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Blake's pov  My name is Blake, 20 years old and Alpha of the biggest pack in the United states, the Blood hounds pack with over two thousand members, it's an impressive feat considering that the second largest has only seven hundred and forty members, definitely something to be proud of. My parents gave me the Alpha title a year ago when I turned 19 and all I've done was make the pack greater than it was, I'm a good Alpha, I'm not blowing my own horn or anything but the fact that I have a great relationship with my pack, my warriors are well trained and the pack is well provided for speaks volumes. The pack owns most of Hoodville, the mall, police station, schools just to name a few, are all run by the pack, even though we live with humans but they know nothing of our existence, maybe a few that are mated to wolves but the rest know nothing and it provides great cover from hunters. No rogue dares to cross my lands, I'm not known as the ruthless Alpha for no reason, I don't hesitate to eliminate anything or anyone that could pose a threat to my pack.  I haven't found my mate yet but it doesn't bother me anymore, well not for the last two months at least. It used to bug me a lot that all my friends had found their mates but me, but ever since I found Tiana, the urge to find my mate is not as strong. I know it sounds stupid to want another she-wolf more than your own mate, since mates are the most important person to wolves and finding your mate is the most magical thing to ever happen to a wolf but ever since I met Tiana, all I want is her. She has invaded my mind, I think about her half the day and dream of her all night, even when she's sleeping right beside me, all I want to is just hold her all day, crushing her to me, much to my wolf's annoyance, all he wants is his mate. If it wasn't for my parents and my wolf threatening me, I would have already marked Tiana and made her my Luna, that's how much I love her and I'm certain I want to live the rest of my life with her, mate be damned, I'll just reject them and be happy with my Tiana.  Sitting in my office, looking out the window, I spot her sitting cross legged on the grass, back resting against a tree reading a book, she did that a lot and seemed to be engrossed in whatever she was reading. Just watching her right now took me back to the day I met her, I was on a run checking out the perimeter and making sure all was well on the border when I heard a loud scream and growling, thinking it was probably one of my pack members in trouble, I didn't think twice, I dashed in the direction of the growls. When I got there, I saw four blood thirsty rogues circling a naked girl, probably just shifted back, calf bleeding, I growled gaining their attention, good, focus on me you pieces of shit. They lunged for me thinking if they attacked at the same time, they could take me out easier, the Alpha within growled and pounced, meeting them head on. Pathetic rogues, my wolf growled having taken them out in less than a minute, their bodies lay lifeless on the dirt in a pool of their own blood. I heard a whimper and my attention went to the girl backed up against a tree crying, I sniffed the air, realising that she wasn't a pack member. Looking her over, I felt something pull at my heart when our eyes connected, I pitied her and decided to let her join the pack. You couldn't tell now that she was the injured dirty rogue I had saved, she looked stunning in just a sports bra and shorts, her tan skin just begging me to kiss and suck on it, the urge to take her was quickly overtaking my senses and I would have if it wasn't for the god forsaken knock on my door. Growling, I turned sitting straight, looking at the door before shouting a 'come in'. Bryce, my beta and best friend walked in and immediately stopped looking at me with caution, "are you ok man? Your eyes are a little dark and your Alpha aura is suffocating me" he said neck bent slightly in submission. I took deep breaths, calming myself down, damn when did I become so snappy, shaking my head, I turned to my best friend looking apologetic, "sorry man, just a lot on my mind" I said trying to make amends. "A certain she wolf you mean" he said laughing Rolling my eyes and groaning at how right he was, I changed the subject, "what's up, why are you here" I asked my features taking a more serious expression, "what makes you think the only reason I would come to your office is because of official business, maybe I just came to see my best bud" he said looking hurt but I knew that this fucker was lying. " So what you're telling me is that, you would leave your pregnant mate to come chill with me?" I asked knowing damn well he'd never leave her side unless it was pack related. He laughed taking a seat across me, "you're right, I'd never leave my gorgeous mate for an ugly asshole like you, no offence Alpha" he said lifting his hands in surrender. "Women line up for this handsome face I'll have you know" I said laughing with him, "so, are you gonna tell me why you're here or do I have to strangle it out of you" I asked wanting to know what needed my attention so I could go back to oggling my girlfriend.  "The Alpha of the Half moon pack called to propose a treaty between our packs, and to seal the treaty, he proposed that you and his daughter mate since you both haven't found your mates" he said making me growl. "Don't shoot the messenger" he said quickly before I could say anything else, " is this some kind of joke? What does that old man take me for? The only reason he wants this union is because of the power he stands to gain. Tell him I said he can shove his proposal where the sun doesn't shine, what kind of man would want to mate with that whore" I growled out the words knowing my eyes were glowing indicating my wolf was on the surface. " So it's a no then" my beta said taunting me, I gave him a murderous glare making him chuckle and stand up, "ok, ok I'm leaving" he said laughing at my expense, "and close the door on your way out" I yelled turning around to look outside the window only to find that Tiana had left her spot, "fucking great"  Kenya's pov  The past couple of weeks seemed to just fly by, I was left with just two weeks until graduation, and for the first time since I set foot into this school, there was a pep in my step and everyone noticed. The popular kids would even greet me, I mean, I wasn't invisible but I wasn't in the lime light either so this was a slightly uncomfortable change, I hated attention, being noticed meant people knowing and I didn't want people knowing I was abandoned at birth. A few of the football players even asked me out but I wasn't up for that, "ain't no dumb jock popping my cherry" I thought with a snicker, hell would freeze over first before I gave up my virginity to some boy I'll be leaving a few weeks after graduation. The cheerleaders, well, they didn't appreciate their boyfriends turning their heads for some girl, they were petite and I was curvy in all the right places, a threat to their salad induced figures was always a girl who had it effortlessly, kidding, just kidding, ha! Not.  I knew I was a beauty and I didn't need a diet to look this beautiful either but I was never confident enough to flaunt it, my insecurities always whispered how I was unwanted by my parents, who would ever want me? And that always brought me a peg or two down but this week was different, I wasn't listening to that stupid voice because I had only had two weeks to go and then I'd start over in a place where no one knew I was orphaned.  Dinner was already done by the time I got home from the cafe so I would just help set the table. The liveliness made me question my plans of leaving, how would life be without my family, I was so used to the noise and always bumping into someone in the house that if I didn't, I'd feel like something was wrong. Who would big sister my siblings? Who would put their bullies in their place? Would I even survive on my own out there? I am not in any way naive, I know how cruel the world can be, here I was safe, I had a loving family and everything I could possibly need. "Hey, are you ok? You're a little quiet tonight, did something happen?" My dad asked looking at me concerned, it warmed my heart seeing that someone cared for me, "no, I'm ok dad" I said with a little smile. He kept looking at me, worry lacing his features, "are you sure? It's unlike you to be so quiet Kenya?" He pushed hoping I would spill my guts. "Is it a boy?" Mom asked before I could even reassure dad that everything was fine, the table instantly went quiet at mom's question making me blush a little. "No mom, it's not a boy, I was just thinking about colledge and how much I'd miss you guys" I said scanning my eyes around the table. 
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