One Alpha

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Aurora's pov  "What now?" I asked my mates as we exited the dungeon and went back to our house, "you could try breaking the spell" Xavier said but Mason shook his head, "it can't be that simple" he said stopping to close the door behind us. "Mason's right, it can't be that easy, whoever did this wouldn't go through the trouble of making sure they say nothing important and still make it easy for us to get through their spell" I said and they both nodded seeming to be thinking it over. "Or maybe it's what they want us to do, break the spell and know who is behind this and maybe even find out why" Mason said but I had my doubts, "why would they do that? It's a waste of time and magic to put the spell there in the first place" I said thinking this whole situation over, "or maybe they want us to try to break it, if attempting to give us any useful information kills them, then breaking the spell might have the same effect and we'd be back to square one" I said trying to make my thoughts and suspicions make sense. "you might be right, maybe the goal is to make us think it's easy, whoever is behind this is playing mind games with us" Xavier said and it made me wonder if this truly was some sick and twisted game.  We got back to the house and we found everyone dressed up, including the newly shifted pups, "you really didn't have to spend hours in the dungeon on your twin's birthday" Winter said with an eye roll and if she didn't have a valid point, she'd be hanging up side down in mid air for speaking to me like that, I think I might have to hang her one of these days. Temporarily forgetting everything that was going on, my mates and I went to get ready for the kids party, of course security was maximized around the pack, wouldn't be that reckless. The party was in full swing when we got there, the adults were either making food for the kids or making sure the children were playing nice, shifter babies were quite aggressive but everyone seemed to be having a good time. I left my mates and went to join the ladies and they succeeded in making me forget about the whole vampire attack and spells, but the threat to my pack and family wouldn't completely leave my mind, it was lurking around like a shadow and took any and every opportunity presented to it to make itself known "What's wrong?" Elizabeth whispered and I jumped, a little startled but it was subtle so no one else noticed, "you've been zoned out for the past five minutes so I'll ask again, what's wrong?" She asked and I sighed pulling her to the side. "Remember the vampire attack and the two prisoners they managed to capture?" I asked and she nodded her head making me sigh, "I have reason to believe a witch is behind it, I don't know how a witch is able to command vampires but I'm sure a witch is behind this" I said taking a deep breath. "And what makes you suspect a witch, no witch with common sense would attack a pack of lycans that are well endowed with magic and have you as Luna" she said with a small shrug, "but the kids were spell bound to not say a thing, one of them died when I commanded her to tell me who sent them and the other kept saying he "can't say anything", only witches can cast spells Elizabeth, I know a witch is behind this somehow, I just don't know what they want" I said my eyes looking for my children without me even realising it. "So we have another crazy witch trying to cause trouble" she said shaking her head, "we need to get to the bottom of this before it explodes on our faces" she said and I nodded.  I found Mason at some point but Xavier was nowhere to be found, "where's Xavier?" I asked him and he looked around as if to see if anyone was looking or listening to our conversation which only made me frown. "He went to deal with the dead bodies, the ones who died were unmated so, so far, no one in the pack knows what happened. We'll let them know tomorrow, after all this partying is over" he said in a hushed tone so no one could hear what he was saying and I nodded in understanding, rather let the pack have tonight, we'll worry about the mysteries behind the attack tomorrow. I couldn't brush off the feeling that this was a warning attack, this witch was either trying to see our strength or this was a scout mission gone wrong, either way, I was going to get to the bottom of this.  As the night went on, more and more children were taken to bed and even though the twins didn't want to, their bed time was quickly approaching, using that excuse, we left the party and went back home. I mind linked Xavier, telling him to come straight home after he was done with the dead bodies. I put the kids to bed and even after protesting the entire way home, they fell asleep almost as soon as I tucked them in. "Why do I get the feeling you think the attack had something to do with them?" Mason said coming to stand behind me wrapping his hands around my waist, "a part of me wants to believe that but it's just not that simple, vampires wouldn't just attack, in the middle of the day? No there's something else going on, something bigger and I have a bad feeling about what's to come" I said leaning my back into him. After the events of the day, I was totally drained.  "Enough about that, we'll deal with it tomorrow. Our children shifted and we weren't even here to witness it" he said looking at our sleeping kids, "I'm pretty sure the shift was painless and unlike me, they have beast, the power won't overwhelmed their small bodies. I won't have to bind their powers like my mother did mine" I said with a soft smile, "I'm curious though, the twins had a whole personality change" I said eyes going from one twin to the other. "What do you mean?" Mason asked and I was quiet for a little while, looking for a proper way to word it, "at first I thought Louis had shifted into the dragon pup because it was shy and was hiding under the bed and my lycan pup, who was jumping around destroying the room was Justin but I couldn't have been more wrong. Louis is the lycan pup and Justin is the dragon pup, how is that even possible?" I asked and he chuckled. "Dragons are shy creatures, we're only aggressive when we feel threatened or need to protect what we love, we're basically mountain sized teddy bears with claws" he said and we both laughed, "and lycans are very aggressive, we don't need a reason, we just are" Xavier said appearing by the door. "When do we start training them?" Mason asked  and I scoffed hitting his shoulder, "they're two years old!" I exclaimed but Xavier smirked, "but they've already shifted and I'm pretty sure they'll just sneak out to the training grounds, they'll have a lot of energy to burn, rather take it out on the training equipment than the house, wouldn't you agree baby" Xavier said with a sly smile and I laughed. "You should have seen Louis tearing this room apart, thank goddess for magic, I feel like he's going to be tearing into anything and everything" I said rolling my eyes but I had a fond smile on my face. "I hate to spoil such a beautiful moment but we found something on one of the dead bodies" Xavier said, his facial expression taking on a more serious and focused look. "What did you find?" Mason asked detangling himself from me, I almost whimpered at the loss of contact from my mate but I caught myself before the sound could escape, we had serious issues to deal with. Xavier took out a note from his pocket and passed over to Mason, who looked at it and frowned before passing it on to me. "There can only be one Alpha" I read it out loud and frowned, "what does that even mean?" I asked but got no answer, this just got even more interesting. 
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