I was told that you will be 20 in the coming months," I said while standing next to her. A small breeze flowed by and I could smell her scent. She smelled sweet, like that of candied apples and caramel. My mouth started to water as the thought of my body entangled with hers entered my mind.     "Yes, I will be 20 in two months your Majesty." her response brought me back to reality.     "Tell me Amelia, have you ever considered that you may become Queen?" I asked her.     "I do not understand..." she replied.     "I want you to be my queen Amelia," I told her as I softly grabbed her shoulders to bring her close to me. Her scent intensified and I could feel my body tingle with desire and lust. I could not stop having visions of us together. Together in pure passionate love making. My cock thrusting in out of her as she called out my name for more.     "Me?" she responded.     "Yes, you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon, so tender yet so sexy at the same time." I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand. I could feel her cheeks become warm as if she could also feel my desire and my lust.     "Your Majesty..." she said looking down at the ground. I lifted her by her chin to face me. Our lips merely inch apart. I believe she was wearing heels, as she seemed to be taller than I expected. I stand at approximately 200 centimeters, but yet her face met my neck.    "Remove your shoes," I commanded her. Without hesitation she did. She dropped several centimeters and I found that she barely met my chest. Her petite and hourglass frame was near perfect for my taste.     I lifted her chin again and brushed my lips across her. I felt her arms tighten around my waist. Again, images of my fucking her to pure bliss flooded my mind. The images felt so real, almost as if they were bound to happen. As these images flood my mind, I could feel her arms around my neck as she kissed me passionately. I wanted to have her right then and there, but I remembered she was not mine to take. I pushed her away as she gasped at my action.     "I'm sorry your Majesty, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I didn't..." she said in a panicking.     "There is no need for apologies Amelia, I actually quite enjoyed that," I said with a smug look on my face. "I tell you Amelia, if you were my queen, I would have my way with you, and by the kiss you just gave, I doubt that you would protest," I said with a smile as I brought her close. I could see her cheeks blush. "I stopped because I am a gentleman, you are not my queen yet, and I cannot defile you. As my future bride, I will wait until the night of our wedding. As King, I claim you as mine and no one is allowed to touch you. I will address the Parliament that you are my betrothed."     I saw her nod without testament, I could hear her heart beating as she too wanted the same thing. As I turned to walk away, I could see the light from the moon lighten my path, I turned to look at the moon, and then I felt it. A sudden sharp pain takes over my body. I didn't understand what was happening, my skin was on fire and my bones were shifting in my body.     "ARGHHHHHH!!!!" I hear myself scream in agony.     "YOUR MAJESTY!!!" I hear the voice of an angel. I could see Amelia running towards me, but I hold my hand telling her to stop. I see her stop dead in her tracks. My body begins to shift and my eyesight becomes clear but it glows red. I feel myself begin to stand, but as I look down Amelia is a lot smaller than from before. I meet her eyes and all I see is fear.     "AHHHHHH!!!!" I hear her scream in panic. I didn't understand, why was my love afraid of me. I tried to call out her name, but all I heard was a growl. I tower over Amelia as I see her faint. I look at my hand see fur. Black fur and claws. My hands, 4 times their normal size. I start to hear the commotion outside. I look to see the guards along with their weapons.     "KILL THE MONSTER!!" I hear them proclaim. Monster? The couldn't possibly mean me. Before my thoughts could finish, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, I look to see and there is an arrow. My own men are attacking me. I look down at Amelia, and see her lying there, still as can be. My only thoughts are to keep her safe. I lift her up and I begin to run. I run faster and faster.     "AMELIA!!!!" I hear her father yell for her. I'm sorry, but she's mine now.     "WHERE IS HORATIO!" I hear my mother's voice. "Where is the King!?" I hear the anguish in her voice. I look back and I can see her off in the distance. But how did I get so far so fast? What has happened to me?     'I'm sorry mother...'  I thought     'Horatio....' I could hear her thoughts. I looked back at the palace and I could see that my mother heard my thoughts. She knew she knew what I had become.
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