Spell bound

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Aurora's pov  My eyes widened at what my mates just said, we had just been attacked, by vampires, vampires of all creatures, what could they possibly want? "What did they want? Why were they attacking us?" I asked suddenly feeling a little scared for my pack. Yes, we were a pack of strong lycans and witches but vampires and wolves were natural enemies, one bite from the other and they're dead. "We have no idea why they attacked but we will found out, we captured two of them and they are being held in the dungeons" Mason said eyes glued to the baby dragon at my feet and Xavier was also looking at the pup playing with his brother's tail. "Any casualties?" I asked trying to get their attention back to me, the twins were a completely different issue, right now, I needed to know if my pack was alright, "four from the border patrol were bitten before we could get there, they died before we could even get them to the hospital" Xavier said with a straight face, "oh goddess" I gasped sitting on the bed feeling my legs give out under my weight.  "How did this even happen?" Xavier asked eyes going from one pup to the other, I looked down at my children and smiled, the attack temporarily put aside, "it's Selene's idea of fun" I said sighing. "What do you mean by that?" Mason asked finally paying me some attention, "they're hybrids, phoenix shifter hybrids" I said and my mates just looked at me like I threw a bucket of ice cold water over their heads. "I know, shocking, now snap out of it, we have bigger problems to deal with" I said getting up to stand in front of them, "but first, you need to shower, get that blood off you" I said scrunching up my nose in disgust.  "Oh my sweet Selene, they're gorgeous" a voice came from behind my mates and before I could ask who it was, Winter pushed her way through me and my mates to get to the twins. I almost fell at how hard she had pushed me but Mason quickly caught me, "what the hell Winter" I said my voice a tad higher than usual, "language lady, we got kids in here" she said not even sparing me a glance, I swear I was going to kick her ass black and blue if she wasn't pregnant. Elizabeth, who'd been really quiet laughed at our exchange and just then, Laura burst into the room panting, she looked around frantically and when she spotted Winter, she pushed through me and my mates to get to her own mate. "Really??" I asked throwing my hands in the air and Elizabeth just laughed more, "you're supposed to be at the hospital Winter!" Laura said sternly and I felt my annoyance simmer down when I remembered that my twins had thrown her across the hall. "I'm fine, and the baby is perfectly fine as well, no need to stay at the hospital" she said with a wave of her hand, dismissing her mate and continued to play with the kids. "You're pregnant?" Elizabeth asked just as surprised as I was finding out that Laura was the dominant one in the relationship, "of course Laura didn't tell anyone, were you planning on keeping it a secret?" Winter asked Laura with a furious glare, I saw Laura visibly shrink and hold up her hands in surrender. "You better tell everyone else or else I'm cutting you off" Winter said bringing her attention back to the twins. "Unbelievable" I whispered turning to leave the room knowing my kids would be safe with Winter and Laura, "I thought I told you two to go shower, we have a lot to do" I said going down stairs to get some water, I needed to cool down. I got a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down on one of the chairs on the island, "Selene" I called out but she didn't answer, "Selene I know you can hear me" I said and that's when I felt her presence, "I can't give you answers to everything just because I like you, it's not playing fair Aurora" she said and disappeared. I sighed drinking my water, guess I'm doing this without her help, my mates soon appeared into the kitchen, freshly showered and in clean clothes, "you ok?" Xavier asked sitting beside me and taking the bottle of water in my hands and downing it in one go, "you could have just gotten your own" I said annoyed and Mason chuckled moving over to grab me another bottle of water. "And I'm fine, Selene just won't help me" I said taking a swig of my water, "well, I guess there's only one way to get answers" Mason said leaving the house.  "Do you think the attack was somehow linked to the twins shifting?" Xavier asked and I shook my head, "I don't think they just attacked on a whim, it had to be planned and no one could possibly know the twins would shift today, except for Winter but she wouldn't tell anyone" I said deep in thought, none of this made sense and vampires hardly came out in the day, contrary to popular belief, they don't burn to ashes in the sun but they are weakened by it. "Why would they risk attacking during the day? Unless it wasn't a real attack" Xavier said standing up, he held out his hand for me to take and I gladly took it, following Mason to the dungeon to get the answers we needed.  Xavier was growing uneasy with every step we took in the direction of the dungeon, "you don't have to go, I know how difficult it is for you to go back to the place where your pack was slaughtered, your parents. It's ok, Mason and I can handle this" I said squeezing his hand but he shook his head, "I have to put it behind me and why would I let you and Mason have all the fun? Come on" he said and we continued the short walk to the dungeons.  