The Runaway Luna

poor to rich

Tiana, realising that her father's plans are being spoiled tries everything possible to separate the Alpha from his mate, poisoning him with wolves Bain, making him weak enough to sleep with him making sure that Kenya catches them in the act. When she does Kenya leaves the pack and hides from her mate but when she discovers that she is pregnant and knows nothing about werewolf pregnancies she goes back for the sake of her child. She rekindles her relationship with her mate once she finds out that it was all a part of a plot to seperate them and then fully complete the mating process. In doing so, Kenya's wolf is awakened from her slumber

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Kenya's pov Beep beep, beep beep "urg" I groaned reaching out to slap my alarm clock that painfully pulled me out of my dream, it's on these rare nights that I actually have a good dream, a peaceful night's sleep. Most nights my dreams are plagued with nightmares that rob me of my sleep. I sigh getting out of bed to get ready for school, "why does school have to start so early" I groan again as I wander out of my room and into the one of the four bathrooms in the house, eyes half closed. Yes, I said one of four bathrooms, my house is quite big and it's occupants are a lot, big family. I slip into the shower and make myself presentable for the day, once done I quickly vacate the bathroom making sure it's clean for the next person. I put on some black skinny jeans with a white tank top, combat boots and denim jacket to complete the look, threw the huge mass of curls on my head into a neat bun, looking good girl. Oh where are my manners, I'm Kenya, eighteen, caramel skin and orphaned at birth, I don't know what happened to my parents, all I know is that I was found on the door step of an orphanage with a letter that read "take care of my little Kenya, she's precious to me"... Precious my ass, you don't abandon your 'precious' child for other people to raise. Anyway, I was adopted when I was eleven and life has been pretty good, Kate and George Michaelson, my parents and the parents to my nine siblings, yes nine, with me being the second oldest, the eldest, brother, is in college and it's my last year of high school and boy was I happy about that. Grabbing my school bag, I quickly went down stairs to help mom finish breakfast. "Good morning mother" I greeted once I reached the massive kitchen kissing her cheek, "morning sweety, finish up the eggs and sausages, I'm going to check on the little ones" she said handing me the spatula and leaving the room. I was taking the plates with pancakes enough to feed an army into the dining room when the others started coming down. We all sat to enjoy our food, it was one of the rules in this house, we all eat together, absolutely no one was allowed to eat alone. The lively morning chatter busting through the room made a soft sigh leave my lips, never a dull moment in this house. It was nice to see how well we got along, especially being mixed like we were, race really didn't matter in my family, we were raised right. After loading the dishes in the dish washer and making sure everyone was ready for school, we left for the bus, I prefer walking to school because it's not that far but I take the bus from time to time to make sure my siblings are ok, don't want nobody messing with my family. I groaned and rolled my eyes when the school came into view, hello hell. I hated school with a passion, I don't see the need to put kids through such horrors five days a week. School was literally prison, the teachers, prison wardens, period. I took a deep breath and readied myself for a good few hours of hell, it truly didn't get worse than this. Raising my head, I spotted my best friend Mika at the door with two cups of coffee, oh my saviour. " Damn baby, what you trynna do, straighten me or something coz girl it's working!" Mika said as I approached him, his words making me sway my hips a little more, making some of the jocks whistle. Walking up to him I grabbed one of the coffees and blew him a kiss, everyone meet my gay best friend and the most amazing guy to ever grace the universe. Did I mention that he is also a werewolf? Yes they are real and my besty is one of them, he came out to me a few years ago, shifted infront of me when I laughed at him and boy damn near gave me a heart attack. "Oh my gosh, you won't believe what happened last weekend at Brett's party, turns out he broke up with Brianna because she is not his mate and now poor Bri is heart broken" he said quickly allowing no room for interruptions. If you're wondering how I know about mates well my best friend here not only came out, he told me all there is to know about werewolves and that ninety percent of the school population is made up of them, scary I know. I was literally terrified of walking the halls by myself for a whole week, scared I would end up as a wolf's next meal even though Mika reassured me that they don't eat humans, I couldn't help it but I quickly got over it. "What?!! No way, they were so good together, I get that mates are important and all that but couldn't they just ride it out until they found their mates?" I asked stopping by my locker, grabbing the books I would need for my classes. "I'd leave her too, she's a slut and I really think Brett just wanted an excuse to leave the bitch" he said closing his own locker after taking what he needed. "She does go around, the dynamic duo is really over? Can't believe it" I said leaning against my locker, "she had it coming, anyway more men for us" he said literally strutting down the halls to our first class, I laughed speed walking to catch up with him, "you man whore!" I said trying to stifle my laughter as we entered the classroom. History, sweet baby Jesus I hated history, I mean yeah I was good at it but it didn't mean I liked it. I was yawning the second the teacher opened his mouth, feeling the sleep that was brutally cut off creeping up on me. Two more months Kenya, just two more months and we'll be out of this boring town. Hoodville was a fairly good town but it was boring, well except for the fact that we have werewolves for neighbours and we were actually living in their territory, fancy that. I had to keep it together or else I'd be getting detention and lord knows that's the last thing I wanted. I heaved a sigh of relief when class was dismissed and I could finally leave this hell hole and jump into another one called chemistry, great, just great, and if you missed it, I was being sarcastic. Mika and I parted ways and each went to their next class with the promise of meeting at lunch, like always. The shit eating grin on my face, threatening to split it in half, was one of the ways the teacher could tell that the bell was about ring, making her shake her head and finish up quickly. I practically jumped out of my seat, bag already packed when the bell rang, skipping out of there so fast you'd swear my ass was on fire and I didn't miss the laughter that roared after me. If you still didn't believe that I hated school, well now you do. Mika gave me a ride to the small cafe I worked at after school, it was owned by a sweet old couple. The place got really busy in the afternoon with all the teenage kids hanging out here so it was never quiet but I think I loved the tips more than the vibe. The pay was good and it was just a ten minute walk home so why not make a little cash while planning my escape route out of this boring town. See folks, life was peachy, except for school, school was anything but peachy.

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