We never had any prisoners so there was no guard at the entrance, might want to rethink that decision, we walked into the dungeon and the moment I stepped inside, I shivered, it was cold and gave off an eerie vibe I just didn't like and was making me anxious. I soon realised that these feelings weren't mine, they were Xavier's but he didn't let it show, he marched on deeper into the dungeon, pushing past the cells that once held his people captive, the cells where his pack was tortured and slaughtered. I squeezed his hand but didn't say anything, what could I possibly say in such a situation, I could not take back everything Evelyn did, the least I could was be there for my mate, help him through his pain and trauma. Mason was waiting for us at the entrance of a cell at the end of the room, they couldn't choose a cell closer to the exit?  "So, what have we got?" I asked trying to sound like I knew what I was doing but it didn't have the desired effect, both my mates looked at each other before looking back at me with big goofy grins on their faces. "You have two options, laugh and sleep with the twins for a whole week or shut up and let's get this over with" I said with a glare and they both dropped their grins, standing straight. "Much better" I said walking into the cell, Mason tried to open it for me but it was too late, I'd already done it myself, "what a gentleman" I said sarcasm dripping off of every word.  I was immediately greeted by the smell of blood and almost gagged, "did you torture them?" I asked Mason who had gotten here before me and Xavier, "no, all we've done was ask questions and honestly, I'm offended that you'd think I'd torture kids" Mason said shaking his head and I felt bad for even opening my mouth. I looked at the two prisoners and they looked to be around seventeen, who send kids to start a fight? Or maybe they weren't sent, may they thought it would be fun to kill a few wolves with their venom. I grew angry at the thought but I knew I had to keep my cool.  "Who sent you?" I asked but they didn't answer, they didn't even look up to acknowledge my presence, "I asked a question" I said but the kids didn't even move an inch. I couldn't make out their faces because it was dimly lit and they were facing down, one of them was definitely a girl, the other, I wasn't sure. I grabbed the girl's face and made her look up so I could get a better look at her, I take back what I said, this girl looked younger than seventeen. Eyes locked, I used the moon's command on her, "who sent you?" I asked knowing she wouldn't be able to resist or ignore the command but what happened next made me reevaluate my whole life. In stead of answering, the girl shook violently, coughing and spitting out blood and after about a minute, she stopped and fell forward but the chains that were holding her in place held her body from falling to the ground.  "Angela, no! No no no! You killed her! You bitch! You killed her!" The other one, who was definitely a boy, yelled at me trying desperately to break the chains and either get to the girl or make an attempt on my life and I was strongly voting for the latter. "That's enough!" Mason boomed at the insult that was aimed at me but the kid didn't seem to care that there was a fuming dragon in the room, not to mention a lycan Alpha, his odds weren't looking so good. "What happened to her?" I asked him and he glared at me, "you fucking killed her!" He yelled at me, "I only asked her a question" I said trying to stay calm, "yeah the wrong question" he said tears slipping out of his eyes. "What do you mean the wrong question?" I asked but he kept quiet looking at the concrete floor, was I asking another wrong question?  I looked from him to the dead girl and back before deciding to open my mouth again, "who is she to you?" I asked hoping it was the 'right' question, "my little sister" he said, his voice coming out choked. "She looks too young to be fighting, why was she even here?" I asked and he hesitated, "because we didn't have a choice, we had to come or else we'd be killed" he said looking at his sister, eyes filled with grief. "Who would kill you?" I asked and he shook his head, "I can't tell you" he said looking back down, "can't or won't?" Xavier asked and the boy repeated what he said, "I can't tell you" he said eyes still cast down. I wanted to use my command on him but couldn't, I couldn't risk him dying like his sister but what did he mean he couldn't tell us. It was pretty simple to me but maybe it actually wasn't, why did the girl die when I commanded her to tell me the truth? There had to be a logical explanation to this because right now it didn't make any sense.  We kept asking him questions and he answered only those that didn't directly involved whoever sent them, but why? Mason and Xavier kept interrogating him while I stood on the side trying to figure out what he meant every time we asked him about his leader. Wait a minute, what if he actually couldn't, of course, that would explain everything, why didn't I realise this sooner, he couldn't tell us anything valuable because he actually couldn't.  "Whoever sent you put a spell on you, didn't they?" I asked and he looked at me dead in the eye before saying, "I can't tell you" and I knew then that these kids were spell bound to tell no one their secrets. 
Author's note
It's finally here!!!!! I know I'm not the only one who's excited about it, goodness, we've waited so long but no more waiting,. Go ahead and like my Facebook page... Khensani Ndlovu... If you haven't already, more about updates will be posted there... Hope you enjoyed the read
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